17 Easy Methods: How To Grow Potatoes (Pro Care Guide)

Are you thinking of How To Grow Potatoes? This is a good idea for every homeowner who is fond of vegetable plants. Potato growing isn’t something hard, you just have to follow its due process.

How to grow potatoes
How To Grow Potatoes

Most of the home gardeners grow different varieties of potatoes that are not sold in the local supermarkets. Potatoes are known to be of different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Let’s discuss in detail 17 tips and care guides on how to grow potatoes. First, start with a little bit of Origin of Potatoes, to imbibe all its info.

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Where is the Origin of Potatoes?

Generally, the potatoes are a native region of the Andean of South America. Potatoes were first introduced by the European explorers in 1536 but this was not a showcase in the US.

Until 1719 when Irish immigrants first brought the potatoes alongside them to the New World. They are also purple yellow and red potatoes.

Planting potatoes makes a great project either for your children or your grandchildren. The non-grain foods in the world are known to be potatoes.

How Long Do Potatoes Take To Grow?

Well, honestly, it depends on many factors. In all the fair conditions it can take up to 70 to 120 days to grow. So, if you are planning to have your own garden potatoes, you need to start early to enjoy and consume them.

Are Potatoes Plant Nutritious?

It is wide and knows that it is a ‘’yes’’ answer to the above question. They are a great source of fiber, vitamin C, Protein, and potassium.

  • Which contains no fat. Vegetables along with potatoes can be prepared as family healthy diet due to their versatilities.
  • Many of the potato’s nutrients are located very close to their skin. And the skin of a potato is recommended to be eaten due to it contains the majority of the potatoes fiber.
  • Either roasted, baked, boiled, or fried potatoes are delicious food you can add to your daily meal. If you want to prepare your potatoes with the skin, you are expected to thoroughly wash the potatoes.

Cut off the green discoloration and sprout it out then you are free to enjoy your potatoes to the fullest.

If you are one of the Potato lovers, I have something special for you.

#1 How To Plant Sweet Potatoes?

if you want to grow sweet potatoes in your backyard. Here are some tips, that can help you. Mulch the vines for at least two weeks if you are not using black plastic to make the planting smother weeds.

keep the soil loose for roots just to conserve the moisture for root development.

  • To keep the rooting at the joint, you need to lift the long vine at the joint occasionally. Or their energy will be put to form anonymous undersized tubers at a routed area.
  • Handle your plants with great care to prevent them from attaining vulnerable wounds like disease spores.
  • Provide an inch of water if the weather is dried until two weeks before harvesting your plant, drying out the soil is then required.
  • The plant that can withstand dry spells should not be overwatered except by raindrops else it may get rots.  
Sweet potatoes
How To Grow Potatoes-(Sweet potatoes)

#2 Avoiding of Pest- Toxic Sprays

The Northern gardener is fewer prunes to pest compared to the Southern gardeners. ¼ inch long insect of the sweet potatoes weevils with blue dark heads, red-orange body.

  • The pest spread on something called foot rot, which turns black to brown areas on stems very close to the soil and the end of the stem.
  • Weevils are very hard to eliminate and do multiply quickly, a certified disease-resistant practice and slips for rotation of the crop over four years.
  • Make sure you surely and properly destroy the infected root with the crop or dispose of them with a sealed container with your home trash.

#3 How To Grow Potatoes From Seed Step By Step?

Generally, potatoes grow on buried lower stems which are planted in well nutrient soil that is much drained have cool temperature.

Your potato pieces should be planted in hills and rows, containers, and even raised beds.

Your potato seed should be placed inches not less than 1 and not higher than 3 inches dept, afterward. You are required to water deeply so that the sprouting can be perfect.

The potato’s young tubers need to be exposed to sunlight so as for it to be sunburned just to turn bitter in this take, not of the poisonous potential after the sun exposure.

As they grow, Mulch should be piled dirty, until six or eight inches of the buried stem has been revealed. Continuous doing for over a week or two is required.

When flowering and tuber forming, the plant generally needs a good soaking dry spells, the roots and stems can rot if it’s getting overwatering. Which could cause it to be hollow or dark in the plant tuber?

Note there are few diseases and insects that can affect the harvest of potatoes; your county Extension Service office should be contacted for dependable information related to potato pest control.

#4 What Are The Ways To Store and Harvest Potatoes

Now we have discussed in the above section pretty much everything on How To Grow Potatoes? Digging small potions out of potatoes within 3 months is possible in containers. But if your potatoes are of large tubers, ignore them till they turn yellow.

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After about four months where there is a long season. You can decide to leave the tubers in the soil after cutting the plant down just to make their skin a little bit harden afterward.

Take off excess dirt on your potatoes; do not wash your potatoes after you are done with digging.

The potatoes you don’t want to use should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place. And it is required that you possibly go check them every few days to guarantee they don’t get shriveling or decay.

#5 How To Grow Potatoes In Containers?

Any Potatoes that have been dug out of its hole is required as a great treat, also growing potatoes in a container organically is very easy to do.

The taste and the texture of the potatoes are very much different, unlike the tomatoes.

This kind of potatoes a way different from those you purchase from the market. You stand a great chance to various varieties by growing your plant.

The Pros and Cons Of How To Grow Potatoes In Container

  • Growing potatoes inside containers comes with many advantages, rather to potatoes grown in the ground.
  • The most fascinating aspect is that it comes very easy to look at and take care of from those critters who might wish to eat the plant.
  • Searching for too much space in the garden is less as well as worrying about much weed.
  • Potatoes inside a container are very incredible project you can opt-in with your kids.
  • The plant produces a great yield for just the required space and the plant grows very amazing and fast. Many kids love potatoes, and they will prefer to eat the one they grew themselves.
  • Being more vigilant about the growth of your potatoes is only the negative aspect of container potatoes so as not to over water it.

In most cases keeping the soil moister not so wet but Lil bit damp. You can have a very good and well okay potato if you always check the soil moisture and water deeply.

How To Grow PotatoesMaterial Needed For Planting

Here are a few things required to grow your potato inside a container.

  • Potato Seed
  • Water and Sun
  • The Potting Soil
  • Container needed
  • Required Fertilizer

How To Grow Potatoes From Seed

  • Potatoes can be grown from seed potatoes. These kinds of potatoes are yet sprayed in other to stop its seed from sprouting properly.
  • Therefore they are ever ready to ascertain new growth development. The Seed potato plant is mostly available from specialty and Nurseries.
  • The organic growers having a great selecting of different potatoes varieties are known as the ‘’Wood Prairie Farm’’.
  • From the store, growing potatoes from potatoes that is organic are eligible. It is not in anyways required to be spray and it is needed to be kept in a cool, dry, and dark place.

How To Grow PotatoesContainer Needed

  • The possibility of growing a potato in a large container is 100%. This is seen from a nursery container to a large pot and cans full of big garbage.
  • Stacks of a tire and a trash bag can perfectly be a source of potato planting, though doing this; you have to be very careful because the plant can get very hot inside the sun.
  • on the potential toxicity, the jury is said to be lead out with some rubber. And plastic which can sink inside the soil of the plant as the material gets broken.

#6 How To Plant Potatoes From Sprouted Potatoes

Their things you need to have at the back of your mind once decided to go for sprouted potatoes. The below step proves to you ways you could get the healthier plants and more of your nutritious potatoes.

You should always wait for the Right Condition

A late front might have your plant killed if you plant them too early. There are some perfect tools you can use to prevent this from happening these tools gives you the date of the last frost of your area.

Remember this date is averagely estimated though they frost might occur later. In other to stay safe, you can probably wait a few weeks more after the frost period to get your potatoes planted.

You could put your potatoes in some potting soil in either a container or basket if your plant is getting sprouting quickly. Close to a window, or under a growing light. Afterward, transplanting them later to the garden can be done.

The soil needs to be thawed e. i not Frozen to be planted outdoors, but it’s still okay at the stated degrees and Fahrenheit which are 60-70.

To plant your potatoes outdoors is required you to do at late midsummer. If not done this way an early frost might have you plant killed and potatoes might be very difficult to harvest due to frozen ground.

Why Do Potatoes Get Sprouted?

Creating a new generation in other words reproducing just like the rest of the plant is possible with the potato plant. Even in seemingly hostile conditions; the potatoes find time to do this.

Your Potatoes Should Be Prepared For Planting

In as much as you are satisfied with having the idea of planting a potato. And when to plant a potato, then, take your time and begging the potato planting process.

Not necessary you plant your potato inside a container, you can also decide to plant your potatoes in the ground and allow them to grow.

Still, on doing this you should find better ways of getting a better plant and more potatoes as your plants continue to grow inside of the ground.

#7 What Ground Temp For Planting Potatoes Should Be?

What should be the soil minimum temperature for planting potatoes in order to harvest plentiful from the plant cultivation?

Measurement of the plant temperature should be done by taking a centimeter thermometer for soil.

The perfect warm-up for the soil to get ready to plant should be between 7-8 degrees for this, the indicators a said to be perfect for plant cultivation.

10-12 centimeters depth of measurement should be made. You are required to pay full attention to the temperature of air if it holds stability for around 8-10 degrees.

It is said that the soil is most likely suitable for your plant to be ready to grow in your planting material.

Why the soil temperature is required to be so?

The soil temperature is required to be so based on the fact that, it is the absolute optimum temperature for potatoes planting.

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The roots of your plant will actively be beginning to penetrate the soil at this exact temperature. If the land is saturated with moisture and is colder again, before it has time to gain its volume.

The sowed crop will most likely begin to rot. In this case, it will grow perfectly if it doesn’t decay before the germinating period.

If you grow a sprouted crop on cold land, it is unlikely to survive; a temperature of 1-5 degrees is a risk for a sprouted plant.

Although Sprouted plants might be reluctantly slow, their development is always started from 3 degrees upwards. Make sure there isn’t any sharp cooling in between them.

For the sake of the plant fidelity, you are requested to wait for the daily stability of plant weather.

#8 What Are The Different Effective Ways Of Planting Potatoes?

There are different or say it as they are various types of ways to the growing of potatoes but the best way depends on the kind of space you have.

Potatoes are known as a plant you can plant in a pot, container, garden, and growing bags, more of it all in a raised bed. Potatoes can be also grown on your porch, yard, or balcony.

Choosing one of the ways stated below should be amongst the best things to do if you want to grow brainstorming potatoes.

How To Grow Potatoes In a Bag

This is a perfect and most creative way of growing potatoes in the bag.

All it requires you is filling a bag of a grocery bag that is rich in soil nutrients and filled with good quality for your potatoes to be planted.

It is recommended you use sprouted potatoes instead of seeds for the growth of your potatoes. You can get your sprouted potatoes at your local nursery stores.

How To Grow Potatoes In a Sack

Trash bags and even burlap bags can be the best planters for your potatoes. This does not go any way different from growing your potatoes inside a grocery bag.

A quality nutrient soil that is of good quality will be required of you. Try and purchase good quality soil from the nursery store and avoid using garden soil.

How To Grow Potatoes In a Container

Potatoes grown inside of a container are very less prone to both diseases and pests and this type of growing method is very easy. Check the above section for more details.

#9 How To Plant Potatoes In Garbage Bags

  • A garbage bag will do just fine as a potato is known to be grown also in a container. The garbage bag benefit is that it can be unraveled to meet the potato growth.
  • Adding soil to your container, it makes it looks more appealing in every time you get green stalk growth of up to 6-8inches. The garbage bag warms quickly, which is why it helps in speeding up the growing process.
  • The main point of your planting should come first and the real picture of what you want to plant. Your bag should be filled with at least 30 gallons and 1 millimeter thick.
  • The bag should be filled with a minimum of 8 inches of soil. Leaves compost soil is what is required to be used around your yard.
  • What you hard to do is making sure your medium of growing is loose. Peat moss is also something essential because they also prefer bit acidity.

#10 How To Plant Potatoes In Wood Boxes

Northern Europeans Forest is best in the making of the Vegetable creates. When used correctly, carefully selected the raw materials to ensure a solid construction.

Over 15years are the estimated time for the wooden pallet boxes. The vegetables the potatoes plant that is stored in the pallet are adequate air circular which is known to optimizers of storage cost.

The wood is generally known to having hygroscopic materials. In this regards not allowing the multiple moistures to condense on the board surfaces.

The pallet wood boxes ensure easy to repair when damage occurs. The damage can be easily boards and easily replaced.

#11 How To Grow Potatoes In Pot

Old plastic is known to be at the least of 40litres or you any kind of large pot you deem fit to use, you can as well use the trash can.

Drainage holes at the bottom of the can are what you should be certain of before using it to plant your potato.

You need to frost-free spot your potato plant by placing it under the sunny condition. The addition of a peat-free of 10cm on the bottom of the pot for multipurpose compost is required to place three to five chatted potato seed.

You need a cover with 8cm of compost and water very well. You are expected to cover with 10 cm of the compost when the shoots grow 8cm.

repeat this process continues until you finally get to the top of the pot. Harvesting of your plant should be when your plant has started to develop a flower.

Make Sure You Revealed Your Plant By Emptying The Pot.

Here are a few steps to lead you the way to planting your potatoes in the pot and How To Grow Potatoes.

Step 1:

  • The bottom of the pot should be lined to at least 10cm to the compost layer. The chatted seed on the potatoes surface should be is required to be covered with another layer compost mix. In this process, you have to water the plant very well.

Step 2:

  • The bag for the planting should be put in a sheltered spot for enough sun throughout the day. The compost moist should they keep 15-16cm tall, more water and compost are needed to cover them up vigorously. Continue this process of compost adding as the stems keep growing.

Step 3:

  • You need to water your plant regularly at the very first growing season of your planting. Generally, the potatoes need plenty of water for their growing process.
  • You should avoid the use of rainwater in the summer through a butt based on it can cause the plant to contain blight spores.
  • 2-3 days soaking of the pot thoroughly is required to allow the plant compost to dry out in the middle of promoting the potato’s steady formation and watering.

#12 How To Plant Potatoes From Potatoes

You will be surprised that the healthiest and strongest potato plant only grows from certified potato seeds.

Planting of the potatoes bought from the nurseries stores, the number of diseases is higher and the odds of germination are mostly lower.

As an interesting experiment, you can plant potatoes that have been sprouted in your house or as gardening requested learning for your children and your grandchildren.

  • Large sprouted potatoes are needed to be cut down into smaller pieces, you should make sure each of the pieces you are going to cut has a little eye which is said to be the smaller sprouts the plant is going to grow from.
  • You should make sure you can prepare the potato garden in spring when the soil has warmed through the day sunlight also when you notice it has beginning to drain off.
  • A handful of soil from the garden is required to be squeezed. Once it flicks apart, you are set to plant the potatoes. Mix the potatoes in a 3inch layer of compost then dig the potato into 12 inches of the compost.
  • The potatoes pieces should be planted in rows. 12inches apart should be the spacing in between the pieces and the rows also should be set 24 inches apart.
  • Do not make the area to be soggy, but you should keep it moist and make sure you water the ground thoroughly.
  • Make sure you make proper cultivation to remove the weeds around potato plants you see around it.
  • After the leaves have withered, a hole is required to dig in this regards the plant will die back. A garden fork or shovel is to be used to dig out all your potatoes from the ground.
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#13 How To Grow Potatoes In A Bucket

Planting of potatoes in the bucket is not difficult to do, the potatoes varieties are reaching in minerals and vitamins do not demand much planting stress.

Doing this your effort will be greatly rewarded when it time prepare them for consumption.

How To Grow PotatoesLocation

  • If you think of giving you balcony a fascinating looking with the plant. The potatoes plant are the highly required plant you need to opt-in for due to its plenty benefit.
  • You can never go wrong when you have grown potatoes outside of your house or around your house garden.
  • Cultivating potatoes is known to as Childs play and you will in this process fall in love with it. When your plant starts growing with blossoming flowers.

How To Grow Potatoes In Buckets

Using the usual materials for your planting is essential, rough gravel. Pottery Shards and expanded clay are the most important materials you needed for drainage to be provided.

#14 How To Grow Potatoes In Water

You Need to Choose the Potato

Think of any potatoes you ever wanted planting because all potato varieties can be grown in the water.

Some potatoes which are strongly colored do have a tinted sprout with the leave which are more pleased to children.

If you are the type that cherished potatoes with multiple eyes, try to look for one, do not just plant what you aren’t happy with.

The Needed Material

 You will need the following material to add to your potatoes growing;

  • Any Kinds of Water
  • A Cup Or Container
  • The Toothpicks that have the best pointed rounded middle edges.

#15 What Month Should You Plant Potatoes

Potatoes have a very long growing period which in turn can be easily maintained from crop the management production.

Practicing when to start planting your potatoes are the best starting for any beginner willing to learn ways of planting potatoes.

  • Generally, potatoes can be subdivided into 3 major parts which include the early stage, the Second Early Stage, and the Main crop Varieties.
  • The length of time they take to reach the maturity stage is defined by these categories by planting and planting.
  • And preparing possibilities according to the characteristics to have a steady Potatoes supply when harvesting the potatoes from June to October.
  • After 100days first early plant is said to be ready for harvesting, the second early is required to be left till after 120 days above why the main crop.

Is required to stay in the ground producing as much as many possible heavier yielded larger potatoes and it is better off staying inside the ground for over 160 days.

#16 How To Plant Potatoes From Eyes

There are lots of tiny indents when you take a close look at the potatoes, each one being identified as a single eye of the potato.

If you keep them in pantry long enough, these eyes will give rise to the plant sprouts.

As a tall healthy potato, every eye on the potatoes will spring to life hoping to fulfill its life circle virtually.

#17 How To Grow Potatoes Indoors

Over a million acres of access in the US today planted potatoes yearly for commercial production and general use.

Many potatoes can be produced with a maximum of 90days on land that is more parcels with growing under a harsh climate condition.

  • It is generally known that potatoes can help in developing a nation if planted and followed by the normal production and planting process.
  • The generally known potatoes today is said to be a family of Solanaceae regarded as the (nightshade plant).
  • This nightshade plant comprises of the different plant which includes the tobacco, tomatoes, petunia, pepper, and eggplant.
  • The storage portion and enlarged underground looking so edible for this potatoes plant are called the (tuber). When the plant is 6-8 inches is when the tuber formation process begins.
  • Or calls it 5-8 weeks after you have successfully planted your crop with the result from your plant and the start developing movement.
  • These parts are not edible and eligible but many plants in these varieties develop their fruits and flowers. The fruit mostly does contain the real seed of the potatoes though they often look like small green tomatoes.
  • But the fruit is different from the parent. The plant which oriented from this kind of seed does not take alike with the original variety.
  • Home gardener and the commercial potato production use tuber pieces which generally include not more than a single dormant bud that will form a potato plant when sprouted.
  • They sometimes referred the potato plant seed or the seed pieces from the potato ‘’tuber pieces’’. However, if potatoes that are not completely frozen during the winter period are being left in the garden.

When the soil gets warm it might emerge as a volunteer potatoes plant. This fact alone makes it known that the potatoes are annual crops.


In this article, we have seen all the possible ways on How to Grow Potatoes effectively. For your plant to be able to grow in the future. Each sprout will grow a single plant that will essentially produce its own tubers which will be used to store energy.

  • Seeds don’t grow true, as the potato tubers provide plants that dully clone to the mother of the absolute potato plant.
  • This is best known to be the proper mood of potato propagation. Pay much attention to your plant so your plant may yield perfectly the way you ever wanted it to be.
  • Moreover, if your plant did not yield or grow fine when it time for you to harvest. You will have a problem like a plant getting rust in the soil or pest already feast on the crop.
  • Put in as much effort as you can so your potato can smile at you when you place it on the table for consumption.