9 Benefits Of Aeroponics Potato Farming: Future Of Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the most consumed products, just like tomatoes. So is Aeroponics potato farming the future of potatoes? Read this to learn about this system and its future.

People love potatoes, whether they are traditionally farmed or farmed through Aeroponics potato farming or any other method. They love it so much that the world currently eats hundreds of millions of metric tons of potatoes.


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Yes, you read that right, as there are seven billion people worldwide, and everyone loves it. You can grasp people’s love for potatoes by realizing that humans have found a way to eat them in every way possible.

You can fry, mash, roast, boil, and bake a potato. Basically, eat it in every single form. So when such a strong love for the humble vegetable exists, the natural question is, “Is there enough potato for everyone in the world?“.

Importance of Potatoes

The answer to this query is tricky because the answer is yes so far, but in the long term, it is no! We believe this to be the answer because traditional farming is dying from where we used to farm potatoes.

There are many reasons why it is dying, but our changing environment is the primary reason. So if we want to ensure we keep meeting our potatoes demand, we need to turn our focus elsewhere.

The Aeroponics technique is one solution that can solve this problem.

However, before we move on to how this can solve this problem, we want to highlight the gravity of our dependence on potatoes.

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Potato Consumption Worldwide

We consume multiple million metric tons of potatoes worldwide. One research even pointed out that we eat nearly 65 pounds of potatoes per capita worldwide.

China alone eats one-quarter of the world’s potato harvest. They are followed by the continent of Europe which also loves potatoes so much that their consumption is almost double that of other continents.

Why Do People Eat So Many Potatoes?

Now that you have an idea of what global potato consumption is like, the next topic we want to highlight is why people eat potatoes so much.

And even though we can credit multiple reasons for this, the most significant reasons for this phenomenon are simple. Potatoes, regardless of the country or place, is a cheap & nutritious meal to eat.

Are We Running Out of Potatoes?

Moving swiftly to our next topic, “Are we running out of potatoes?” the answer is yes! Our potato harvesting ability is falling rapidly yearly, and the demand is rapidly rising.

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    Not even a decade ago, we used to grow potatoes in such a surplus that disposing of them used to be a major problem. However, now this situation has drastically changed to the sharp increase in world population.

    So we know the problem, but is there a solution to this impending disaster? The answer is yes, Aeroponics farming is the solution to this problem.

    Aeroponics Farming For Potatoes

    Aeroponics farming is a modern technique in which you can farm whatever you wish in a controlled environment suspended in the air.

    In this farming, your farm soilless, and your crops get their nutrients through a specialized nutrients sprinkler that provides your crop exactly what they need.

    Is Aeroponics Potato Farming Viable?

    Although Aeroponics farming has been largely successful in replicating whatever crop you want to grow yet, initially, there was a doubt that will they be able to grow root vegetables like potatoes?

    Thankfully the answer to this has been yes! As Aeroponics have proven time and time again that they can farm potatoes and can farm them competently with higher growth and better overall product.

    Why Should We Turn Toward Aeroponics To Farm World’s Potatoes?

    We believe we should turn towards Aeroponics to farm the world’s potatoes demand, because it is one of the leading techniques that can provide you the yield you desire using barely any resources.

    How To Setup Potato Farming in Aeroponics Technique?

    Using the following simple steps, you can set up an Aeroponics potato farming setup.

    Assemble Tower Setup Equipment
    Arrange A Greenhouse With Controlled Lighting & Temperature
    Install Automated Sprinklers
    Calculate & Supply Exact Nutrients Crops Need To Prosper
    Deploy & Monitor Your Setup

    Benefits of Farming Potatoes Through Aeroponics

    According to us, the following are the benefits of farming potatoes through an Aeroponics system.

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    1. You Get The Most Economical Deal

    Although an Aeroponics setup can be expensive in its initial setup, once you have done that, the value for money you get through this farming setup is the most economical deal.

    2. Accelerated Growth

    Potatoes farmed in an Aeroponics environment are grown in a controlled environment. This allows you to provide them with what they need when they need hence their growth is accelerated.

    Potatoes, when farmed the traditional way, takes about ninety days to produce a result. In contrast, Aeroponics can bring this cycle down to mere forty days, which is less than half.

    3. Frequent Harvest Cycles

    An adjoining benefit to accelerating growth that potatoes enjoy is if you grow them in an Aeroponics environment, you can have multiple harvest cycles compared to traditional farming.

    For example, if traditionally grown potatoes take ninety days to harvest and their growth cycle in a year can only be twice, then through Aeroponics, you can double this cycle.

    4. Bigger Profit Margins

    Another connected benefit why we believe the world should move toward farming potatoes through Aeroponics is their quicker growth and more cycles.

    Farmers can reap more benefits from them. As per the rule of economics, the more you sell, the more you earn.

    5. Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly

    Traditionally grown potatoes can suffer a lot of problems. From growing dehydrated to getting infected by insects, the whole crop can suffer.

    However, a benefit they enjoy when grown in a controlled Aeroponics environment is that they are free from all those issues. They are sustainably grown and environmentally friendly.

    6. Usage of Water Goes Down By 90%

    Water is essential to life; however, we are swiftly running out of drinkable/farmable water with an ever-growing population.  The benefit Aeroponics provides us is it cuts our water usage by ninety percent.

    We can grow ten cycles of potato harvest using the Aeroponics technique for the amount of water a single traditional potato harvest cycle takes.

    7. Resources Can Be Recycled For Multiple Cycles

    One of the best benefits of growing potatoes through this technique is that you can recycle the same resource for multiple cycles.

    This means you only have to invest in nutrients, water, and other products once, and then you can re-use them until you run out of these resources.

    8. Use of Pesticides is Eliminated

    Pesticides are necessary to grow potatoes traditionally because they protect crops from multiple attacks. However, because they are chemicals, they have their drawbacks.

    A huge benefit you gain from the Aeroponics technique of potato farming is when you grow through this method, you do not need pesticides because of the controlled environment. Hence, their use is altogether eliminated.

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    9. Process of Harvest is Easier & Convenient

    Harvesting potatoes is one of the most difficult jobs because potatoes are root vegetables and can grow deep into the ground. To harvest them, you must dig up the ground and pull roots which can take a lot out of you and your workforce.

    This is why when you choose Aeroponics; you are in a winning position because this technique doesn’t require a lot of work. Due to their unique setup, you can pluck potatoes like apples making your workers’ lives a lot easier and more convenient.

    Reasons To Farm Potatoes Through Aeroponics

    The following are fundamental reasons we should farm potatoes through Aeroponics.

    Your Yield Potential is Ten Times Higher
    You Use One Percent of The Land And Resources Compared To Traditional
    Traditional Farming is Dying
    It Can Accommodate the World’s Rapidly Growing Demand
    Aeroponics is The Sustainable Future

    Aeroponics Potato Farming FAQs

    The following are the most FAQs of Aeroponics Potato Farming.

    Q: How Long Does The Cycle Of Harvest Last For Potatoes In The Aeroponics Setup?

    Aeroponics setup harvest cycle of potatoes lasts between forty to forty-five days, less than half the time required for traditionally farmed potatoes.

    Q: Why Are Potatoes Grown In An Aeroponics Environment Better?

    Potatoes grown in an Aeroponics environment are better because they grow in a controlled environment, and every single growth process is monitored to ensure they are perfect.

    Q: How Is Aeroponics Able To Provide More Nutrient-Dense Potatoes?

    Aeroponics can provide more nutrient-dense potatoes because through this technique you can control what the potato will and will not have, which is not possible in traditional farming.

    Q: Can We Grow Enough Potatoes For Seven Billion People Through Aeroponics?

    If practiced on an industrial scale, you can 100% grow potatoes, which are more than enough for not only the seven billion people we currently have but also for the upcoming generation and this rapidly populating world.

    Q: Is Potato Farming In Aeroponics Setup Future-Proof?

    Potato farming in an Aeroponics setup is future-proof because no external factor can dictate it as it does in traditional farming.

    You have control over all the factors, and when you can control everything, you can make it work regardless of future consequences.

    Final Word

    Aeroponics farming in recent years has seen drastic success. Still, there were some doubts about them whether they were fit enough to farm potatoes and other root vegetables.

    Hence, we have provided our opinion on Aeroponics potato farming and why we believe they are the future.