how to get rid of strawberry bugs: 15 Pest Control Hacks

Are you facing some issues with strawberry plants? Are bugs making their way toward them? Here are some tips to help you how to get rid of strawberry bugs from plants.

Strawberries are enriched with antioxidants and do not have too many calories.


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However, insects also share our love for strawberries, and the juicy and sweet fruit is often attacked by various creatures, from slugs to aphids.

It is easy to identify a big ripe red strawberry. However, when you observe closely, you may notice that there are tiny creatures roaming on the strawberry.  

Finding the little bugs in your strawberries can undoubtedly make you lose your appetite.

Some Common Strawberry Plant Bugs

Here are some common bugs that attack strawberry plants. There Strawberry pests are commonly found in your garden.

1. Aphids

Aphids are commonly found as garden pests and are found on strawberry plants, too. They are small and soft-bodied.

The aphids place them under the leaves and stems and suck on the sap from them.

2. Meadow Spittlebug

This bug feeds on strawberries, too. It decreases the growth of the plants and also affects the size of the strawberries.

Spittlebugs are recognized easily by the trails of spittle or white and wet foam they leave behind.

While spittlebugs are not generally harmful, their white secretions make them a nuisance.

Spittlebugs are in the nymph stage, and they grow up to be froghoppers.

3. Armyworm

Armyworms are destructive and cause holes in the leaves. If there are many armyworms on your strawberry plants, you will end up with skeletons of leaves.

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    These insects produce rapidly and leave a cluster of eggs on the leaves. They can produce 3-5 generations in one single year.

    4. Thrips

    The flowers of the strawberry plants can turn brow due to thrips. This pest attacks the plant’s stigma and flower and turns it brown.

    Thrips are easily seen with the help of a magnifying glass. The adult thrips are found in the colors pale yellow to light brown.

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    5. Slugs

    Slugs are attracted to strawberry plants, too.

    They cause holes in the plant’s stems, leaves, and ripening fruits. If the slugs are in high numbers, it could lead to a lot of shredded leaves.

    To get rid of these slugs, you can remove the weeds, trash, and debris so that the slugs would change their hiding places and go away.

    5. Weevils

    These pests are in light brown to dark brown color. Weevils can cause closely bunched leaves and stunted growth of the plant.

    Make sure that the strawberry bed does not have any weeds to prevent weevils.

    6. Strawberry Spider Mites

    These are one of the most irritating pests that invade the strawberry plant Due to their tiny size, they can infest the plant in large numbers and be problematic.

    The infestation of strawberry spider mites can even result in stippled, yellow, and bronzed leaves. These pests can also form a webbing on the leaves.

    7. Loopers

    Loopers are also commonly found pests on strawberry plants that damage the plants by making holes in them.

    Loopers are pale green caterpillars with cream or white lines on the sides of the body. Loopers generally attack the lower leaves of the strawberry plant.

    8. Japanese Beetle

    These critters are easy to distinguish due to can be easily distinguished due to their copper-green metallic color. Their length is around 13mm.

    Adult beetles can damage the strawberry plant’s flower and skeletonize its leaves. If you do not get rid of Japanese beetles, they can damage the strawberry plant extensively.

    how to get rid of strawberry bugs: Organic Ways

    how to get rid of strawberry bugs

    Bugs can be horrible for strawberry plants and can cease the production of strawberries.

    The topmost concern is preventing bugs from coming close to the strawberry plants.

    Bugs attack the strawberry plant from the first sprout and continue to do so during all the different stages. 

    You can use floating covers to protect your strawberry plants in the summer.

    With the covers, there will be a hindrance for the insects to lay eggs in the plants., insects will be unable to lay their eggs on the plants. 

    You can also apply essential oil like peppermint and neem oil to the plants. These essential oils help in repelling the bugs and keeping them away. 

    1. How Are Bugs Repelled With Peppermint Oil?

    Peppermint oil consists of chemical compounds known as alcohol, terpene, and menthol. The smell of peppermint oil acts as a fumigant.

    The smell receptors of the insects pick up the odor of this oil and are repelled by it. You can use this method to get rid of bugs from strawberry plants.

    2. Use Dish Soap 

    You can use dish soap along with some water to make the plants free of bugs. While all the species of insects are not affected by this, most bugs are.

    Spritz the concoction on the strawberry plant, which will kill most bugs. This homemade bug spray for strawberry plants can help you eliminate pests.

    3. How Does Dish Soap Kill Strawberry Bugs?

    The cell membranes of small pests are disrupted due to dish soap. Due to this, they become smothered to death.

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    4. Opt For Co-Planting

    By co-planting, you can learn ways to keep bugs off your strawberry plants.

    The delicious foliage and the sweet scent of the strawberry plants attract insects.

    However, you can take care of this problem by planting some specific plants and herbs next to the plants.

    What Are Some Plants That Help Deter Insects?

    Some plants that help deter insects are onions, lavender, chives, basil, and mint. You can grow these plants around your strawberry plants to repel bugs.

    5. Make a Garlic Spray

    Another homemade bug spray for strawberry plants that you can use is garlic spray.

    Bugs usually despise the smell of garlic. Hence, you can spray it over the plant and get rid of bugs from the strawberry plants.

    You can also boil some water and mix some garlic into it. Spray the mixture on the plants.  

    How Does Garlic Repel Insects?

    Garlic extracts constitute sulfurs, which can effectively deter insects. Hence, homemade bug spray for strawberry plants can effectively get rid of bugs from strawberry plants.

    How to Protect Strawberries from Slugs

    Wondering how to protect strawberries from slugs? Here are some ways that you can do that.

    1. Make Sure That You Clear Debris and Mulch 

    Slugs need hiding spots to stick around. Mulch and debris can give them the perfect spot to hide. 

    For this, you should eliminate all the large leaves, mulch, and debris so that you do not provide a hideaway spot for slugs. 

    During autumn, make sure that the lawn is cleared out fast. This will prevent slugs from finding a space in the months of winter. 

    2. Do Not Over-Water Strawberry Plants

    While you should not be skimping on watering strawberry plants, overwatering them can lead to water accumulation. 

    Slugs love to stay in moist environments, and if you create the ideal home for them, they are more likely to come in. 

    3. Use Traps

    You can make some DIY traps to get rid of slugs. 

    Pour some water into a bowl and add sugar to it. Slugs would be drawn to the sugar water mixture and will ultimately drown in it. 

    You can also use an old can of beer and pour it into a bowl. The yeast in the beer will attract slugs and drown them.

    4. Use Citrus Peels

    Slugs like citrusy fruits along with strawberries. You can use grapefruit and oranges and place them at the bottom of the strawberry plant. 

    Due to the presence of citrusy fruits, slugs would be attracted to them and leave the strawberries. 

    5. Create Barriers for Slugs

    You can create some barriers for slugs, so they do not reach your strawberry plants. 

    6. Sprinkle Some Wooden Ashes

    You can take some ashes of wood and sprinkle them around the plant. The alkalinity of the wooden ashes deters the slugs away from the strawberry plants. You can take the wood ashes from the fireplace and use them too. 

    7. Use a Copper Tape

    You can also use copper tape as a barricade surrounding the strawberry plant. 

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    Copper has a shock-like effect on the snails when in contact. Copper has +2 ions that react with the slime of the mollusk and causes a reaction. Hence, slugs avoid copper. 

    8. Use Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

    You can also protect your strawberry plants with a layer of Diatomaceous Earth. When DE is wet, slugs quickly walk over it without any problems.

    However, when DE is dry, it has a repelling effect on slugs and prevents them from crawling over them.

    Homemade bug spray for strawberry plants

    If you’re growing strawberries, it’s important to make sure you have a good bug spray to protect your plants from the various pests and diseases that can affect them.

    Some great ways to keep your plants healthy and safe include making your own bug spray or using a commercially available product.

    This recipe is easy to follow and will help to avoid any pesky pests or diseases during the growing season.

    • Take a few garlic cloves, white vinegar, and hot pepper.
    • Crush garlic and dilute another ingredient into the water to prepare a spray.

    How to protect strawberries from birds and squirrels

    If you care about your strawberries, there are a few things that you can do to help protect them.

    • First, make sure that you have fencing around your property to keep squirrels and birds out.
    • Second, try to plant trees that provide shade for the strawberry plants.
    • Third, make sure that your strawberries are grown in well-manicured areas with no sharp edges or rocks near the plants.
    • Finally, be careful when picking strawberries- try not to pick at the roots or leaves!

    How to stop bugs from eating strawberries

    Strawberries are a popular fruit and many people believe they are safe to eat.

    However, there are some things you can do to help prevent Bugs from eating your strawberries.

    • First, make sure your strawberries are fully grown and have a good flavor.
    • Second, avoid planting strawberries in areas with high volumes of moisture or pests.
    • Finally, be sure to clean your strawberry plants regularly and mist them when they get too dirty.


    Taking care of your strawberry plants can sometimes be exhausting. However, you reap what you sow.

    Hence, if you want to get beautiful plants that give you delicious fruits, you must take care of them. You can use the above methods to get rid of bugs from strawberry plants.

    Organic Controls for Common Strawberry FAQs

    Q: What Is Taking Bites Out Of My Strawberries?

    Native budworms, corn earworms, and scarab beetles tend to bite and chew strawberries. They also have an impact on the health of your strawberry crops.

    Q: What Disease Is Primarily Found In Strawberry Plants?

    The fungus that affects strawberry plants is gray mold or botrytis rot.