How To Prune Mountain Laurel (21 Pro Ways)- Step By Step

Mountain laurel is an evergreen shrub. It normally laurel blossoms either in late spring or early summer.

Do you want to prune mountain laurel? Well, if you are planning to do so then all you need to do is to follow the article carefully.

You must have many questions in your mind as to when to prune mountain laurel or when to trim mountain laurel.

We are going to tell you all the processes of how to prune mountain laurels. So, stay tuned and check it out.

How To Prune Mountain Laurel?

Pruning laurels is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and energy to do so. Let us look at the process.

#1 Temperature and Humidity:

Mountain laurel needs a special type of temperature and humidity. The soil must be cool and shaded. You have to make the climate cool. It does not thrive adequately in heated temperatures.

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#2 Fertilizers:

Some laurels need fertilizers; otherwise, the insects might damage the mount laurel flowers. So, the best option is acid fertilizer. It will motivate them to bloom actively.

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#3 Pruning:

  • Mountain laurel grows slowly, so you need lots of efforts for pruning. You can peel off the diseased and damaged branches and make the place neat and empty.
  • When the blooming is completed, that is the perfect time for pruning, the season should be spring.
  • If you see that the mountain laurel landscape is extremely tall then, cut them.
  • Sometimes, the shrubs might need severe pruning if it is required. In about ten years.
  • You will see that the mountain laurel is maturing into a mature shrub from the newly arisen foliage.

#4 Water:

Regular water is mandatory for pruning. The soil should always be kept moist. The best part is that the mountain laurel grows well in drought.

It has the power of drought resistance. Sometimes, the extra water makes laurel soggy.

If you want to avoid the sogginess, then you should plant it in raised berms or planters. It would be perfect.

#5 Soil:

Mountain laurel can’t grow well in every kind of soil. The soil must be well-drained, and the soil should be moist.

The acidic soil is the best for growing mountain laurel. You should avoid clay soils. It will not grow well here.

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#6 Season:

The best season for pruning mountain laurel is springtime. You can cut out the diseased branches whenever you like.

We have already mentioned it before. You should keep in mind that you should never put these parts on the compost pile because it might help in spreading mountain laurel diseases.

#7 Objectives:

Mountain laurel has an open habit, so there is no need to do pruning regularly.

You should do pruning to get alleviate the deceased and diseased plant. You should trim the mountain laurel if you see that they become extra long.

Mountain laurel’s buds come out in late spring or early summer. So, you should prune it just after flowering in spring.

When Is The Best Time To Prune Mountain Laurel?

Kalmia latifolia tiddlywinks (botanic name) of Mountain Laurel, can be pruned anytime.

You should keep in mind that pruning is not at all related to the bud. The perfect time for pruning is in the spring.

Pruning can create or damage the blooming season. So, it is one of the crucial stuff to deem as which is the satisfactory time for pruning.

Most parts of the plant mountain laurel are poisonous, so keeping those things in mind you should choose to include the shrub in your laurel landscaping or cutting it.

When we first plant any fresh flowering shrub, it is normal that we want to see it bloom. However, pruning is essential for the longevity of the laurel. Some cultivators benefitted from pruning.

However, you should know that mourning can also mean the loss of one season’s blooms. So, pruning boosts better flowering for the upcoming season.

How and When To Prune Texas Mountain Laurel?

Texas Mountain Laurel Background

First, we need to know about the Texas Mountain laurel. Well, it is a shrub with glossy, dark, and green leaves.

The large clusters grew up to six inches, unfortunately, it blooms just a few weeks before withering.

Prune Texas Mountain Laurel Tree
Prune Texas Mountain Laurel Tree

It takes away the scent. It is a slow-growing plant and you can keep it prune up to shrub size.

The Texas mountain laurel grows well in alkaline as well as well-drained rocky soil.

Prune Texas Mountain Laurel

Let’s talk about pruning. Well, you don’t need to prune Texas Mountain laurel.

  • But if you think that you need to change the shape and size of the tree shape into a different pattern, then you can do the pruning.
  • But before pruning, you should think at least once that blossoms appear annually. If you are eager to prune in the winter dormancy, then there is a chance of less abundant blooms.
  • However, you can choose the summer timing for pruning, when it just completed flowering.
  • When the scorching heat will come, the plants will go dormant. So, I guess you got your answer of when to prune Mountain laurel.

How To Prune A Texas Mountain Laurel Bush To Be A Tree?

We have already said that Texas Mountain Laurel is an evergreen bushy shrub.

  • The mountain laurel height is almost 12-15 feet. But, the main problem of it is that Texas Mountain laurel is that it takes a lot of time to grow.
  • However, if you want to make the tree to be a bush, then the nicest alternative would be to chop the smaller trunk of the tree.
  • You may also cut the near ground trunk to grow. You will see that the single trunk is getting large and it might grow like a tree.
  • Let me tell you one thing that Denise laurel’s height is maximum up to 10 feet height. So, not every Texas Mountain grows into a tree. It depends upon the plant.

What Are The Best Tools For Pruning Mountain Laurel Shrub?

When you have decided to prune mountain laurel shrub, then you should always keep in mind that you should use clean and sharp tools.

The tools that you might need for pruning mountain laurels are hand runners, loppers, a bow saw and a pruning saw.

  • Depending upon the thickness of the mountain laurel branches, you will use the tools. Be careful in trimming.
  • If you keep the branch end open, then there are lots of chances of getting affected by pests or diseases. You are trimming out a diseased branch, so it is always necessary to sanitize your tools.
  • The initial aspect that you should perform is to clear the large branches. After that, remove dead and damaged branches and remove the water sprouts as well as branches.
  • When you have completed pruning, then spread some fertilizers. And boom you are done with the process.

How To Deadhead at Mountain Laurel?

Deadheading is much needed at Mountain Laurel. For performing deadheading, all you need is small pruners or scissors.

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The stalks of the plants usually never break off easily. You need to cut below the bottom of most flower stalks.

Prune Mountain Laurel Tree
Prune Mountain Laurel Images

After that, you will view that next year’s buds of the mountain laurel will not form until late summer. So, the best time for deadhead is before the summer.

How To Handle Overgrown Mountain Laurel?

Listen to the steps of taking laurel shrub care.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to clean the blades by dipping them into water or alcohol.
  • After that, try to remove the dead branches from the trunk with the help of the clean blades.
  • After completing the removal of the dead branches, you should prune off rubbing branches. The delayed winter or the ahead spring is an exact time.
  • Now you cut back the mountain laurels to a height of about 1 foot when they become leggy mountain laurel. The mountain laurel plants may take more than three years to grow.
  • Now, you have to snip the individual stems of bay laurels and with the help of the scissors, give your desired shape.

If you are also looking for the answer to how to get rid of ants in the garden then, with the help of pruning, you can do it.

How To Cut Back Overgrown Laurel?

We have already said that the best time for pruning is springtime. If you cut overgrown laurel at any other time, then there might be some problems that might occur.

For instance, pests may attack. So, if you want to cut back an overgrown laurel, then you have to take a clean scissor or blade.

As the overgrown laurels are hard, so, the tools should be strong enough to cut. After that, try to cut the overgrown laurel with the help of the tools.

Cut the stalks and clear off the branches. You have to take all the precautions while cutting because the laurel might stop providing flowers.

Let me tell you one thing that the pruning also clears anthill in the garden.

How To Revive A Mountain Laurel?

You can revive a mountain laurel by taking the measures of the following steps.

  • Go for pruning in the springtime. Avoid other seasons.
  • The rainfall should be moderate, and the soil should be clay or acidic. The acidic soil should be the priority.
  • After that, you should water the plant. Though watering is not much needed.
  • I have already stated that pruning stops the bearing of the plant. Moreover, it is a slow-growing plant.

These are the process that will help to revive a mountain laurel. Also, find below an interesting video to revive Pothos yellow leaves.

Best Pruning Laurel Bushes steps?

Pruning laurel is one of the most important things to consider. The pruning also gives you the answer to the question of how to get rid of ants in the garden soil.

You should be cautious enough to use clean tools. Other than that, you should provide a cool climate.

Laurels hate the summer season. So, the perfect season is springtime. Moreover, you should also keep your eye on the soil and climate.

The soil should be acidic and clayey. Remove all the unwanted branches and mountain laurel leaves. Unfortunately, pruning stops the flowering of the plant.

So, you should go for pruning only if it is needed.

How To Care For Mountain Laurel?

Listen to the steps and you will get your answer in order to care mountain.

  • You should plant mountain laurel in well-drained, cool, moist, acidic soil. You may also use clay soil.
  • You should also provide good drainage. It is crucial to prevent rotting.
  • The best place for the growth of Mountain laurel is in deep shade to full sun.
  • The most important thing is deadheading. The spent laurel tree flowers will increase flower production.

When Should You Prune Mountain Laurel?

We have already stated that the best time for pruning Mountain Laurel is springtime.

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The spring is though short-lived, but still, if you have any thinking of pruning mountain laurel then, choose the springtime.

If you prune at another time of the year, then the plant might stop bearing flowers. The scorching summer is not at all suitable for pruning.

The cold winter might also damage the Mountain Laurel.

How Do You Prune Overgrown Mountain Laurel?

Overgrown Mountain laurel is a little bit hard to prune. The major thing that you should think about for a while is that the blade should be clean enough to prune.

First, you have to clear all the unwanted branches and leaves. You should be careful enough that the stalks of the plant should remain intact.

If you cut that, then the plant might get damage. You may also get rid of garden ants from pruning the overgrown Mountain laurel.

Can You Cut Laurel With Hedge Trimmer?

Yes, of course, you can laurel with hedge trimmers. Many of us often get confused about trimming mountain laurel.

So, you can use shears or a pair of scissors. Many researchers advise trimming laurel hedging plants with secateurs so that you can avoid cutting edges of the bigger leaves.

The hedge trimmers are perfect to cut laurels. You can use it without thinking much.

How To Treat Mountain Laurel that is Not Blooming

There are many factors you should consider that can cause Texas mountain laurel to not bloom. Like a lot of shade, overwater, or heavy clay soil.

Texas mountain laurel is best grown in less shade. Sometimes heavy Nitrogen can also cause not to bloom, as it’s good for leafy green growth but not for bloom.

Also, check on below gardening tips.

Below are some Frequently asked questions on How to prune mountain laurel

Q: How do you revive a mountain laurel?

A handy solution to revives laurel is to use foliar iron spray. Too much cold is another reason behind mountain shrub leaf drop.
The absence of water will likewise cause dropped leaves

Q: Is Texas mountain laurel poisonous to dogs?

Mountain Laurel blossoming plants can be very poisonous to dogs and cats. So always take care of your pets.

Q: Why is my mountain laurel turning yellow?

The yellowing of mountain laurel is a sign that they need more nutrients for their soil. To ferment soil, add peat greenery or aluminium sulfate to it. Try not to utilize lime close to mountain shrubs.

Q: When is mountain laurel bloom time?

Mountain laurel bloom time is in between April to May and June are the best time for flowering.

Q: What is a dwarf mountain laurel?

One of the best semi draft varieties of mountain laurel is called Kalmia latifolia ‘Elf’. They usually grow
3 to 4 ft. taller and have pale pink buds that will be converted into beautiful white flowers.


We have discussed almost all of the relevant points on how to prune mountain laurel.

You can read the steps and try those. One of the best advantages of pruning is that you can get rid of the ant garden.

So, this article helps you to get your answering on how to get rid of ant’s nests naturally.

Pruning is essential for the Mountain Laurels, but you should keep in mind all the precautions.