How To Harvest Spinach Crop! So It Keeps Growing- Exclusive [15 Ways]

How to harvest spinach without killing the plant, how to grow spinach in pots, how to harvest spinach seeds, spinach bolting, how to harvest lettuce, and how to harvest and store spinach.

If you have the above questions, then stay tuned and read out this article.

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable, which is rich in iron and vitamins. Planting spinach needs lots of efforts. Is spinach easy to grow? The answer is undoubtedly no. Do you want to grow spinach?

If you are saying yes, then follow the article. Well, in this manuscript, we will discuss everything related to when and how to harvest spinach.

We also see the most common question of how long does it take spinach to grow? So, follow the steps and procedures as we are going to share spinach growing tips.

  • how to harvest spinach without killing the plant
  • how to grow spinach in pots
  • how to harvest spinach seeds
  • What is spinach bolting
  • how to harvest lettuce
  • how to harvest and store spinach
  • can you grow spinach from a leaf
  • will spinach grow back after cutting

How Do You The Spinach Be Ready To Be Picked?

How do you know spinach harvest time? Spinach is a vegetable, which grows very fast. In some of the areas, you will see multiple crops growing in the same season.

How To Harvest Spinach
How To Harvest Spinach
  • The harvesting time of the spinach is essential. If you don’t pick out the plants in actual time, then it might get bitter.
  • Then all of your accomplishments will be in vain. If you are looking for the answer, how long does it take to grow spinach, then follow step by step?
  • Most varieties of spinach mature in 37-45 days. As soon as the spinach turns into a rosette with three or four leaves.
  • It would help if you realized that it is time to pick out the spinach. It would help if you noticed that the leaves are getting yellow.
  • Otherwise, the taste might turn bitter. So, follow the process, and you will know the answer to when to pick spinach?

Also read below gardening tips.

Will Spinach Grow Back After Cutting?

Yes, the spinach can grow after being cut. If the spinach plant’s growing point is not damaged and the climate is still cold and moisture.

How To Harvest Spinach
How To Harvest Spinach- Cutting Spinach Plant

Then there is a probability of spinach to grow back. Planting spinach enhances the possibilities of spinach growing multiple times.

Spinach regenerates the leaves from the initial point. It is the plant’s crown where the stem and root system of the spinach plant mixes at the soil’s surface.

Also read below tips for plants growth

You must be reckoning about how to harvest spinach. So, to gather a spinach plant, take a pair of scissors and cut the spinach leaves within two inches from the ground.

You should remain careful not to cut the spinach growing point; otherwise, if the growing point of the plant gets damaged, you will not regrow spinach.

How To Harvest Spinach Without Harming the Plant?

We have already said that harvesting spinach is a difficult task. It is often noticed that when you harvest spinach, the plant gets killed.

So, follow the steps of gathering the spinach without killing the plant. Follow the spinach growing stages properly so that the plant might not get damaged.

  • When you see that the leaves had grown fully, it is time to take out the leaves.
  • You need to pick out the leaves carefully and cut the outer leaves.
  • how to get spinach seeds? Take garden scissors and cut it carefully so that the initial point might not get damaged. If somehow it gets damaged, then you can’t harvest the spinach seeds again.
  • The inner leaves will continue to grow. It will extend to the harvesting period. It will help your spinach plant to produce more leaves.
  • It would also help if you also took supervision of the size of the leaves. If you let the leaves grow large, that doesn’t mean that you will keep it ongoing.
  • If you don’t pick the leaves on time, it will mature more, and bitterness will spread the leaves.
  • Finally, it would help if you kept a watchful eye, that the leaves reach their required size and then and there you will start picking spinach.

How Often Does Spinach Need To Be Watered?

Spinach needs constant irrigation. Spinach grows well in moist soil. So you need to provide water to it every day. The rain helps in irrigation.

How To Harvest Spinach
How To Harvest Spinach

If you do not get enough rainwater, then you have to produce the irrigation facility manually. If you fail to provide enough irrigation, then it might start bolting.

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All your efforts will be wasted. The leaves of the plant will begin to develop seeds and flowers, and the flavor will become bitter. So, keep the soil moist by irrigating it. It is an affordable way to improve harvesting.

Spinach plants require at least one or half inches of rain or irrigation every week. So, you got your answer of how do you harvest spinach.

Let us inform you that growing spinach in summer is not possible. So, try to avoid harvesting spinach in the dry season.

The leaves will not remain healthy. The Spinach season is the winter and moist one. Don’t harvest it during the summer season.

How To Harvest Malabar Spinach?

Malabar spinach is effortless to harvest. They are easy to cut and come again fast.

  • Take out the leaves and tender new spinach stems of 6-9 inches long.
  • Cut the leaves with the help of garden scissors or a knife.
  • Malabar spinach did not harm the plant in any way. It is aggressive pruning.
  • You can take out the Malabar spinach as long as the plant is giving you new shoots.
  • The best part is that the leaves or shoots from the Malabar spinach can be eaten raw or cooked. It didn’t turn bitter, unlike the spinach one.

How To Harvest Spinach Seeds?

Harvesting spinach seeds are a complicated process. You have to fulfill the same procedure to harvest Spinach seeds.

  • Keep the Spinach seeds to develop and grow.
  • After that, you will notice that the leaves are coming out from the seeds. The healthy seeds bear at least ten to twelve leaves.
  • After that, cut the leaves and take them out before it starts spinach bolting.
  • If it bolts, then you know that it will turn bitter.
  • So, slowly take out the leaves and let the seeds germinate once again.
  • You have to be careful whether the leaves are growing or not. Try to take out the leaves before they became too large leaf spinach.
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How To Store Spinach For Longer Use?

Here we are going to share some advice by which you can store spinach for more prolonged use:

How To Harvest Spinach
Spinach plant images- How do you store spinach and Harvest Spinach
  • Keep the spinach in dry clothes. Wrap it and avoid any moisture. Never purchase moisture spinach; it might rot.
  • Keep the spinach in a dry container. Never put it in any wet polythene; within two days, it will dry. When you will purchase the spinach, then ensure whether it is dry or not. You can understand the quality of the seeds by touching it, whether it is sifted or wet.
  • Fresh spinach leaves do not possess many nutrients and minerals. So, the best thing would be to keep it for a few days. You should remember that canned and frozen spinach contains many nutrients.

Can You Harvest Spinach After It Bolts?

  • Bolting means that your spinach plant is in the stage of reproduction. It will bear seeds and flowers.
  • Whenever you notice that your plant is in the bolting stage, then remove the crop at once.
  • You can plant a different crop because the harvesting time is there. So, don’t waste it.
  • Don’t save any seed from the previous one; it might tend to bolt. So, remove all the crops and then start harvesting new crops.

Can you grow spinach in pots?

Spinach is a winter season green vegetable, for the harsh summer it bolts in hotter temperatures. Plant your potted spinach in pots that are 6-12 inches deep (15-30 cm.) across in soil altered with fertilizer to help in water maintenance and spot in full sun. The dirt pH ought to be around 6.0 to 7.0.

can you grow spinach from the leaves and the stems ?

Spinach is a cool-weather crop. Unfortunately like many other green plants, spinach can not grow from cuttings, as the leaves and stems will not form new roots. You need to plant from fresh seed if you want to grow spinach.

How To Differentiate Between Spinach And Baby Spinach?

Many folks frequently get perplexed with the term baby spinach. Many people have the assumption that both of these are the same.

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Let us illustrate to you that these are not similar. The term baby spinach implies that it is taken out at a much earlier stage. However harvesting baby spinach has the same process as spinach.

  • Baby spinach is taken out much before the spinach germination time. Researchers concluded that spinach and baby spinach differs in terms of nutrients value.
  • It is researched and concluded that baby spinach contains many more nutrients than mature spinach. It has vitamin C and carotenoids. Growing Baby spinach is best for pregnant ladies.
  • The mature spinach is also rich in minerals like iron and calcium. Research has also said that baby spinach had lower levels of oxalic acids.
  • Yet, other researchers had a different opinion. They think that spinach has a higher level of acid.
  • However, we can conclude that there are no side effects of having mature spinach and baby spinach. Spinach leaf is rich in minerals.

How To Harvest Lettuce?

Find below Harvesting Lettuce tips.

  • Lettuce can be grown in the same as you are growing spinach and kale. You should plant the seed of the tree in wet soil with sufficient rainfall.
  • Take out the leaves before it becomes too long; otherwise, the lettuce will turn bitter.

How To Grow Spinach?

Spinach crops grow well in neutral or alkaline soil. If you see that your garden soil is acidic and sandy.

Then has a soil test with lime recommendations. It will help you to grow your spinach plant smoothly.

  • Spinach crop is a heavy feeder, so add 2-4 pounds of fertilizer to the soil per 100 square feet during planting the spinach.
  • After that, the side dresses the growing spinach every 14-15 days. It would be reasonable if you let the plants grow vigorously.
  • You have to be careful in keeping the fertilizer 4-6 inches from the ground of the spinach plants. So, it might not get burned or damaged.
  • You should not mix much compost in the garden soil. Mix the compost of three to five inches in a row before planting the spinach plant. Use the raw materials to get the best result.
  • Spinach grows well in the winter season. Growing spinach in winter is the ideal way. The temperature should not be above 15-degree centigrade. Plant the seeds a distance of an inch from each other.
  • The soil will moist, and after germination of the seeds, thin them three to five apart from each other.
  • Thinning the spinach plant, as it plays a vital role in spinach growing.
  • The critical question that comes to our mind is how much sun does spinach need? Many gardeners use less sunlight. However, during the wintertime, the sunlight remains faded. Does spinach need full sun? The answer is no. So, you should provide less sunlight; otherwise, the crops can damage.

what are the stages of spinach growth?

Just like any other plant, spinach also have life cycle.

  1. Sow Spinach one-half inch down and two inches separated in beds or lines.
  2. In the event that the climate isn’t incredibly chilly, seeds will grow in five to nine days.
  3. Spinach delivers perfectly in cool fall conditions, however, it’s interesting to convince the seed to grow in the warm states of pre-fall.

How To Harvest Kale?

Kale is a vegetable that is effortless to harvest. You have to know the right process and methods; then, you can gather it without any difficulty.

  • Kale is best to pick up after two months or 60 days after planting seeds. If the plant and soil are healthy, you will see that the leaves are coming to the center, especially the shorter leaves.
  • The baby kale comes out at 25-28 days.
  • The harvesting time of the Kale is generally in late spring or the early summer. It does not grow well in the monsoon season. It will grow again in autumn.
  • When the leaves turn green and grow at least a specific size, then pick it up. Do not pick the leaves when it is small; it might damage the entire plant.
  • If the leaves become old and turn to be yellowish, they will start falling automatically from the plant. Take a scissor and remove all those leaves from the plant.
  • In the case of mature leaves, take the older leaf’s stem, then pull down the main stalk away from the center until it breaks.
  • Repeat the procedure again and again and start picking all the green plants of the mature Kale.

Why Are My Spinach Leaves Pointed?

Sometimes, the spinach leaves seem to be pointed. If you notice that your spinach leaves turn into pointed one from the fleshy and oval.

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Then you should know that the spinach is in the stage of bolting. The actual meaning of bolting is that the spinach leaves are going to produce seeds and flowers.

Another meaning of the pointed spinach leaves is that they are turning bitter. At the stages of spinach growth, the sesquiterpene machines enhance. It is the final and reproductive stage of spinach leaves.

faqs on How To Harvest Spinach Crop

Q1: does spinach grow all year round?

Yes luckily spinach, grows all year round. Profoundly nutritious and flexible in the kitchen, kale, spinach, and different greens are not difficult to fill in almost any space or season.

Q2: growing spinach from cuttings? Possible

In contrast to numerous other green plants, spinach doesn’t develop from cuttings, as the leaves and stems won’t shape new roots. You should plant from a new seed under a year of age.

Q3: how tall does spinach grow?

In all the fair conditions , spinach plant can reach upto 6 to 12 inches 1 to 3 feet tall.

Q4: best way to keep spinach fresh?

how to keep spinach fresh longer– In an air-tight container, put dry paper towels to absorb spinach leaves. Again cover the top once filled completely. Then store in the refrigerator.

Q5: how long does spinach last?

Fresh Spinach unopened usually lasts for 5-7 days in Refrigerator. As if you are storing spinach in the Refrigerator opened, you cant keep them for more than 2-3 days.

Q6: when to harvest spinach?

When the spinach plant fully grown,  and reach the height 6 inches long, they’re ready to be harvested.

Q7: can you eat spinach stems?

Of course yes. You can eat the stems of spinach as well. They have vitamin A, B6, C, Calcium, Iron and Magnesium nutrients.

Q8: how to tell if spinach is bad?

Although there is no perfect way to tell if the spinach is bad, but your taste and smell are the most reliable ways to tell. If your spinach gone too dark in color and also has holes , then you can consider this bad.

Q9: why is my spinach growing tall?

There are many varieties of spinach that grow taller then the normal spinach. Like broadleaf species especially grow taller in winter seasons.

Q10: how long does spinach take to harvest

Spinach usually takes 50-60 days to be harvested fully.


Spinach is an edible plant. If we know the detailed process of spinach growth stages, then you can grow your own spinach and harvest spinach leaves as much as you can.

In this manuscript, we have given all the details of how to plant spinach. We have also discussed when to grow spinach.

Hopefully, you have found this article a helpful one on How To Harvest Spinach. So, start planting spinach in your spinach garden.

Those who like spinach, also want to have kale and lettuce. By following these tips you can harvest kale, harvest Chinese spinach, and lettuce in the same way spinach can be harvested.

It is the entire process of how to grow spinach and when to plant spinach. Feel free to let us know in the comment below if you have any questions.

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