21 Genius Ways to Use Plant Hangers for Maximum Wow!

Plant hangers are very much in trend nowadays. Indoor and outdoor hanging plants are a great way to utilize the compact space in your home and bring nature’s beauty inside. They are ideal for small spaces and fit in the “saving the floor space” trend.

Plant hangers
Plant Hangers

We’ll talk about the different types of plant hangers used for different kinds of plants and all the relevant information about them.

Hanging Planters

Decorating your house with hanging planters immediately grabs everyone’s attention. It instantly adds to the greenery and offers various health-related benefits.

It also gives a sense of height to your crib. It comes in various designs, colors, and styles, so choosing one for your place is not difficult.

Hanging Baskets For Plants

Use Plant Hangers For beautify your space

A hanging basket is a container that is usually suspended with the help of a nail or some other measure. It is mostly used for containing and growing beautiful decorative plants.

Traditionally outdoor plant hangers were being used more widely. They are hung outside the building or at a place where garden space is available and rarely from some furniture. They are called deck plant hangers for environmental enhancement purposes.

A modern trend is preparing a free-standing frame for such hangers, and they are called hanging basket trees, which are usually of different sizes and shapes. Check here the recommended plant hangers for trees.

One unique type of hanging basket is placed upside down where plants grow against gravity, and they are watered from the top.

Hanging baskets are typically made from plastic or lining material to retain nutrients and water, and they are held together by a wire.

Peat-free compost is usually used in them along with controlled-release fertilizer granules and water-retaining gel. The most common plants planted in them are bedding, fuchsia, geraniums, and lobelia.

There are various safety concerns that have been raised from time to time over their use. So, Suffolk Country Council held a meeting in February 2004 for this.

They concluded that hanging baskets do possess a risk of falling over people and injuring them. After the decision, heavy-duty outdoor plant hangers came into use, but still, their use was reduced in public places.

What Are The Best Plants To Put In Plant Hangers?

Best Plants To Put In Plant Hangers

1. Air Plants

Air plants need very little or no soil to survive, which makes them the perfect kind of plant for hangers. Traditionally people prefer to put air plants in glass terrariums along with trinkets and colorful accents.

Always keep your hanger in a spot that has a good circulation of air and plenty of sunlight.

2. Arrowhead Plant

They are called five fingers or arrowhead vines. All of these names originate because the leaves of this plant keep on changing their shape.

It starts as an arrowhead and then turns in fingers. Eventually, the plant grows into a long vine, so it is always advised not to trim its leaves and let them grow as long as they would from your basket.

They are found in shades of burgundy, pink and green. They are grown in humid conditions, which is why they are put in a kitchen and bathroom.

3. Bird’s Nest Fern

These plants latch onto another plant to grow; that’s why they are called epiphytes in the wild. The amount of sun they receive decides the shapes their leaves take.

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More exposure to sunlight makes their leaves have a scrunched look, while less sunlight will cause the leaves to become flat.

They belong to tropical rainforests, and hence they love humidity, which makes them another great plant to keep in the bathroom and kitchen.

4. Boston Fern

Boston ferns also prefer humid temperatures, but they tolerate much lower humidity. Their fond feathery appearance makes them one of the most beautiful plants to put in your house, and they are an absolute pleasure to watch hanging from their basket.

They are suitable for cleansing the air and are safe for pets. It is always advised not to put them too close to the ceiling to allow proper air circulation.

Because of that, it is always recommended to keep them in your plant hanger’s Home Depot. They are usually used in a living room or bedroom.

5. Burro’s Tail

Burro’s Tails are succulents, which means that they can survive without water for a long time, but they prefer lots of sunshine.

They have fleshy and thick leaves similar to other members of the succulent family, which helps them retain water.

These hanging plants are usually kept in a room where they don’t bump into anything and have a lot of space.

6. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos rocks an elegant but dashing look all because of its beautiful golden-yellow leaves. It requires a moderate amount of sunlight for their leaves to retain their beautiful color.

It is one of the most beautiful indoor hanging plants, and it has various health-related benefits as well.

They can purify air-borne toxins, which provide you with a better breathing space.

How Do You Make A Plant Hanger For A Plant?

How Do You Make A Plant Hanger For A Plant?

It is fun as well as satisfying, making your first plant hanger. This task at first may look daunting, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite simple.

Making your first DIY macrame plant hanger is something that may appear to be a lot of work at first sight. But as soon as you start making the hanger, it won’t seem much. All you need is some basic knowledge of ties and knots.


  1. Eight 15-foot cotton cord
  2. Two brass ring
  3. Two pieces of 5-foot rope
  4. Eight pieces of 15-foot long cotton cord
  5. 2″ brass ring
  6. 2 parts of 5-foot rope


  1. Fold eight pieces of the cord into half and pass them through the rings.
  2. Take your 5-foot string and tie a loop below the ring.
  3. Now, tie a square knot with the four strands.
  4. Then tie a loop knot ensuring that there is a 3 ½ inch gap in between them.
  5. Repeat until you’ve created a 5-inch spiral.
  6. Cut off the excess cord.

How Many Plants Do You Put In A Plant Hanger?

Deciding on how many plants to put in a hanging basket can be hard as baskets don’t follow the usual rules of plant spacing because of their compact size.

The spacing is determined based on different plants. They are designed to give plants maximum spacing to get enough nutrients and sunlight.

A general rule of thumb for hanging baskets states that plants should be placed one plant per inch basket’s diameter. The only exceptions are vigorous-growing plants like Geraniums and Fuchsias.

How Do You Make Wire Plant Hangers?

To make a rope plant hanger follow the given steps.

  1. Take four pieces of 8-foot-long cord with scissors.
  2. Fold them in half with all eight ends being even and in a loop on the opposite side.
  3. Pass these loops through a metal ring and pull the cut ends through the loops. Tie ropes to the end of the ring by making a lark’s head knot.
  4. Separate the strand into four groups of two each, and then tie each group with an overhand knot at some distance below the ring.
  5. Tie one strand from each group with the strand right next to it. Place them at least 6 inches down, forming a V formation.
  6. Now tie all the strands together in an overhand knot, again 6 inches below the last set of knots. Pull the knot to make it tight and firm. You should now see a 6-inch-long tassel below the tied strands. Trim off the excess cord with your scissors neatly.
  7. Hang it to a hook with the help of the ring; put a plant about 6 to 8 inches in diameter.

How Do You Hang Plants On A Wall?

Hanging the plants to your wall requires a thorough knowledge of the structural integrity of your crib. They are not so heavy that they would rip your roof off, but their placement and hanging technique require some thought.

Some of the most popular ways to put your plant hangers are.

  • Using suction hangers to put them at the window.
  • Building indoor trellis.
  • Using ceiling hooks.
  • Attach them to the wall with magnets.
  • Using bags to hang them.
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Perennial Plants For Hanging Baskets

Some of the most famous perennial plants are.

  • Dianthus
  • Fuchsia
  • Geranium
  • Ivy
  • Petunia
  • Viola

How Do You Hang Potted Plants?

You can use various types of plant hangers available in the market to hang your potted plants. They are usually made from plastic or linen to retain moisture and nutrients.

They are normally hung with the help of a hook or structural modification to provide firm support.

These hangers come in different types such as vinyl fence rail plant hangers, plastic bag plant hangers, cubicle plant hangers, jute plant hangers, and wooden plant hangers.

Since all these plant hangers are different, distinct types of hanging techniques are used for them. Outdoor plant hangers are more famous than indoor ones.

Where To Buy Macramé Plant Hangers

Macramé plant hangers are very much in trend right now. The most popular version of them is the classic cotton one.

Many retailers sell these online and offer great prices too, so it’s not that hard to find a perfect one for your home. Also, they can be found in your nearest plant’s shop.

These plant hangers are also available in Wal-Mart. If you still can’t find them, then just look up how to make macramé plant hangers. They are pretty easy to make.

What Are The Best Indoor Plant Hangers?

There are many different types of hangers available in the market. Therefore, it is only natural that the ones used inside the home are different from those used outside.

Some of the widely used indoor plant hangers are:

  • Hepburn Hanging Planter.
  • Macramé Plant hanger.
  • Suction based plant hangers.
  • Bags based plant hangers.
  • Mkono Modern ceramic plant hanger
  • Leather-based plant hangers.

What Are The Best Outdoor Plant Hangers?

Some of the best outdoor plant hangers are:-

  • Kalanchoe
  • Furniture based plant hangers.
  • Medinilla magnifica
  • Begonia
  • Eastern Hay Scented Fern
  • Metal plant hangers.

What is Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are mostly used to decorate homes and other buildings. They let people who don’t have a lot of space for a garden still have fresh flowers and plants.

To begin with, the boxes are made of wire and are filled with something like burlap or some other growing medium.

Why Have a Hanging Basket?

Rather than asking “Why have hanging basket?” the inquiry ought to be “The reason not?!” The hanging basket is an incredible method of making a clean, clean, and expert looking outside the zone, regardless of whether it’s for your back nursery or the passage of an office.

Pairing a hanging basket with a hanging chair would be the best combination to see in the morning when you wake up.

In 2009, planner Paul Williams wrote in The Message that, “dramatization and rich indulgence is the thing that I love about hanging containers, with their lavish falls of blossoms.”

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He likewise expresses that they’re an incredible method to maintain a strategic distance from regular nursery structures as every crate will be extraordinary, contingent upon how you need to brighten your nursery.

What Sort Of Basket Used Best For Hanging Baskets?

There are a lot of various hanging bins accessible, incorporating strong plastic ones with water repositories. Woven wicker baskets for a progressively natural, natively constructed feel, and wire-encircled ones for an increasingly present-day contact.

In any case, hanging bins are an incredible spot to get innovative; if you decide to make the container yourself, you could do anything from planting up a watering can to draping a couple of colanders up together containing little, blossoming plants!

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make sure to find the correct material you decide to utilize, the size of the basket is extremely significant. A bin that is unreasonably small for your plants will require ordinary watering and pruning.

The greater the basket the better in this example, as a greater basket prompts higher water maintenance which implies less support and a more noteworthy open door for greater and increasingly lively plants.

It helps if you have a specific plant as a top priority before choosing what size to go for because then you can suit the basket to the blossom, rather than the bloom to the basket.

What Are The Best Plants To Place In Hanging Basket?

An assortment of blossoms and plants can be developed in hanging baskets. The selection of plants in bushels relies upon both the size of the basket and the developing conditions where the crate must be set.

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The bins, which are kept in the shade and less blustery space are simpler to care for as they require less watering. You can also keep Artificial Hanging Basket Plants to beautify your space.


Developing tomatoes (cherry tomatoes) in hanging bins is the best method to utilize vertical space.


Portulaca or greenery rose is a brilliant trailing ground spread plant, not just the bright blossoms, but its needle-like delicious foliage looks superb as well.

Philodendron and Bug Plant

Both the bug plant and types of philodendron are considered houseplants, however, they can likewise be developed outside in secure conditions. They improve when becoming alone in a hanging grower.

Best Plants For Plant Hangers In Shade

1. Chenille Plant

Chenille plants are unique and gorgeous plants for your hanging basket. Named after the French word “Chenille” (caterpillar), this plant features furry blooms that look very similar to bushy foxtails or caterpillars.

2. Fuchsia

Fuchsia is an exhibition flower that has a pendulous and unusual shape. Its bright flowers are a perfect complement to its dark green foliage, making it a beautiful hanging basket plant. It blossoms throughout the summer, and it is usually purple, white, and pink.

3. Streptocarpella

It is purple-blue, and its velvety leaves make an excellent addition to your garden and home. Its red and pink blossom differentiate it from other plants. It is a member of cascading species and lasts from spring to fall.

4. Bleeding Heart

Bleeding heart is another shade-loving hanging plant. Its heart-shaped red-pink flowers with a single hanging droplet arching stem make it a stunner. The appearance of its blossom makes it hard not to notice them.

Best Plants For Hanging Basket In Full Sun

There are numerous sorts of plants for a hanging basket. Most importantly, you need to choose your preferred plants that consistently appear to have their head in the soil, particularly after overwhelming precipitation.

  • Lobelia for Hanging basket
  • Geranium for Hanging basket
  • Portulaca for Hanging basket
  • Million Ringers for Hanging Basket
  • Sweet Alyssum for Hanging the basket

Best Plants For Hanging Basket In Shade

  • Yam Vine
  • Spiderwort:
  • Verbena:

Perennial Plants For Hanging Basket

It very well may be hard to keep enduring plants alive in a hanging basket over the winter months.

So additional consideration should be taken to shield the roots from freezing strong when chilly climate hits. Here are a couple of trailing or falling perennials to consider:

  • Chilco (Fuchsia magellanica)
  • Evergreen Candytuft (Iberis sempervirens
  • Diascia (Diascia barbera Flying Hues Old fashioned Rose)
  • Ground Morning Wonder (Convolvulus Sabattus)
  • Spring Heath (Erica carnea ‘Doorman’s Red’)

Hanging Blossom Baskets

The primary thing that you need to recollect is that on the off chance that you need those expert-looking, rich hanging baskets, these privileged insights are similarly significant and cooperate.

  • Choose your dirt
  • Feed and water hanging vases well
  • Choose your hanging pot, basket, or holder

How Do You Hang a Hanging Fruit Basket

Hanging a fruit basket is not rocket science, with a few tools, you can fit this into the kitchen wall, where you can keep apples, strawberries, bananas, and all your favorite fruits. You just need to use the stud finder on the wall before screwing in a J-hook.

Find top picks from here for hanging baskets for fruit.

Best Plants For Hanging Basket Outdoors For Hummingbirds

Who doesn’t like birds in the garden? Some common Hanging Basket colorful plants that attract hummingbirds are below:

  • Agastache, Begonia, Cuphea, Four O’Clocks,
  • Fuchia, Geranium, Impatience, Lantana,
  • Nasturtium, Nicotiana, Petunia,
  • Phlox, Salvia, Zinnia. Perennials:
  • Bee Balm, Coral Bells, Dwarf Delphinium,
  • Penstemon, Verbena, Veronica


Plant hangers have become a really important part of gardening culture. They are easy to use and don’t take up much space.

Their presence adds to the beauty of the place and can be used in very innovative ways.

They are available in so many different types such as deck rail plant hangers, plant hanger brackets, ceiling plant hangers, plant pot hangers, wall mount plant hangers, brass plant hangers, rope plant hangers, and many more.

Specific plants that require less soil and can thrive in such an environment are used for hangers. Most of them also offer various health-related benefits.

If you are simply looking to decorate your crib what better to put inside your home than the presence of Mother Nature?