How To Fluff Pampas Grass without Sun: 6 Maintaining Tips

Cortaderia selloana, mostly called the Pampas grass, comes from the fields of South America. These are exquisite, tall grass with feathers giving it an ornamental value.

The big plumes of the specie go up to the height of 12 feet, and the fluffier it is, the more beautiful it looks.

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This grass is a widely sought-after ornament if you want to plan a landscape with a bohemian appeal.

These are popular props in weddings and home décor, but the advantages of the Pampas grass are not limited to this alone.

It has the ability to live and thrive in a range of climatic conditions and does not prefer a single soil type only, so you can easily grow this in your home garden.

Today in this article we will know the easy and effective hacks on How To Fluff Pampas Grass without Sun?

How To Fluff the Pampas Grass?

How To Fluff Pampas Grass without Sun Light

In the last few years, a new trend has been on the rise: fluffed Pampas grass giving off a natural and bohemian look to a place.

The grass is a stunning piece in the background of any place, so whether it is in the living room or along with wedding décor props, it will definitely alleviate the area’s aesthetic appeal.

However, the grass tends to deflate over time, just like a gas balloon that shrinks as time passes.

So, what to do with the flat-looking Pampas grass? Easy solution; fluff the Pampas grass back to life.

Fluffing the Pampas grass’s plumes brings it back to life with a healthy appearance and attracts more attention.

In this article, get to know all about Pampas grass, how to fluff it using a DIY method, things you must avoid in fluffing, tips, and other decorative ideas for Pampas grass. So, keep reading!

Tools and Accessories Needed for Fluffing Pampas Grass

Here is a list of things you will need to fluff the pampas grass:

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1. Scissors or Pruning Shears

These will be needed to prune and trim the stems of the grass so it looks more symmetrical.

2. gloves

Protecting yourself during gardening is quite important, so never forget the gloves, especially when you are working on a specie that has razor-sharp edges, just like Pampas grass.

3. Large Plastic Bag

There may be a lot of wastage in the fluffing process, so it is best to keep a plastic bag on you to put away all the useless stuff and waste.

4. Hair Spray or Fabric Softener (Optional)

The hair spray and the softener for fabric allow the plumes to maintain their shape once they are fluffed and give a long-lasting effect, so you can opt for this additional material on the list.

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DIY: How To Fluff Pampas Grass without Sun

Fluffing Pampas grass is quite a simple and relatively easy process; you just need to learn the quick steps to keep the grass fluffy and appear fuller.

  • First of all, start by separating and putting Pampa’s plumes on a table and examine which parts of the plumes need the fluffing.
  • Then, put on protective gloves to avoid the cuts from the sharp edges of the Pampas grass.
  • Hold the stem of the Pampas grass with one hand and the top of the plume with the other one.
  • Now shake the plume thoroughly so that all the dirt and debris come out of it, and the plume gets fluffier in the process.
  • Do this till you reach the desired amount of fluff, and then repeat the same process for other Pampas.
  • In case you see that there are still some flat areas, then separate the strands and shake them.
  • Finally, when you are done with fluffing the Pampas, the next step is to smoothen the plumes. For that, you need pruning shears or even sharp scissors will work. Carefully cut the areas where there are strands that are long or matted and uneven.

Make sure you collect all the debris and the extra strands on the table so it is easier for you to collect it all in a large trash bag.

For the final look, use a hair spray or fabric softener to keep the Pampas grass’s fluffiness intact for a longer time.

You can place the fluffed-up Pampas anywhere in a vase or reuse them for wedding backdrops.

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6 Maintaining Tips For Pampas Grass

Maintaining Tips For Pampas Grass

One of the most important tasks regarding Pampas grass is to keep it in its best shape. Preventing it from deflating is only possible if you maintain it well.

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1. Watch the Sunlight

  • Sunlight can be harsh on the Pampas grass, and the rays make it brittle.
  • So, you must ensure that your Pampas are out of the range of direct sun so that they may not fade.
  • You can prolong the fluff and stop the shedding by keeping the Pampas grass in a shaded place.

2. Avoid humidity

The next tip for maintaining the Pampas grass is to prevent putting these in highly humid areas like kitchens or bathrooms.

Like all other plants, your Pampas grass retains moisture and becomes heavy, which can weigh down the feathers on it. So, make sure to put the Pampas in a dry place.

3. Regular cleaning

You must maintain a routine for fluffing the Pampas grass if you are an avid fan of this grass. One session in every quarter of the year can help you keep the shape of the Pampas.

4. Be gentle

Always be gentle when fluffing the Pampas grass, and even when handling them, these are fragile around the feathers, and the stems can break.

If you have toddlers or pets in the house, then make sure to keep these out of their reach as they love to grab onto Pampas.

5. using hair spray

You can spray the Pampas grass with hair spray once in two weeks to ensure they retain its shape and there is no shedding of strands from it.

Also, shake them after some time to prevent the dust from accumulating in the plumes.

6. Watch out for the edges

Use precaution when holding the Pampas because it has sharp edges. These tips can ensure that the Pampas look their best all the time.

Why Is My Pampas Grass Not Becoming Fluffy?

It is true that Pampas grass only looks aesthetically appealing when it is fully fluffed.

Although, there could be some errors as to why your Pampas is not fluffing even if you are following the steps.

Too Much force

  • The first reason could be that you are using too much force while shaking; it is important to remain gentle while touching the Pampas grass because it is delicate.
  • The plumes will break off from the stem, leaving the stem with bald patches that look awful and ruin the grass.

Wind damages

  • Another common mistake is to fluff the Pampas in the windy outdoors or under a high-speed fan.
  • This will blow away the plumes that are loosened from the impact of shaking and even tangle them with one another.
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Have dead piles

  • You must always remove the dead pile of plumes away.
  • The stems sometimes may grow plumes that are dead, it is best to cut them off so they don’t ruin the appeal and there is space for other plumes to propagate.

Over fluffing

Lastly, the issue between over-fluffing and fluffing, while under-fluffing may not give off the desired shape, over-fluffing can definitely ruin the shape by making the plumes look drastically huge and messy.

You can successfully make your Pampas become fuller without any damage if you prevent these errors while following the method.

How To Decorate With Pampas Grass?

There are a plethora of ways to decorate any area with Pampas grass. It is ideal for weddings with rustic and bohemian concepts; place these as centerpieces or make a backdrop out of them.

You can also use them in your home to decorate the boring mantle on the fireplace or keep them on your dressing table.

These are amazing photography props for all events like weddings, social gatherings, or even corporate events which are trying to portray green initiatives.

Did You Know?

Apart from being a versatile plant for décor, did you know Pampas has tremendous potential to produce biomass?

With a strong yield, Pampas grass can easily be utilized for manufacturing biogases and biofuels.

Not only is the Pampas a raw material for bioethanols, but it has a deep root system that can effectively stop erosion. They are planted along the riverbanks to stop the erosion of soil.

Furthermore, the fibers of Pampas grass are quite robust and durable, so they are now also being utilized in fabricating paper products; this includes stationery, toilet paper, and packaging paper.

Wrapping It Up: Fluffing the Pampas Grass

Fluffing Pampas grass can enhance its beauty and prolong its life, so you don’t have to buy new ones after every six months.

Use the method mentioned above, along with the tips for maintenance, to fluff the Pampas grass and use it to decorate any place. So go ahead, fluff up your pampas grass, and enjoy its beauty!