15 Affordable Tips: How To Maintain A Balcony Garden

With all the information available online, it is easy to plan and start a balcony garden. But maintaining a balcony garden is a different ball game altogether. We have put together a few things that you can consider when troubled about the balcony maintenance.

Apartment gardening tips

Let’s explore all the tips on How To Maintain A Balcony Garden. Globalization has increased awareness about green living and the need to reduce one’s carbon footprint. In these modern times, the concept of balcony gardens is becoming increasingly popular.

People are striving hard to create their own green cover in whatever little space is available.

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How To Maintain A Balcony Garden

Below are the balcony garden plans in order to maintain it easily.

Simpler the better

This is a universal concept that the simpler you keep things the better they turn out to be. In a similar manner, it is important to plan maintenance beforehand. Having an idea of the amount of time you can dedicate per week to look after the garden is crucial. This helps you plan the types of plants you can have in your apartment balcony garden

At the same time, it can also give you a clear idea of the furniture you can have and what other extra devices you need to invest in. 

Get creative 

If you are planning to decorate the balcony garden you could think out of the box and use your gardening equipment as decorative items. Why should you shy away from displaying your tools when they help you keep your garden in such awesome shape? 

Instead of investing in decorative items creatively display your tools. You could use the ladders etc as display shelves. Or paint your watering cans and leave them around to add a bit of color. You could also consider installing a pegboard for smaller tools that can add all the spunk. 

Lawns all the way

If u are someone who likes to laze on lawns and is considering having a lawn on your balcony. You can very well get one. There are lots of options available, either you go in for the traditional lawn. The only flip side to getting one is that it’s heavy on maintenance and will take a little more attention, which will add to the burden of maintaining the garden. 

If time is a constraint but you still fancy having a lawn. You could opt for more economical and eco-friendly as well as easily maintainable lawn options available in the market. These are available in different sizes and can be customized according to your preferences.  

Adding to the décor on a budget

Maintaining a balcony garden is not limited to the upkeep of plants in it. It also includes the décor and the amount you would invest in it. A beautiful and comfortable setting does not necessarily need to burn a hole in your pockets. On the contrary, this can easily be done on a budget. 

First of all, map out the space available, and buy pieces that are absolutely necessary. Planning plays an important role in reducing clutter and keeping the amount you spend in check.

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‘Up-scaling’ is easy on your pockets as well as helps nurture your creative side. You don’t need to buy planters, convert things in the house that you are not using anymore into planters. The same goes for décor, you can use the wall and table pieces that are locked away safely and forgotten about. It surely will add to the flair of the garden and give it individuality.

All of us at some point have received a table waterfall that we couldn’t think of a place for. Well here is your chance, add it to the décor and enjoy the soothing sound of the waterfall in your very own garden. This will add to the serenity of the place and will also attract a lot of positivity.

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Comfort is key 

Keep in mind that this is the space you are creating to destress and unwind. Hence invest in comfortable seaters. Have a side table as well just in case you want to work there or have a meal. 

Simple wooden chairs with cushions or a cane chair with bolsters will do the trick. Let comfort be the most important factor when investing in the space so that you can spend quality time there.

Watch your drain

It is important to have a drain outlet in your balcony garden, to get rid of the excess water. The most important factor to keep in mind is that the drainage system needs to be cleaned regularly. With all the soil, dried leaves, etc around there a higher possibility of the drainage system getting clogged. 

To avoid a clogged drain and to maintain the garden well, start with a steel net or a drain cap on the drain opening. Secondly, clean the drain regularly to keep the system in check to avoid issues later. 

Be careful about climbers

The one advantage of having climbers is that after some time they will not only provide a dense cover for shade but also get converted into a privacy blanket. But while planting climbers, be aware of them not growing onto the walls. 

The roots of climbers are very strong and if they run across the walls of your balcony or the railing they might ruin the paint. On the other hand, a dense cover will attract a large number of insects. If you like the cover be prepared with nets and other insect kill options. 

The best option for climbers is to have designated rods or sticks that they can climb on. This will reduce the hassle of maintenance and nip the problem in the bud.  

Choose the right plants

Depending on the size of the balcony garden, and the amount of sunlight and wind you can decide on the plants that you would like to grow in your garden. There are a variety of flowers like Marigold, Sunflowers, Roses, Hibiscus, Musk Roses, Zinnia, Petunia, Periwinkle (Sada Bahar), Ball Lily, and Aster that grow well at home. 

balcony gardening tips to maintain
How to maintain a balcony garden

You could also grow your veggies. Vegetables like tomatoes, green chilies, mint, coriander, and beans grow well in pots. They are easy to grow and don’t require a lot of effort to upkeep. They are simple to plant and you don’t need to invest in seeds separately, just use them straight from the kitchen, and the major work is done. 

Find below the Feng shui plants for the balcony.

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Bamboos are considered an exotic addition to the garden. They grow fast and can give a lovely, lush feel. Moreover, they are one of the easiest when it comes to maintenance. Bamboo shoots just need a vase filled with clean water and adequate sunlight. 

Having ornamental shrubs reduces the amount of effort you will have to put in to maintain the garden. They are a good option for smaller places and for those who want to have a green cover but don’t have the time to maintain a full-fledged garden. 

Placement is important

Different plants require a different amount of sunlight. Before you place the pots, it is important to know the dynamics of your balcony. Which part receives the most amount of sunlight and at what time? This knowledge will help prevent the plants from wilting away due to the harsh sun. 

Flowers and vegetables that require direct sunlight, like sunflowers, coriander, hibiscus, etc, should be placed in sunnier areas of the balcony, with adequate water. Furthermore, the hanging planters will also block a bit of the sunlight which will give you the shady spot you require for plants that are not very fond of the sun. 

You might have to rearrange the plants according to the seasons as the position of the sun as well as the intensity will vary through the year. This is an important step to maintain the balcony garden.

Pots and soil selection are vital

Pay attention to the building norms concerning the weight and size of pots. Terracotta pots are lighter as compared to concrete or earthen ones. Remember, while checking the weight of your pots don’t forget to include the weight of wet soil and the plant. 

Just like pots, it is important to know the type of soil that you are using for your plants. You cannot use just any soil available. invest in good quality potting mixes that cater to potted plants only. You could choose to make your soil mix by layering the pot with choir or other absorbent material along with soil so that it retains moisture longer.

Note that vertical gardens are economical, easier to maintain, and occupy less space as compared to traditional pots on the floor. Consider stacking pots or mounting them on walls to reduce clutter and at the same time aid in the maintenance of the balcony garden. 

Water smartly

Plants need to be watered regularly for them to grow and remain healthy. While watering the plants keep in mind the season, in summers the plants may need more water as compared to the rainy season. You will also need to pay attention to the humidity to keep evaporation in check. 

Glazed pots retain water better than other variants opt for them if you live in a humid place and the plants are exposed to a lot of heat and wind. It will help reduce the loss of water. You could also cover the soil with pebbles this helps reduce the amount of water evaporated. 

By simply looking at the soil you will know if the plant needs more water. If it is cracked it is indicative that you need to water them. Similarly, if it is moist it doesn’t need more water. You could use different methods of watering to ensure that the soil isn’t dry. Sprinklers and drippers are available in nurseries, these help keep the soil moist. You could also add a layer of moss to the surface to retain moisture.

Compost for better growth

For your plants to grow healthy they need to be fed with important nutrients they miss by not being planted on the ground. Compost is full of these nutrients and helps the plants a great deal. opt for homemade compost instead of market-bought ones. Covering your pots with mulch or compost also prevents them from drying.

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Keep pests at bay

When you have a balcony garden, you must keep a lookout for pests. Firstly, you need to pay attention to the undertray and make sure that there are no mosquitoes breeding in the water collected. 

Other pests to keep an eye out for are the Tomato Hornworm Caterpillar which manifests as tiny green caterpillars or tiny brown spots on tomatoes and infests the tomato plant – they eat up the foliage and can severely damage the plant. Use a pest-kill solution available at the nursery to get rid of these. 

Aphids are another pest that can deter a good bloom. They are really small and blend in with the plant stalk very well. If you see tiny lumps on your plant keep an eye on them if they move, spray the plant with soapy water or cut off that area immediately.

Ants feed on the foliage of plants as well. If you see ants in your garden spray them with soapy water and they should go away. 

To keep birds like pigeons, sparrows, and sunbirds away by installing mesh grills. You will still find smaller insects entering, don’t worry as they help in pollination and other natural processes. Let nature take its toll and step in only if things get out of hand and you have too many insects to deal with.  

Caring for Lights and other fixtures

Lighting is important as it adds to the aesthetic feel of the garden. How to maintain the lights and other electrical, see that they are away from the water source to avoid possible short circuits. keep the covers of lights clean to avoid dust accumulating inside them. The same is the case with rainwater, see that the lights are covered well to avoid water from seeping into the cover leaving a puddle inside your fancy lighting and fixtures. 

Investing in different types of lights is not as important as getting the right ones. Stick to LED variants that are brighter and at the same time consume less electricity. You could also use reflective surfaces so that the place looks bigger and brighter. 

If you have wall fixtures or ones that hang from the ceiling. It is important to clean them regularly. This will avoid dust collecting on them as well as reduce the number of insects that can breed in and around them. 

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In conclusion 

How To Maintain A Balcony Garden, is not as difficult as it seems. You only need to have a little patience and dedication. This being said visit the local nursery and see what’s available for balcony gardens.

Technology keeps advancing and they come up with gadgets that might solve problems you face with regards to gardening. This will not only ease the effort but also make your green space a happy space.