What is Aeroponics Farming: 8 Benefits + Set Up Cost Details

Do you know What is Aeroponics Farming? If you don’t then read this article to learn about this modern farming technique, its benefits, and setup costs.

The planet we live on is on the brink of crossing the eight billion population mark. And due to global warming, our traditional farming methods are in a deteriorating environment.

Each year our harvest is shrinking while the mouths to feed are rising at an alarming rate.

If we want our species to survive, see another century, and ensure famine doesn’t become standard in every part of the world, we need to find new avenues to farm, and we believe Aeroponics farming is one of them just like hydroponic farming, bubbleponic farming, and aquaponic farming.

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What is Aeroponics Farming? Explained

Aeroponics is a modern farming technique that grows crops suspended in the air. Yes, you are reading it right – farming in the air is now possible thanks to this revolutionary new technique.

The Aeroponics technique is nothing short of a miracle. This farming procedure uses barely one percent of traditional farming resources and, when practiced commercially, can match the yield conventional farming produces.

It can be practiced in a confined space and expedite the crop’s growth cycle by at least 50%.

Why Should We Look Towards Alternative Farming?

We should look towards alternative farming techniques like Aeroponics because traditional farming is exhausting. Compared to a few decades ago, we are producing fewer and poorer crops.

Plus, that is not the only problem plaguing traditional farming as it utilizes a lot of space and other resources like electricity, fertilizers, etc., to yield the results they do.

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With time passing and inflation rising, allotting these resources for dwindling results is no longer a viable option for many farmers. Hence, we believe we should look towards alternative farming.

What all plants and vegetables can be grown Aeroponically?

Apart from the above, these are the Top 10 Aeroponics Plants List You Should Plant Immediately!

What Are The Benefits of Modern Farming?

Alternative/modern farming has a lot of benefits attached to them, and our personal favorites are the following:

Yields Significantly Improved Result
Utilizes 1% of Resources Compared To Traditional Farming
Can Produce More Cycles of Harvest
Crop Quality is Better & More Nutritious
Modern Techniques Are A Lot Cheaper

How is Aeroponics Technique The Most Social Responsible Way To Farm?

The Aeroponics technique of farming is one of the modern farming techniques.

But it is not the only modern farming technique. However, we do consider it to be the most socially responsible one.

We consider it because it uses the least amount of space to farm, the least amount of food, water, pesticides, and any other expenses.

In short, it uses less and produces an almost similar amount. Hence, this ability has made them the most socially responsible farming technique.

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8 Top Benefits of Aeroponics Farming

You are now aware of what the Aeroponics method of farming is. Thus, we would like to identify the numerous benefits you can avail yourself of once you start practicing this technique.

1. Offers You a Higher Quantity of Harvest Compared To Traditional Methods

  • The most significant benefit Aeroponics can serve you is that this method can yield a higher harvest.
  • Aeroponics can achieve this primarily because it exposes the roots to oxygen 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • This structure encourages healthier, faster-growing crops than conventional mediums.

2. You Can Grow It In Various Forms – From DIY To Commercial Sector

The second reason why you should farm in an Aeroponics manner has to deal with the variety they serve. Unlike traditional farming, which is practiced singularly, Aeroponics offers you three techniques.

To grow your crop, you can use a limited pressure, elevated pressure, or supersonic mist sprinkler method.

You use the limited pressure technique by using the droplets in which drops of water instead of liters can grow your crop. You only provide your crops with what it requires in this technique.

Elevated pressure also uses droplets, but the supply frequency is much higher, and only specific crops with bigger appetites are grown using this technique.

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The final one sprinkles just a mist of water to grow crops.

3. Maintenance & Replacement of Crop Plantation is Easier

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional farming is that you have to rest your land after you have harvested a crop. You cannot immediately plant another crop because the soil starts losing its fertility.

However, this isn’t the case with Aeroponics. In fact, one of their most significant benefits is that you barely have to spend any time maintaining them, and you can plant another crop as soon as the last one is done.

It increases your production capacity and offers endless cycles because every step of Aeroponics growth is calculated, which you can never do with traditional farming.

4. Utilizing Minimal Space, It Can Produce Commendable Results

Another remarkable benefit of Aeroponics farming is the limited space it requires.

  • Aeroponics requires very little room to achieve a high output. Its design enables plants to be stacked on top of one another.
  • This allows producers to leverage the maximum potential of their constrained growing environment.
  • Plus, because of this benefit, we can establish farms practically anywhere globally, even in the harshest geographical regions.

5. You Can Produce Impressive Crop Harvest With Limited Resources

One of the most impressive advantages of Aeroponics is that you can produce a respectable amount of harvest using extremely limited resources.

In traditional farming, you need to provide acres of land. You have to constantly water your crops to ensure they don’t dry out due to the extreme heat the sun always beams on them.

Plus, the pesticides, fertilizers, and other expensive nutrients you have to provide in abundance are another matter.

None of this concerns Aeroponics as you provide only what is needed, which is very little. Because in this technique, nothing goes to waste; the crop uses everything you provide.

6. Aeroponics Can End World Hunger

In less than fifty years, the world population has doubled and is steadily growing. So, with the number of mouths, we need to feed every year, this job is becoming more difficult for traditional farming.

This is happening because our capacity to harvest through natural farming is falling while the global population keeps increasing. So, if we want to ensure our upcoming generation survives, this is the way forward.

Aeroponics can almost provide similar results; therefore, if we practice it on the commercial scale, this is the answer that can solve world hunger, which has already become a prevalent problem in many parts of the world.

7. Aeroponics System Ensure Extended Crop Life

One benefit that makes Aeroponics irresistible, according to us, is the extended fertile life it provides to the crops. Crops farmed through Aeroponics grow quicker and can repeat more cycles.

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These features are essential for world survival, and Aeroponics has them leaps and bounds ahead of traditional farming. Hence, we believe they are the answer to solving all of our agricultural problems.

8. This Method of Farming is Budget & Environment Friendly

The final benefit Aeroponics technique of farming provides, due to which we highly rate and suggest them to everyone, is that they are budget and environmentally friendly options.

The usage of resources is 1% in Aeroponics compared to traditional.

So, when fewer resources are used, less money will be spent. Plus, these methods emit zero carbon footprint, which cannot be said about traditional farming.

Equipment Used in Aeroponics Farming

The following are the essential equipment needed to establish a credible and working Aeroponics system.

Container To Let Root Grow & To Hold Nutrient Solution
Credible Water Pump
PVC Setup of Pipes For Water Distribution
Sprinkler Setup
Timer To Automate The Process

Expected Set Up Cost For Aeroponics System

Aeroponics Growing System

According to our estimate, the expected setup cost for the Aeroponics System will be the following:

Set Up ItemsCost in USD
Aeroponics Module Watering System$1,000
Seed Boxes$1,800
E.C. & PH Meter$350
Water Sprinkler System$150
Water Drainage System$400

Reasons You Should Move Toward Aeroponics Farming System

We must choose modern farming techniques over traditional farming for the following reasons:

It is The Sustainable Future

Growth levels in traditional farming are falling, and they will only continue to dwindle every passing year. So if we want a prosperous future, we must move towards modern farming techniques to ensure our survival.

Modern Farming Is Future Proof Farming

Global warming has already started showing signs of the wreck it will cause to traditional farming. Hence, we believe modern farming techniques are the way forward because they are future-proof.

In their production, you can control and monitor every aspect so that you can adapt and keep it going regardless of what problem will arrive in the future.

This Method Ensures 100% Nutrients

Our final reason why we believe we all should migrate toward this system is simple. This system guarantees us 100% nutrients which traditional cannot.

From planting to harvesting, a lot can go wrong in traditional farming. As a consequence, we lose essential nutrition in our crops. But in these methods, we don’t because everything is controlled here.

Crops You Can Grow Using Aeroponics Method

The following are the crops you can grow using the Aeroponics farming method.

PotatoesEgg Plant

Final Word

Aeroponics farming is one of the modern farming techniques that can help us survive and eliminate world hunger. Hence, we have shared our thought about them. What is your opinion about them? Remember to inform us in the discussion chat below.