How To Harvest Lettuce! So It Keeps Growing – Ultimate Guide With [15 Tips]

Lettuce is an edible vegetable. People like to have it. Nowadays, many people harvest lettuce in their homes. Harvesting lettuce is an easy job but a bit laborious.

How To Harvest Lettuce
How To Harvest Lettuce

If you want to try then follow the article. We will discuss how to harvest lettuce. We will also share every detail of harvesting leaf lettuce.

We will also see below quries in details.

  • Harvesting iceberg lettuce tips
  • Harvesting romaine lettuce
  • Harvesting  butterhead lettuce
  • Harvesting  lettuce and spinach
  • how to harvest buttercrunch lettuce
  • how to harvest lettuce so it keeps growing
  • how to harvest romaine lettuce so it keeps growing

How To Grow Lettuce Effectively?

The best thing about lettuce is that you can thrive in the plant for almost twelve months. It is an annual crop.

Please Have A Look the Following to Get an Idea:

  • The best season to grow lettuce in the winter season. As soon as the winter season starts coming, you can begin harvesting butterheads, romaine, and lettuce. 
  • The required temperature for growing curly leaf lettuce is to give a high temperature of 60-70 degrees. 
  • Its maturity time is almost one month.
  • You have to keep a suspicious eye, whether it is bolting or not. If by chance it bolts, then it will taste bitter.
  • If you want to prevent your lettuce from turning a bolt, then don’t plant it before the commencement of the summer temperature.
  • The primary query is the best way to harvest lettuce from the garden. just pick it up without damaging the plant. 
  • The lettuce harvest time is during the winter season. So, during the winter timing, you can enjoy fresh leafy green salads.

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Best Tips To Harvest Lettuce So It Keeps On Growing?

In this section, we will answer your question of how to harvest lettuce, so it keeps growing. Follow the steps.

  • First, cut the leaves from the stem. Leave some portion, so that later on it can grow. You have to be careful while cutting the leaves so that the tissues might get damaged. Before cutting the leaves, you should clean the scissors with water, so that no diseases can be spread.
  • The second procedure is to cut and come again lettuce. Cut the unbroken plant which is similar to the ground. The soil will accumulate, and the plant will begin to develop fresh leaves. You have to be cautious in slicing the leaves so that the stem should not get harmed.

Follow the steps, and you will get your answer on how to harvest leaf lettuce, so it keeps growing.

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How Many Times Can You Harvest Lettuce?

You can harvest lettuce at least three to four times from one planting. If you can maintain the harvesting properly, then you can harvest even more than four times.

You have to keep particular stuff in your memory. If your lettuce leaf bolt, then all your efforts will be useless. Bolt means when the plant is in a stage of reproduction.

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The plant will bear flowers and seeds. If the plant becomes bolts, then the taste will be bitter. So, green leaf lettuce harvesting can be done more than three times if it did not gets bolt. 

Cutting lettuce from the garden will help you in harvesting.

How To Harvest Butterhead Lettuce

Prior to development, you can gather leaf lettuce by basically eliminating external leaves so the middle leaves can keep on developing.

Butterhead or romaine types can be gathered by eliminating the external leaves, uncovering the entire plant, or cutting the plant about an inch over the dirt surface.

Best Ways To Harvest Romaine Lettuce Without Killing Plant?

We have already said that harvesting lettuce is not a difficult task. It is often noticed that when you harvest romaine lettuce, the plant gets killed.

So, if you don’t want the plants to get killed, then follow the steps of harvesting the lettuce without killing the plant.

Follow the lettuce growing stages properly so that the plant might not get damaged or die.

  • When you notice that the leaves of the plants had grown entirely, it is time to take out the leaves.
  • You require to pick out the leaves carefully and cut the outer leaves.
  • Now, take garden scissors and cut them carefully so that the initial point might not get damaged. If somehow it gets damaged, then you can’t harvest the romaine lettuce again.
  • The inner leaves will proceed to grow. It will extend to the harvesting period. It will help your lettuce plant to develop more leaves. 
  • It would also assist if you also took maintenance of the size of the leaves. If you let the leaves grow massive, that doesn’t mean that you will keep it ongoing.
  • If you don’t pick the leaves on time, they will mature more, and bitterness will start to spread in the leaves. 
  • Eventually, it would enable if you kept a cautious eye, that the leaves reach their expected size and then and there you will start picking it. 

How To Harvest Romaine Lettuce so it keep Growing?

Here we will discuss all the relevant points related to harvesting of romaine lettuce. We will answer your question of how to harvest lettuce from the garden. Follow the steps.

  • First, plant the seeds and then harvest the romaine seeds after at least 60 days.
  • In four to four and a half months, it will become a mature plant.
  • Take garden scissors and cut the entire head off from the base. It will help you with harvesting the second time.
  • The lettuce will need some time to resprout of leaves for the second time. From the roots, you will notice, healthy leaves are coming out.
  • Now, heave the romaine head of the lettuce out of the ground. It will encourage you to endure a single harvest.
  • Try to remove all the excess dirt and dust which are attached with the leaves.
  • Now, tear the lettuce head and wash the other leaves. 
  • Your lettuce is ready to serve in the salad.

It is the entire process of how to harvest lettuce leaves. 

How Do You Know When Is Romaine Lettuce Ready To Harvest?

Harvesting romaine lettuce is easy, but you should know the actual process that which is the perfect time to understand that lettuce is ready to harvest.

  • Romaine lettuce generally takes three months to grow into a matured leaves.
  • The most uncomplicated process to understand that you will notice that the leaves had turned dark green. Moreover, they have achieved the desired shape. The leaves will open, and they will overlap each other. 
  • If you pick the lettuce before its maturity, then it will not be crunchy and crispy. The taste will not feel right.
  • On the contrary, if you did not pick it on time, then it will bolt. The result and effect will be that it will start to bolt.

It is the entire procedure of how to pick lettuce so it keeps growing from the garden.

How To Harvest Iceberg Lettuce so it keeps growing?

Iceberg lettuce tastes good. You should know the detailed process of harvesting iceberg lettuce.

  • Take a little pot and start to sow almost 8 to 10 seeds. Keep the pot in a cools place. Lettuce can’t grow well in the summer season, so choose a cool place.
  • Keep it like this for a few days and water it regularly. The plant will start to grow. After attaining the height of two inches, pull out the plants from the little pot.
  • Plant all the new plants in different plants. All the plants have grown into a mature size, so they need to be planted in separate pots.
  • The plants will start to grow separately. You should give a sufficient opening to them so that they can grow well. A
  • The plants need partial sunlight and water.
  • You may also use soil fertilizer to prevent pests and diseases. 
  • The snails might get attracted to the pots. So, try to get rid of them by cutting the more giant leaves. 
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How To Harvest Head Lettuce?

Follow the steps to harvest head lettuce.

  • Head lettuce needs partial sunlight. We already stated that lettuce does not grow well in the summer season.
  • Don’t place the lettuce plants side by side. Keep them apart from each other. However, it relies upon the length of the lettuce plant.
  • The head lettuce grows well in loamy soil. The soul must be rich in nutrients and minerals. The fertile soil will help to grow fast.
  • You required to give irrigation to the soil. If the rain comes, it is well and good; otherwise, you have to water it manually.
  • Lettuce can withstand frost. But too much frost can damage the seeds. So, it would be better if you wrap the plant with frost coverings. The frost changes the flavor of the lettuce.
  • After two or three months, the leaves will come out. Take out the baby leaves. You need to wait for a few more days to eat the mature lettuce.
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It is the process of how to harvest salad greens. 

How To Harvest Buttercrunch Lettuce?

There are a few methods of harvesting buttercrunch lettuce. Let us follow the process.

  • When you see that the lettuce has grown fully, then harvest the lettuce heads. Buttercrunch almost takes nearly two months to reach maturity. You can understand that it had grown fully when you will see the leaves dark green, and it looked fan-shaped. 
  • Take a garden scissor or a new knife and cut the leaves slowly, so that the plants might not get damaged. If the roots get injured, then you will not be eligible to plant lettuce again.
  • It would be better if you leave some roots of the plant. So, do not pull the entire plant. The whole plant will start to grow, and in a few weeks, you will see that it began to harvest again.

It is the entire process of your query about how to harvest butter lettuce.

How To Harvest Lettuce Seeds?

How to save lettuce seeds? and collect it, you can also harvest lettuce seeds. To collect lettuce seeds, you need to allow the roots to get a bolt.

You might get surprised, but yes, this is the truth.

  • The flowers will not last long. When the flowers and fruits of the plants start fading or falling.
  • Then you can see that the plants are turning yellowish or brownish. After a few days, you can view that white puffs formed on the head of the top.
  • The seeds are located at the lower portion of the white puffs.
  • Now, this is the actual time you can harvest lettuce seeds. The flowers turned yellow, start harvesting lettuce seeds. 

What Is Lettuce Crown?

The lettuce leaves produce the central crown at the middle of the plant.

This is termed as the crown. So, the leaves of the lettuce plant became a crown-like structure above the plant. It is termed as lettuce crown.

Do You Cut Or Pull Lettuce?

Pulling of lettuce is not the ideal option. It might damage the tissue, and the plant might get damaged or killed. So, you should have garden scissors or a knife.

These tools are useful to take out the leaves without spoiling the lettuce. Some people who are expert in pulling out the leaves, they can do so.

The lettuce lead is different in colors. Some are yellow, green, and red. So, if you are looking for the answer to how to harvest red leaf lettuce, the answer is the same. 

Does Lettuce Need Full Sun?

  • No, lettuce hate summer season. The lettuce will not grow well in summer. It does not require the full rays of the sun.
  • So, all you need to do is to keep it away from the direct sunlight; otherwise, it will bolt.
  • We have already stated, once it bolts, then the taste will turn bitter. So, harvest lettuce from autumn to spring.
  • During the summer, it might decay. So, never provide full sunlight to the lettuce plant.
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You have most probably got your answer to how is lettuce harvested. 

How Many Times Can You Regrow Romaine Lettuce?

  • You can grow your romaine lettuce at least three to four times. It will provide you with the best healthy leaves for the first three times. 
  • Picking lettuce is the main thing to concern about. The actual thing which you need to take care of is that it did not bolt.
  • Once the leaves started to show bolting, then there is no chance of regrowing romaine lettuce. 

So, you should remain careful about when to pick lettuce.

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Common questions on How To Harvest Lettuce

Q1: Will lettuce grow back after cutting?

Head lettuce will die back, but most leaf-lettuce plants renew efforts to produce leaves, if regularly watered after trimming. Results will often be smaller than the original plant, but you may be able to harvest a second, good-tasting crop within as little as two weeks.

Q2: How many times can you harvest lettuce?

If you have trimmed lettuce properly by harvesting its leaf lettuce, you can easily get two to three harvests from one planting.

Q3: Does lettuce come back every year?

Just like Spinach, Chives, Coriander, dill, basil, lettuce also grows every year with its own seeds.

Q4: How do you keep lettuce from bolting?

In order to save your Lettuce plant from bolting, use a shade cloth over the row to reduce the high temparature. Also, you can use a good fertilizer for new plants with a 10-10-10 fertilizer.

Q5: What month do you harvest lettuce?

The best time to harvest lettuce is In spring, Harvesting at the hot temperature will make the lettuce head mushy and the leaves taste bitter.

Q6: how long to harvest lettuce?

Usually it takes 6-8 weeks, but again on the weather condition ,and on the types of seeds are used to grow lettuce can change the lettuce harvesting time.

Q7: How Many Times Can You Harvest Hydroponic Lettuce?

Since its Hydroponic technique, which grows in water. The Lettuce can be only harvested one leaf at a time or as a complete head, based on your requirements.

Q8: How Long Does It Take To Harvest Lettuce From Aerogarden

It takes 4 to 6 weeks to form a full plant, after that it is ready to be harvested. Once it’s fully grown you would be able to harvest lettuce for about 3 to 4 months.

Q9: what part of lettuce do we eat?

Just like other leafy vegetable, lettuce leaves is eaten, when ever its time salad or for sandwich, burgers.


Lettuce is an edible leaf. It is rich in minerals and irons. If you harvest lettuce, then you can have a green salad time every month.

We have talked over all the appropriate steps of when to pick lettuce from the garden and when to harvest lettuce.

The best part is that lettuce can be harvested for almost twelve months, but the best result comes from autumn to the spring season.

We have given every minute details of how to harvest leaf lettuce without killing the plant.

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