how to get rid of wasps from your yard: 11 Organic Ways

Does your house have a lot of ground wasps? While it can be intimidating, here is how to get rid of wasps from your yard using natural ways.

Ground wasps are invasive and small insects that are intimidating because of their sting.

They usually build their nests in bushes and trees. Sometimes, wasps stay in the attic or the ground outside.

If how to get rid of ground wasps is a question lingering in your mind, keep reading to find all the information you need.

How to Secure Your Lawn from Ground Wasps

To secure your lawn from the ground wasps, you can do these things:

Make the Lawn Unattractive For Ground Wasps

Inspect the lawn and identify all the elements that can attract ground wasps. 

  • You can start by covering all the food, especially sweets and meat when you are done eating. Uncovered food can easily attract wasps.
  • Trash can also serve as an attraction for ground wasps. You can cover all the compost bins and trash cans with lids to avoid this. Make sure that the lids are well-fitting and secure.
  • Floral perfumes and patterns also attract ground wasps. Hence, you need to ensure that wasps do not find anything worth their interest in the lawn.
  • Bird food can also attract ground wasps.

Maintain Lawn

Ground wasps enjoy building their nest in sandy and loose soil. You can dissuade the arrival of the wasps by making sure that your lawn is maintained correctly.

Let the lawn be covered with grass so that they do not get loose and sandy soil to nest. Also, do not forget to water the grass on a regular basis.

If your lawn is thickly planted and well-maintained, it will be difficult for ground wasps to find a place in it.

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Wasps prefer staying in the sun. Hence, you can get shade made around your lawn or yard to make the area unpleasant for them.

how to get rid of wasps from your yard: 15 Organic Ways

As you are taking your morning stroll, you may notice a nest snugly nest of wasps in your yard.

After seeing the nest, getting rid of ground wasps may be your first concern. Here are some tips that can help you achieve your goal.

You can try a couple of methods to get rid of ground wasps.

how to get rid of wasps from your yard

1. White Vinegar

Ground wasps dislike strong odors. You can use white vinegar to get rid of them.


  • A natural way to get rid of ground wasps is to spritz some white vinegar near their nests. This is an effective method that can make them go somewhere else.
  • You will need to repeat the procedure regularly as it is not permanent.
  • Be cautious while doing this as wasps can get very violent, especially when they feel threatened.

2. Coffee

Wasps do not like the scent of coffee. You can use this to your advantage and work with some coffee beans to make them disappear.


  • Take some unused ground coffee.
  • Burn it in a secure manner.
  • Shift the burned coffee to some small containers.
  • Place the containers near the nest of the wasps.
  • Repeat this process every day till you get rid of ground wasps

3. Cloves

Cloves work as good repellents for wasps. You can use them in two ways to get rid of wasps.


The first method can be followed when the wasp’s nest is visible.

  • Break the cloves and put them in a bowl. Place the bowl near the nest.

You can try the other method if the wasps’ nest is not visible.

  • Take a lemon and prick the cloves in it. You can even use an orange and prick some cloves in it.
  • Place the pricked orange or lemon near the infested area.

Natural products can get rid of wasps. However, this method is only effective for a specific period.

4. Seal Your House

If you want to prevent the intrusion of wasps in your house, you should opt for sealing and caulking the entry points.


  • Caulking the house means recognizing and blocking all the entry points.
  • Caulking can prevent wasps from entering and settling your house’s walls, attic, and ceiling.

5. Use Herbs and Plants as Wasp Repellents

Here are some herbs and plants that can act as wasp repellent.

6. Use Water and Soap

Dish soap and water can work well for getting rid of ground wasps.

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  • Take a spray bottle.
  • Add some water to it.
  • Now add two tablespoons of dish soap to the water.
  • Shake it so that it is mixed well.
  • Spray the mixture on the nest of the wasp.
  • This mixture will aid in clogging the breathing pores of the wasps and hence kill them.

7. Use Wasp Traps

Wasp traps are an effective and common means to eliminate ground wasps from your yard.


  • Get a wasp trap from the store.
  • The wasp trap consists of a liquid that helps attract wasps.
  • When the wasps smell it, they come to the wasp trap.
  • As soon as they reach there, they get stuck and are drowned.
  • These traps are effective, but you would be stuck with many dead wasps to clear out.
  • Make sure you hang the wasp trap away from the outdoor living areas.

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8. You Can Make Homemade Traps

You can make your very own DIY wasp trap, too.


  • Take a large and empty bottle of soda.
  • Cut the bottle from the top. (The bottom part of the bottle is referred to as Part A, and the top one is referred to as part B below).
  • Add some fruit juice or soda along with some dish liquid at the bottom of Part A of the bottle.
  • Invert Part B and insert it over Part A.
  • Stick it together with tape.
  • Insert a string on the bottle and hang it.

9. Get Store-Bought Sprays

If you notice an active nest of wasps in your house, you can get rid of it with the help of a store-bought wasp net spray.


  • Buy a wasp-repellent spray that has a nozzle, allowing you to spray while standing from a safe distance.  
  • Wear protective clothing when you have to spray.
  • Choose a late evening time to spray. The evening time is suggested because the wasps are dormant then, and the queen and worker wasps are present in the nest.
  • Keep spraying it regularly till you get rid of the wasps.

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10. Treat future Nesting Places.

While spraying the present nests is essential, you should also be proactive about the future nesting places. This can help you get rid of wasps once and for all.


  • Buy some liquid insecticides from the local store.
  • Spritz the insecticide on the potential nesting areas like the pool, deck, play set, wood fence, and patio.
  • This helps in protecting your property from future wasp infestation as well.

11. Take the Help of a Professional

If you have a massive outdoor colony of wasps, it can be impossible to get it out yourself. For this, you need professional assistance.

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Call them up so that they can get started on the wasp elimination.

Why Are Wasps Attracted To Your Yard?

Wasps keep migrating through different yards. However, some things can lead them to overstay their arrival.

1. Shelter

The make wasp impregnates the colony’s queen in the fall and dies afterward. The queen wasp uses a warm, safe, and protected place to take shelter and survive the cold winters.

If your yard provides them with a safe space, they may take refuge there.

2. Sources of Food

After the winter season, the workers and queen come out to prepare for the summer ahead.

After hibernating in the winter, they need to find something to eat. They will stay there if they can find their food source in your yard.

This means you must eliminate all the insects, larvae, spiders, etc., to prevent wasps from settling in your yard.

3. Food Leftovers

Wasps enjoy eating protein-based meals. If you are having a barbeque party in your yard, this can help in attracting them.

The grill dipping, meat scraps, etc., make an excellent free meal for them.

So, you can keep the food covered rather than avoiding the cookout and promptly clean up any spills.

4. Sugar

With the onset of fall, wasps start their search for sugar sources to help them go through inters. They visit the fallen fruits from the trees, hummingbird feed, soda cans, and fruit juice.

They need a source of sucrose, and the places that provide them with it become their nesting places.


Wasps control from yard

Ground wasps can be unwanted visitors. However, getting rid of them can allow you to stay at ease. Follow through the different ways and get rid of the ground wasps.

Wasps control from yard FAQs

Q: Do Flowers Attract Ground Wasps?

Yes, flowering plants attract wasps. The nectar of the flower calls out to them.

Q: How To Get Rid Of Wasp Nests

You can spray the nest with a wasp killer. Give it 24 hours and then remove the nest with the help of a garbage bag.

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