Why Green Lemons Not Turning Yellow: 11 Organic Ripen Tips

Green Lemons are a member of the green fruit family. Its scientific name is “Citrus limon” and originated from South Asia and Northeastern India. It is a round-shaped fruit that is usually bitter.

Green Lemons Not Turning Yellow
Green Lemons Not Turning Yellow

Many people try to grow this fruit, but this task is easier said than done. If you are one of them, you may encounter numerous lemon tree problems while growing a lemon tree.

One of them may be Green Lemons not turning yellow. The following can be the reason lemons on a tree are not turning yellow. Along with that, we will cover below most asked queries.

  • how to ripen green lemons.
  • how to turn green lemon yellow
  • Are green lemons good for you
  • what to do with green lemons
  • why are my lemons green
  • why do lemons turn green
  • baby lemons turning yellow and falling off
  • Green lemons vs yellow lemons
  • Do lemons turn yellow on the tree?
  • how long can you leave lemons on the tree
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11 Reasons Why Lemons May Not Ripen And Turn Yellow

First, we need to understand that lemons or other green citrus fruits don’t ripen the way other fruits do. They just become sweeter and may or may not change their color.

  1. Lemons need a significant amount of sunlight and a well-protected area with adequate moisture for optimum growth. Lack of sunlight is the most common reason citrus lemon fruits don’t get ripe and stay green.
  2. Air circulation also plays an essential role in the growth process. So if you are providing artificial sunlight, then choose a well-ventilated place for this purpose.
  3. The period for which you allow the fruit to grow is vital. So, how long does it take to grow a lemon, or when do lemons ripe? Typically, it takes nine months for lemons to rip. Also, people usually leave them on the tree for an additional 1 or 2 weeks to let fruits that are green mature properly.
  4. Weather also plays an important role in the process as lemon tree green lemons require an adequate humid environment.
  5. Growing the lemon tree too close to each other can also hamper fruit growth. As shade from one tree can cover the other. Also, they might compete in taking up nutrients from the soil, which will obstruct their growth.
  6. Variable amounts of irrigation can also cause problems. Under ideal conditions, they need around 37 gallons of water daily.
  7. Not using the proper type of soil can also be the reason you are getting unripe lemons. Well-drained light soil is considered ideal for growing lemon or any other kind of tree ripe citrus fruit.
  8. Not using proper fertilizers and pesticides can also prevent the lemon fruit from turning yellow.
  9. A disease may also be a factor in why your lemon is not turning yellow. However, in the case of a disease, you will notice some more obvious signs.
  10. The tree’s age also matters because your tree would not produce ripened lemons before 4 or 5 years.

So, if your lemons not turning yellow, you might be making one or more of the mistakes mentioned above.

Another question that arises is, what time of year do lemons ripen? and how long for lemons to ripen? The answer is- there is no particular season for lemons to ripen. They can grow at any time of the year; they just need enough time and care.

Also, read the below articles.

Are Green Lemons Good For You?

First of all, let’s talk about; are lemons green? The answer is yes, lemons are green before they turn yellow. In some cases, they may remain green.

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So if you are picking lemons from a supermarket and it is green. Then, chances are flesh has ripened, and only skin appears to be green. Interestingly enough, green lemons are delicious as well.

So can you eat green lemons? Yes, you can, but only if their flesh has ripened. If they are unripe. We suggest you do not consume them because they are even more acidic than the ripe ones. Therefore, if consumed in large quantities, they can be dangerous.

So are green lemons okay? The answer is, it doesn’t matter what color lemons they have. What matters is whether they are ripe or not.

You might be thinking about what to do if you accidentally have picked an unripe lemon, will the lemon ripen if picked green?

The answer is they might not be ripe completely. But if kept at room temperature for about a week, they may become edible.

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What Are The Green Lemons Benefits?

What is a green lemon? Lemon entered the European continent when the Romans started expanding their empire to the Indian subcontinent.

They began using lemons widely. Also, they carried lemons with them back to Europe. Now a day’s lemons are used throughout the world for various purposes.

As mentioned above, the color of the lemon doesn’t matter. What matters is whether it is ripened or not. In case it is ripe, its beneficial values don’t differ much from a yellow lemon.

Some of the green lemon tree benefits are:-

1. Helps To Reduce Stroke Risk

According to a study conducted among 60,000 women in 2012, the citrus flavonoids of a lemon may reduce the risk of ischemic stroke among women. It showed that the women who included citrus fruits such as lemons in their daily diet had a 19% lower risk of ischemic stroke.

A recent study conducted in 2019 further backed up the fact that citrus fruits protect against strokes and cardiovascular Meyers lemon disease.

2. Blood Pressure

Consuming lemons or any other citrus fruits regularly, along with mild exercises, can significantly reduce blood pressure.

An experiment conducted in Japan, 2014 showed that women who used to consume lemon daily and walked regularly had lower blood pressure levels than the rest of the population involved in the experiment.

3. Cancer Prevention

Lemon juice and green lemons work as excellent antioxidants as they contain Vitamin C.

Antioxidants protect cells from getting damaged by free radicals, which in turn leads to cancer. But the exact science behind how antioxidants prevent this disease is still a mystery.

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4. Helps Maintain A Healthy Complexion

Collagen is the support system of the skin, and it is formed with the help of vitamin C.

Various factors result in skin damage such as pollution, sun exposure, age, and other factors. Therefore, it is suggested that eating fruits rich in vitamin C or applying it directly to your skin can provide rejuvenation and protection.

5. Prevents Asthma

Asthma attacks can be prevented by taking higher amounts of vitamin C along with other nutrients.

Several studies indicate that vitamin C is also beneficial to people suffering from bronchial hypersensitivity.

6. Increase In Iron Absorption

Foods rich in vitamin C and iron-rich foods improve the iron absorption capacity of a body.

A person suffering from Iron deficiency can suffer from anemia. But it is highly advisable to accurately monitor your vitamin C intake along with iron supplements.

Because consuming it in higher amounts can cause various gastrointestinal problems. For this very reason, it is always advised to obtain iron from dietary sources instead of supplements.

Such as Raisins, beef liver, dried beans, lentils, and spinach.

7. It Boosts The Immunity

Due to its high anti-oxidation properties, vitamin C proves beneficial in boosting the body’s immunity. It also protects against the flu and the common cold. Taking lemon with some honey during cough or cold helps in elevating symptoms.

8. Help In Losing Weight

The antioxidant properties of lemon also help break down fat molecules. In research conducted in 2008 on rodents, the ones who consumed lemon peels. And a high-fat diet didn’t gain that much weight compared to those who didn’t consume lemon peels.

Several studies have been conducted with people having a high BMI (Body mass index). When they followed a keto diet along with lemon, they lose weight most rapidly as compared to those who omitted lemon in their food.

How To Ripen Green Lemons? Awesome tips

Do lemons ripen off the tree? Yes, and it is essential. In fact, lemons will never be completely ripe if you took them off the tree.

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So, to properly ripe them, the first important thing is sunlight. It is usually the main reason why the fruit is left unripe.

  1. Consequently, choose a place with the appropriate amount of sunlight and avoid placing trees too close as they may interfere with each other’s growth. The next thing required is proper humid temperature.
  2. If other conditions remain ideal, a lemon tree requires approximately 30 gallons of water daily. Hence a consistent and adequate amount of stay green irrigation is needed.
  3. Lemons usually take 9 to 10 months to ripe; therefore, it’s better to give them enough time.
  4. In case you have already plucked them from the tree, you can do the following to make it a little bit better. But again, it would not be completely ripe once taken off from a tree.
  5. Put lemons on the kitchen counter or at a place where they can’t get direct sunlight. After a few days, the lemons will start turning yellow.
  6. Its taste might not change much, but it will look good so can use it to decorate a dish or for garnishing purposes.

A lemon ripens inside out so it may appear green but it’s still ripened so it’s always advised to cut it open and taste it first.

What To Do With Green Lemons?

Now in case, your lemon turns out to be unripe, then there are still various uses for it. Lemon green can be used to clean off the rust from a surface or be used as an air freshener.

Also, for all my beauties, it can be used as a beauty fix like Tones, Can used in face masks, can be used as an alternative to Deodrant.

Green Lemons Vs Yellow Lemons

Green lemons are usually referred to as lime, but scientifically speaking, they are different. Green lemons are just regular unripe lemons.

Yellow Green Lemons min
Green Lemons Vs Yellow Lemons

While limes belong to the same citrus fruits family, they are not the same as lemons. Both of them have almost identical properties and tastes. So there isn’t much comparison if you consider green lemon vs lime.

#1 Yellow Lemons

Yellow lemons are generally preferred for consumption purposes as they have the right amount of nutrients and citric acid.

Though they are used for many purposes, one of the primary uses is lemonade-making, which has several health benefits.

#2 Green Lemons

On the other hand, green lemons are not advised for consumption because of higher citrus acid levels. But they can be used for other purposes such as cleaning and making air fresheners.

How To Know If Lemons Are Ripen Perfectly

What Color Are Lemons? It is usually yellow when they are fully ripe. But green lemon fruit also exists. They are used for both culinary and non-culinary, along with some cleaning purposes all over the world.

They are primarily used in juices or to make lemonade. Lemon contains around 6% citric acid with 2.2 pH making it slightly acidic and giving it a sour taste.

  • Unripe lemons are initially green, and then later, they turn yellow. But in some instances, they may never turn yellow. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have not ripened yet.
  • Why are lemons yellow? There is no specific answer to this question; it can be because of the climatic conditions of that place or any other reason.
  • You may have many doubts regarding the proper color and usage of lemons, such as how to ripen a lemon. When do lemons turn yellow?

In this article, we have tried to resolve all of them. So, check it out and learn why your green lemons are not turning yellow.

How To Make Lemonades With Green Lemons?

The proper origins of the lemons are not known. But it is believed that they were first found in the northeastern region of India.

In Assam and southeast Asia -China, or Burma. A scientific study about lemon suggested that it is a fusion of citron and sour orange.

It is effortless to make lemonades with a green lemon.

Ingredients For Lemonades

  • Sugar
  • Ice cubes
  • 2 pieces of green lemon or limes
  • Approximately 8 cups of water


  • Slice the lemons and place them in a blender along with 4 cups of water. Blend till the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, and the mixture is white.
  • Strain the lemonades and add another 4 cups of water.
  • Put ice cubes in it. Your refreshing lemonade is ready to serve.
  • Find another juicy lemons recipe Lemon Yogurt Cookies here.

why is my lemon green inside

There could be many reasons for not turning lemon yellow from the inside and staying green.

One reason is not getting enough sunlight and the sun plays a very important role while ripping any fruit.

Another reason may be due to worse weather conditions with less or more water, soil, humidity, and poor nutrition.

are unripe lemons poisonous?

It is a common misconception that unripe lemons are poisonous.

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But yes again while there is no definitive answer to this question, it is always best to be cautious when consuming any fruit or vegetables that have not been processed properly

Some people believe that unripe lemons are poisonous, as they have been known to contain high levels of tartaric acid.

In reality, they are very beneficial for your health and can be used as an effective remedy for many diseases.

Below are the FAQs on Lemons Not Turning Yellow

Q1: Baby Lemons On Tree Turning Yellow And Falling Off

This is typical and is known as post-sprout organic product drop.
It is a self-diminishing component that changes the number of natural products to the tree’s bearing potential.

Quite a youthful tree won’t uphold many leafy foods natural product redirects energy from tree development.

Q2: Why Do Lemons Turn Green

All citrus natural products are green while they are as yet developing on the tree.
Lemons lose their green tone as they mature on the grounds that the chlorophyll shade is supplanted with a substance called anthocyanin.

Q3: How Long Can You Leave Lemons On The Tree

The Lemons will remain on the tree until pre-spring.
So it’s a perfect time to start harvesting the fruits.

Q4: Can you eat unripe green lemons?

Yes, you can eat green lemons. It is possible that one is alright to eat yet green lemons may not be as succulent as yellow ones.

Now you can think about what to do with unripe lemons.

Well, there are many recipes in which you can use unripe lemons like pickles, Jelly, and Drinks.

Q5: What month do my lemons turn yellow?

Lemons mature anyplace somewhere in the range of four and a year after blooming.

Q6: How often should lemon trees be watered?

The lemon tree comes under the tree-ripe citrus fruit category. It should be watered each 7 to 28 days relying on season and soil type.

Q7: What is the best fertilizer for lemon trees?

There are many organic fertilizers like nitrogen, calcium.

As lemon trees should be high in nitrogen and calcium and ought not to have any number in the recipe higher than (8-8-8).

There are many ways also to sterilize soil for proper growth.

Q8: Why are my lemons bitter?

In the event that a lemon tree isn’t getting sufficient food, nutrients, and minerals then the natural product will presumably not taste excellent.

It’s a given if a lemon tree is water-focused while attempting to create organic products the end result will probably be unpleasant or dry and bland.

Q9: How do you revive a dying lemon tree?

Sometimes it’s difficult to revive a dead tree. But if there’s any green part is left, at that point, it may revive.

Q10: When to pick lemons?

Lemons are ready to be picked, once they turn yellow and fully yellowish-green fruit in color, and when they grow 2-3 inches big in size.

Q11: how long does it take for a lemon to grow?

Once a lemon tree is planted, it could take up to 8 months to 12 months to fully grow and produce fruits.

Q12: Why Meyer lemon tree leaves are yellow?

Meyer Lemon tree can have yellowish leaves that indicate infections or lack of nutrition. Check if it’s underwatered or overwatered, along with bugs infections.

Q13: When to harvest Meyer lemons?

The perfect time to harvest Meyer Lemons is when lemons are fully grown and turned in yellow color. This stage is the pick time when you can start to harvest.

Q14: are lemons green before they turn yellow?

So the answer is yes, this is the basic stage of growing lemons, once they start to ripen they change their color to yellow.

Q15: Do Lemons Turn Yellow On The Tree?

Yes, often this is the case until to don’t forcefully pick them. The best time to pick them till they reach this stage fully.

Q16: are limes unripe lemons?

No, limes are not sour lemons. There are different kinds of oranges in this family.

Even though they are both sour and have similar traits, they have different tastes, looks, and ways of growing.


In all the above sections, we have cleared the queries why are green Lemons not turning yellow? Do lemons start out green? And Are there green lemons? The answer to both questions is yes, they do.

But their color is not a measure of whether they are ripe or not. Always consider cutting them open and tasting them to know for sure.

Green Lemons are widely used all across the globe. They make a perfect complement for most of the dishes and not to forget their fantastic health benefits. Many regions like Australia have difficulties and they often comment me lemons not turning yellow Australia?

Grow your lemons yourself to feel their freshness at their best, if you find (a lemon tree near me). Simply keep in mind the tips we’ve told you throughout the article for the best experience.