[8 Steps]: How To Grow Tomatoes Using Aeroponics At Home

How To Grow Tomatoes Using Aeroponics? Aeroponics can yield growth that is twice the size you get from traditional farming. But can you grow tomatoes using Aeroponics? Read this to find out.

Are tomatoes a fruit or a vegetable? Now, this is a debate that can divide the world’s opinion drastically, but we can all agree that they are delicious and nutritious.

Tomatoes are consumed worldwide in a variety of forms. Some eat it as a vegetable in their salad, while some like to consume them raw like a fruit. Hence, the demand for tomatoes worldwide is massive.

But are we meeting this demand currently? And more importantly, what is our plan to combat the rising population’s demand for tomatoes?

We believe our best shot at ensuring tomatoes survive to see another century is by farming them through Aeroponics. Hence, today we will discuss how you can grow tomatoes using Aeroponics.

Can You Grow Tomatoes Using Aeroponics?

Aeroponics has been the best alternative to traditional farming for the past decade. This is because using this method, you can farm almost any crop sustainably.

Tomatoes are no different as initially; there was a suspicion about whether this form of farming is viable for tomatoes or not.

However, over the years, modern farmers have proven that you cannot only farm tomatoes using this technique, but also ensure a bigger and better final result.

How To Grow Tomatoes Using Aeroponics
How To Grow Tomatoes Using Aeroponics

Why Do We Need To Turn Towards Aeroponics To Meet Our Tomato Demands?

The world consumes nearly 40 million metric tons of tomatoes annually, which is a lot! Tomatoes are one of the most consumed products in the world, and we believe their versatility is the reason for it.

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You can use tomatoes in every way imaginable, from food to medicine. It can do it all. And we need to turn toward Aeroponics to meet our tomatoes demand because their demand every year is rising.

We really cannot grow tomatoes fast enough through the traditional method to meet its ever-growing demand.

Hence, to ensure we have enough tomatoes for everyone, we need to get creative; Aeroponics is the most viable, sustainable, and sensible solution to this conundrum.

How Many Types of Tomatoes Can Aeroponics Grow?

We have established time and time again that the Aeroponics technique is viable enough to grow tomatoes, yet its naysayers question whether it can match the quality of traditionally grown tomatoes along with its variety.

Thankfully, we can tell that not only can Aeroponics match the quality they can improve upon it. Plus, Aeroponics is the only method through which you can farm tomatoes and Campari tomatoes and cherry tomatoes all 12 months of the year.

This is something we cannot say about traditionally farmed tomatoes. The Aeroponics system is advanced enough to allow you to grow up to 30 varieties throughout the year.

When Can We  Grow Tomatoes With Aeroponics?

Late spring till early summer is usually the time when tomatoes are generally grown traditionally because that is the ideal time and temperature when it thrives.

Tomatoes cannot grow when temperatures are too cold or below 20 °C. , when it is too high or above 50 °C, it struggles as well.

Thus, one of the best benefits Aeroponics provides is the utmost controlled environment. Using that, you can grow tomatoes throughout the year in all of its variety.

How To Grow Tomatoes Using Aeroponics

Now that you know all the nitty gritties, we would like to focus on how you can grow tomatoes using Aeroponics.

And we believe the following are the steps you need to follow if you want to grow flawless tomatoes in the Aeroponics system.

1. Germinate Your Tomatoes In A Tomato Plant

Tomatoes are peculiar crops. You cannot plant them as you do with other mass-consumed crops. Their germination period is longer and trickier, and you need a lot of luck to ensure you get it right.

Hence, before we plant them in the Aeroponics controlled environment, we germinate them in their plants, and once sprouts start to appear, we can move on to the next step.

2. Setup Your Aeroponics Tower Garden System

Tomatoes are best grown in the Aeroponics tower garden system, which compromises of UV-stabilized, BPA-free, food-grade plastic.

So once your tomatoes are near the completion of their germination period, you should set up your Aeroponics system for the transferring stage.

3. Eliminate The Weak Sprouts To Let Strong Branches Thrive

This is one of the most crucial stages in germinating tomatoes, as before they are ready for transfer, they start sprouting branches. Some of these branches are healthy and strong, while some are fragile.

During this period, you need to ensure that you clip all of the weak branches, so the germination nutrients only serve the strong branches, and they can flourish even more.

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The primary reason we clip the weak branches off is heredity.  Once they sprout weak, they are expected to have a weak lifecycle. Therefore, we prefer to transfer those resources to the strong branches rather than having that.

4. Transfer Your Germinated Tomatoes Setup To Aeroponics Tower Garden System

Now is the transfer stage; by this stage, your tomatoes are germinated, and your strong branches have sprouted and are thriving. So now you transfer them to your Aeroponics setup.

Your tomatoes will be provided vital ingredients through a specialized sprinkler in this setup. They will get exactly what they need and grow in a controlled environment to grow faster.

5. Harvest Your Cycle in 30 Days

The final step in growing tomatoes with Aeroponics is harvesting. Transferring your tomatoes will only take approximately 30 days.

Plus, because they have grown in specialized Aeroponics system, they will be bigger and more nutritious, and their harvesting process will be quicker as you wouldn’t have to work as hard as you do in traditional methods.

Benefits of Growing Tomatoes Using Aeroponics

We are now aware of how tomatoes are grown with Aeroponics.

So what we would like to highlight now are the benefits of growing them this way, and according to us, the following are the best ones.

1. Tomatoes Grow Faster

The paramount benefit you gain when you grow tomatoes with Aeroponics is that they develop a lot faster than they do traditionally.

A traditional tomato harvest, from seed planting to final harvest, can take 60 to 100 days. However, this cycle is reduced to 40 to 45 days in the Aeroponics system.

2. Tomatoes Grown in Aeroponics System Are Fruitier

One of the biggest reasons for the debate if tomatoes are fruits or vegetables is their sweetness. Correctly grown tomatoes are sweet; hence, many claims they are a fruit.

Whereas some grown differently aren’t, a significant benefit of the Aeroponics system is that it provides sweeter tomatoes and is fruitier and much more delectable than many other tomatoes.

3. The Aroma of Aeroponics Grown Tomatoes is Superior

The aroma holds a great value in the quality of a tomato. Aromatic tomatoes are considered superior as they taste better and provide a better deal on the market.

Hence a significant benefit Aeroponics tomatoes serve you is that they are aromatic, making them more prudent.

4. The Final Yield of Tomatoes Through Aeroponics is 50% More

To combat the ever-growing demand for tomatoes, we need bigger yields of them, and this is where Aeroponics is miles ahead of traditional farming as they can provide you 50% more product than them.

5. You Do Not Have To Use Pesticides To Grow Tomatoes

Tomatoes grown in Aeroponics are controlled at all levels of their development. Hence they do not get attacked by insects like traditionally grown tomatoes do.

This is why they don’t have to use pesticides which is a massive plus for you. It saves you money, provides you with better flavor, and your time isn’t wasted trying to re-grow them after an attack.

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6. Your Tomatoes Are Chemical & Bacteria Free

An adjoining benefit to no pesticide use is that your tomatoes grown through Aeroponics are chemical and bacteria-free. Because of them, they are more nutritious to eat and overall more healthy for you.

7. They Require 90% Less Water

Tomatoes need a lot of water to flourish if they are grown traditionally as their body mainly contains water. However, you can save up to 90% of this valuable resource if you grow them with Aeroponics.

This is possible because Aeroponics uses a sprinkler system and sprinkler uses a fraction of the water compared to traditional methods.

All the nutrients required are mixed in this sprinkler. Therefore, food, water, and other nutrients aren’t wasted, and all of them perform better than they do in the traditional manner.

8. Labor Cost Goes Down Significantly

The final benefit to us is that you should grow tomatoes with Aeroponics because it significantly reduces your labor cost. In traditional farming, you need an army to make your operation work.

From sorting the soil, planting seeds and pesticides, and looking after harvest, you need many hands on deck to ensure everything goes smoothly.

In contrast, things could not be any different in Aeroponics, as all your tomatoes grow in a controlled greenhouse, and you can do everything with only a couple of people.

Another Reasons To Grow Tomatoes With Aeroponics

We believe the following are the reasons why you should grow tomatoes with Aeroponics.

You Can Grow Tomatoes Throughout The Year
Multiple Variety of Tomatoes Can Be Grown
Aeroponics Tomatoes Are Healthier & More Nutritious

Growing Tomatoes Using Aeroponics FAQs

Q: How Long Do The Tomatoes Harvest Cycle Last In An Aeroponics System?

Tomatoes harvest cycle takes 40 to 45 days in an Aeroponics system.

Q: What Kind Of Tomatoes Can I Grow Using An Aeroponics Environment?

Using the Aeroponics environment, you can grow up to 30 different kinds of tomatoes.

Q: How Are Tomatoes Grown In Aeroponics Sweeter?

Tomatoes grown in Aeroponics are sweeter because they are chemical, bacteria, and pesticide-free.

Hence they can develop their flavor completely without being compromised.

Q: Why Can An Aeroponics System Provide A Better Yield Than Traditional Farming?

Aeroponics system can provide a better yield than traditional farming because every step of the process is controlled in Aeroponics, whereas, in conventional, it isn’t.

Q: When Can You Grow Tomatoes Using Aeroponics?

You can grow tomatoes throughout the year using Aeroponics.

Final Word

Tomatoes are beloved all over the world. However, their harvest is also affected by the rapidly changing environment like other crops.

Therefore, we have identified the method and ways of how you can grow tomatoes using Aeroponics and ensure that we never have to suffer a shortage of them.