Peace Lily Brown Leaves- Top [20] Reasons And Cures To Revive

Peace lilies make magnificent houseplants for the home or office. These spectacular plants light up living space, but on the other hand, are superb at tidying up the demeanor of the room they are in.

Most ordinarily, these plants have green leaves and white “blossoms“. In the same way as other famous indoor plants, Peace lilies appreciate medium to low light. However, lily plants’ light requirement is known to vary a lot, and it also depends on the climatic conditions around you.

Peace lilies that are exposed in more light will create the flawless white petals and blossoms more, while Peace lilies in low light will sprout less and look more like a customary foliage plant.

Here in this segment, you will come across several peace lily problems one of them is Peace Lily Brown Leaves, that you might encounter while planting it at home. However, most of the Spathiphyllum brown tips mentioned here will help you to deal with such issues so that your plant lives a healthy life.

Peace lily yellow leaf Reasons

Why Does My Peace Lily Leave Turning Brown?

Peace lily leaves turning brown is a commonly occurring problem for most households, and there are several effective ways of dealing with this situation. However, you must know why are your peace lily leaves turning yellow and brown in the first place.

There are three primary reasons why your peace lily yellow leaf brown spots, and these are:

#1 Stress 

Stress plays a crucial role in your Peace Lily plant’s health, and if you find your plant to be excessively dull, it can be due to the immense amount of stress it is going through.

  • The pressure is one such factor that is quite visible in houseplants, and as a result, there are quite a lot of tips to help prevent such a situation.
  • If you presume your lily plant is under pressure, you need to investigate the leaves first. Their tone can likewise transform, turning out to be yellow and even dark.
  • However, you can treat the darkening of stems of petals with some practical measures, which will be discussed in this segment.
  • Trimming is one of the most effective ways to eliminate unhealthy parts so that your plant is free to promote new and healthy leaves.

#2 Insufficient Care

If you find yourself asking why my peace lily leaves are turning brown quite often, then you should probably take a few extra steps to ensure your plant’s well-being.

A few houseplants are very strong and can go days, even a long time without proper care and attention. However, the Peace lily isn’t one of them.

They have a great deal of developing necessities that you should cautiously follow. How about we go over these now: 

Amount of sunlight

Peace lilies generally require a lot of sunlight to bloom properly and maintain their color at all times. Any discrepancy in this requirement can adversely impact the plant’s health.

Also, you can find artificial LED lights, for your plants if direct sunlight is not adequate.

  • However, direct sunlight may sometimes be too harsh for your lily plant, especially if you live in a hot and humid place.
  • Thus, dappled sunlight or less intense brightness is considered optimal for this plant.
  • You can achieve this by placing your plant at a dedicated location where sunlight is readily available, for instance, near a window.
  • However, you are recommended to shut the windows after exposing your plant for a brief amount of time.
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Check humidity levels

Other than temperature, peace lily yellow leaves require dampness as well. Suppose you use a room humidifier if you wish to maintain the humidity levels of the environment.

However, if you already reside in a humid place, you need not care about this point.

Say no-no to tap water

  • Peace lilies can sustain life both in soil and water, yet you would prefer not to utilize faucet water on them in any case.
  • Fluoride and different synthetic substances in faucet water can trigger root decay, particularly at the tips.
  • Going excessively long without water or overwatering your lily plant can cause peace lily turning brown.

#3 Due to aging

Aging is one of the most relevant aspects of a plant’s life, and since Peace Lily is a houseplant, there are not many ways to deal with aging.

There are several ways to delay this phenomenon, but preventing it altogether is a failed expedition.

Before long, the bloom starts opening up, changing into a lovely white tone as it does as such. At that point, the spadix goes from white to green once more. 

What’s going on here is the seed is sinking into the spot, and fertilization is happening. The spadix may turn white again, or it might stay green before peace lily turning yellow.

This is all-important for the Peace lily lifecycle. When you witness your peace lily flower turning brown, it is an indication of your plant’s old age, and you must know that it may die off pretty soon.

Peace Lily Brown Leaves Trimming Tips

Peace Lily Brown Leaves
Peace Lily Brown Leaves

For trimming Peace Lily Brown Leaves, It is highly recommended that, for the most part, attempt to manage it back and cut only as much you think is necessary.

It is crucial to be careful with this process as overdoing it may accidentally edge off the plant’s tissue, which can eventually kill it.

If you witness your lily leaves yellow, you are recommended to slice off the plant’s edges and trim it for healthier growth.     

Although trimming is a crucial aspect for any plant to promote healthy growth, due to the dampness and sticky nature of Peace Lily plants, this activity may seem to get challenging at times.

Thus, it is highly recommended to opt for a smaller choice of the cutting tool so that you can be as precise as possible.

Trimming down the necessary parts of your lily plant can help out when you find peaceful lily leaves turning yellow and brown.

Peace Lily Flower Turning Yellow

If your Peace Lily Flower Turning Yellow then below might be the reasons.

  • Water plays a crucial impact in keeping up Peace with the lily’s solid leaves.
  • Peace lily fills best in wet, well-depleting soil that dries marginally between watering.
  • Exorbitantly dry soil makes plants shrink and leaves to turn yellow.
  • Inadequately depleting soil or coordinated watering can make roots saturated, which causes yellow leaves.
  • More seasoned peace lily leaves turning yellow are seen to shed and ought not to be mixed up as a bogus indication of inappropriate watering.

Peace Lily Diseases Cures And Treatment

Peace Lily Brown Leaves Tips
Peace Lily Brown Leaves

Although Spathiphyllum Leaf Problems do not include any severe concerns rather than decolorizing the stem and the petals, there are many tips to prevent any harm to your lily plant.

  1. Peace Lily plants do best inside in glorious, bright light. Thus, it is highly recommended to place your plant in such a place where sunlight is readily available.
  2. Sunlight is a very crucial aspect of your plant’s health. However, too much bright light can also worsen the situation and result in root decay.
  3. Thus, it is recommended that you allow your lily plant to have access to moderate sunlight during the day.
  4. It is also recommended not to overwater your lily plant as it can degrade the leaves’ quality and make them weak over time.
  5. You are advised to water the plant twice to thrice a day, depending on your natural surroundings.
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Spathiphyllum – care, brown leaves are caused when you overwater your plant. It may also happen when you treat the lily plant with unfiltered water. Thus, if you find your plant does not look great and healthy, you are highly recommended to switch to distilled or filtered water.

Also read below tips to control common gardening bugs.

What Peace Lily Water Requirements Are?

  • It is recommended to touch the soil where you have planted the lily plant and look at the soil’s texture. There are other peace lily yellow tips.
  • If the soil is still wet and damp, then you are not required to water it further.
  • Overwatering your peace lily plant can have adverse impacts.
  • As a result, it is recommended to water it twice to thrice a day depending on your immediate surroundings’ conditions.
  • Proper watering techniques can reduce the chances of witnessing peaceful lily brown flowers.

How Do I Know If My Peace Lily Is Overwatered?

Overwatering your lily plant can impose adverse impacts on the plant’s life, and you may find the delicate lily flowers turning brown.

A shrinking Peace lily with earthy colored edged and peace lily leaves turning black has reasonable overwatering indications.

Getting the signs early and changing your watering propensities can forestall a lot more complicated issues.

How Do I Know If My Peace Lily Is Dying?

How to save a dying peace lily? On the off chance that the leaves start to hang, or at worst, you find peace lily brown spots, and you need to give water.

If you find the lily leaves to turn yellow, the plant might be getting an excessive amount of daylight. Move it to a more obscure region.

How Do I Know If My Peace Lily Root Is Rotting?

The best method of fixing Peace lily root decay is to manage off the influenced roots. This is the second most asked query about this plant’s well-being after “Why is my peace lily turning yellow?”

Sanitize the excess sound roots with a fungicide answer to ensure that microbes are disposed of totally.

At that point, repot your lily plant with new soil into another holder to prevent further peace lily brown tips.

How Do I Get My Peace Lily To Bloom Again?

The prompt climate is likewise a considerable thought with regards to getting harmonious lilies to blossom.

The plants love warm, reliable temperatures. Moreover, if you find the lily leaves turning yellow, then you might consider taking some steps to make sure your plant is healthy.

They aren’t specific about soil as long as it depletes well, and they needn’t bother with much treating – a fine, fluid compost, for example, 20-20-20, about like clockwork ought to get the job done.

Follow the headings on the bundle as indicated by your plant’s size and take special note of whether the fluid should be weakened.

How Long Do Peace Lilies Take To Recover?

If you have just found out peace lily brown leaves in your plant, then you would have to give it some time to recover and become healthy again.

It requires somewhere around 14 days for a Peace lily to conquer stun after it has been part and relocated.

The key isn’t to freeze. Once you have carefully cut down the plant’s infected pieces, it will be ready to bloom again in a couple of weeks.

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However, it is essential to take proper care of the plant and make sure it is well hydrated but not overwatered during this recovering phase.

How Long Do Peace Lilies Live?

In general, a Peace lily plant lives for somewhere around 3 to 5 years. However, your plant has been diagnosed with some disease, or you have witnessed your peace lily leaves turning brown quite a lot, this timespan could decrease accordingly.

How Do You Care For A Peaceful Lily Indoors?

With regards to watering, consistency is critical. Keep the dirt saturated; however, don’t overwater.

Peace lilies can endure brief times of dry soil. However, their leaves will begin to brown whenever dismissed for a long time. 

If the question, “why does my peace lily have brown tips?” bothers you a lot, you are recommended to use filtered, moderate temperature water to water your plants.

Peace lilies also appreciate high dampness. Clouding their leaves or setting their pot on a soaked plate of rock can assist with expanding moistness around the plant. 

Keep these plants out of direct evening daylight, yet in a brilliant, sufficiently bright region.

An east-bound window is ideal, as it will be presented to the brilliant morning sun; however, keep away from the power of noontime beams.

You may also enjoy below gardening tips.

Some common Frequent asked questions on Peace Lily Brown Leaves

Should I remove yellow leaves from peace lily?

Old leaves normally turn yellow on Peace Lilies, and will ultimately will evaporate and tumble off. You can eliminate old leaves once they begin to yellow and blur, yet it is anything but an indication of an issue. Cut the leaves off at the base of the stem with sterile pruning shears.

Will Yellow peace lily leaves turn green again?

It’s very sad but when the leaves on a peace lily turn yellow, regardless of what you do, they’ll never turn green again. What they will do is create earthy colored spots first, at that point at last the leaves begin turning dark, so, all things considered they’re dead and tumble off.

Why is my peace lily drooping even after watering?

Warmth, water levels, lighting are some likely factors why your peace lily plant wilting. I hope all the above tips might help you to revive peace lily.

How do I know if my peace lily is dying?

There are many signals you can get if your plant is dying. Watch the leaves of your plant for indications of what it might require.
Check the leaves if Peace Lily has brown spots if so, you need to give water.
If the leaves begin to turn yellow, the plant might be getting an excessive amount of daylight. Move it to another zone where moderate sunlight is present.


The peace lily is a genuinely modest plant to purchase. There are immense health benefits to owning a peace lily plant at your home or your workplace.

It keeps a check on the people’s well-being and ensures that the surroundings have a pleasant odor. Although Peace Lily Brown Leaves, has very common issues, and in this article, we captured every single cause for it.

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