Can Fleas Live In Dirt:18 Ways To Get Rid Of Fleas Fast

Flea is the most common name for Siphonaptera, including 2,500 species of flightless small insects or external parasites of birds and mammals.

Are you wondering Can Fleas Live In Dirt? Yes, they can. To control fleas you can use good insecticide, Spread diatomaceous earth, Use cedar chips, and many more. This article will let you know some exclusive ways to have sufficient control over fleas that live in dirt. Along with the below top FAQs.

  • how to get rid of fleas in your yard.
  • Can fleas live on humans without pets?
  • Can fleas survive in clothes?
  • Can fleas live on human blood
  • Where do fleas live in the house
  • How long can fleas live in a car
  • how long can fleas live in an empty house?

What Is Flea Dirt?

Fleas are a little dark incest comprised of bug droppings that can show up in your pet’s skin (dogs and cats). Fleas can also be present inside your home.

These parasites live by hematophagy or consuming blood from their hosts. The adult fleas are ravenous blood feeders and drink blood up to fifteen times their body weight per day.

Can Fleas Live In Dirt?

Where Do Fleas Live? Dirt is the favorite place for the fleas where they exist. If fleas stay without blood and undisturbed, fleas’ average life on the ground can be around 2-3 months.

Suppose you want to check that do fleas live in dirt or not, observe and see where can fleas live, and where do fleas come from.

You will find fleas in the dirty land and jumping around the ground. Eventually, they make their way to enter your house by attaching with your pets.

When do fleas come out the most?

Fleas come out the most in summer and spring, mainly through May to September. In southwestern and southern regions of the USA, fleas can occur all year round.

Tips to get rid of fleas:

  • The insecticide will help to kill the fleas in the ground. Before spraying, make sure to keep your pets away from that area as it can harm your pets.
  • Pour insecticide outdoors so that it won’t harm your pets.
  • Spray the area thoroughly and evenly. Ensure to hit all the sites that have dirt.
  • Spread diatomaceous earth that is little plant particles across the ground. These plants suffocate fleas and break them apart.
  • Use a spreader or spread the diatomaceous earth across the area thoroughly with your hands.
  • Use cedar chips to place around the dirt and the affected area.
  • Place cedar chips at the bottom of the fence around the area to prevent fleas from jumping inside your lawn and home.

You can check in a few days that if the area is eliminated from the fleas or not. If not, then you can repeat the tips.

Also read below tips to control common gardening bugs.

How To Get Rid Of Flea Dirt In Your Yard?

To get rid of fleas from your yard, you need to know where do fleas live outside or where do fleas live in the yard. Areas exposed to the sun are too hot. Hence, you will not find any fleas in that area.

Can Fleas Live In Dirt
How to control fleas that lives in dirt

You can also check where are fleas most common in your yard where your pets like to lie down mostly or the shady areas.

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Where do fleas come from outside?

Fleas usually originate and come from flea-infested animals. It spreads quickly among animals and enters your house through your pets.

How long do fleas live outside?

Fleas can survive up to one year under ideal climatic conditions. If they are without hosts, their lifecycle will be limited to one week. These spots are the preferred target zones of fleas.

Do fleas live in grass?

Grass fleas are mostly found in the tall grass. Once you spot your yard’s affected area, you can follow some below-mentioned tips.

  • To get rid of fleas from your yard, you must clean and cut the grass regularly and rake the surfaces.
  • Expose sunlight as much as you can and a minimum of shady areas.
  • Remove and clean all twigs, dead leaves, debris under bushes or flower garden.
  • Spread cedar chips around the yard, on flower beds, under bushes, or your pet’s preferred place to lie down.

If the problem persists, you can spread nematodes around the affected areas to get rid of these troubles in your surroundings. Nematodes are small worms that eat Sulphur granules and parasite eggs.

Can fleas live in dirt without a host?

It is challenging for fleas to survive without a host. A flea nest on a cat can survive only by consuming a blood meal. Due to the lack of a host, they can live for four to seven days.

What do fleas live on?

Adult fleas stay in its cocoon until they get an indication of the host’s presence in outside conditions.

Fleas need hosts always to live and rely on them for their survival.

What are the common places fleas can be found?

You can check where do fleas like to hide on dogs. Fleas are most like to live on your pet’s back, neck, and under regions. Some of the most preferred areas for fleas are humid, moist, and shady areas.

Wildlife such as various rodents, stray cats and dogs, opossums, raccoons, and many others carry fleas and drop larvae or deposit eggs in the yard.

As fleas are super jumpers, they make your pets their new hosts. Hence, it is vital to treat the lawn and yards for fleas.

Do fleas stay on dogs?

You need to know where do fleas live on dogs and where do fleas live on cats? Fleas can stay in the fur of dogs, and they will scratch frequently.

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how to get rid of flea dirt on dogs

You will notice them more restless, losing hair, and shaking their heads. You can use a flea comb dipping it in a bowl of soapy water to inspect if your dog has fleas. Once spotted, you can initiate the treatment. You can also use diatomaceous earth to kill fleas on dogs.

Are fleas difficult to remove permanently?

Fleas are blood-sucking parasites and mostly thrive in the warm summers and wet springs. Once they appear, it is challenging to remove them permanently from your yard, home, or pets.

Fleas have several below-mentioned advantages that make them stay in your indoor and outdoor environments for a longer time.

Biological Benefits

Fleas can jump horizontally around four to five feet and vertically around one foot. Their back legs have incredible muscle power. It gives agility and speed to the fleas, which makes them challenging to get rid of.

Can Fleas Live In Dirt
Can Fleas Live In Dirt

Reproduction Benefits

How long do fleas live?

Adult fleas lay 50 eggs every day and thousands of eggs during their whole life. The life of female fleas is around 1.5 years. Hence, getting rid of all of them is challenging.

Longer Life cycle

The eggs of female fleas are white and tiny, and they lay in dark and damp places. If the fleas lay eggs on your pet dogs or cats, then they can fall around your yard, home, carpets, etc., as the pets roam around. Eggs scattered everywhere will become a difficult task to remove quickly and permanently.

How long can fleas live in an empty house?

First, you need to know that how long can fleas live?  The answer was given before. Adult fleas can live in an empty house for around four days due to the non-availability of the host.

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The young flea lives for about seven days while pre-emerged adults can enter into a dormant state by remaining in their cocoons and survive for around 155 days in an empty house or without a host.

Can fleas live on humans without pets?

Fleas cannot live on humans due to a substantial amount of body hair like pets. Hence, it becomes difficult for them to reproduce in the absence of feathers or fur. Generally, they jump from pets to bite on the feet, ankles, and legs of humans.

It is unlikely that fleas will live on the human body for a longer period. Besides, fleas will rarely transfer or spread from one human to another. Fleas can bite you, but they cannot live on you.

What can I put on my skin to keep fleas off of me?

If you have fleas around your home or yard, they can most likely jump on you and bite.

Where do fleas live in the house?

Usually, they live on the floor, beddings of your pet, or carpets, so you can get flea bites on your lower legs, ankles, or feet.

You can try natural flea repellent spray and essential oils directly on your skin. Many commercial flea repellants contain Permethrin and DEET (N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide), which you can apply directly to your skin.

However, a small-scale research study found that myrtle and thyme oil are more repellent on humans than DEET or Permethrin. You can spray or rub essential oils as a flea repellent by adding five drops of oil to one cup of carrier oil. 

Can fleas live on human blood?

Usually, fleas cannot live or reproduce on humans. Female fleas are required to feed freely and consistently for more than 8 to 10 hours to propagate on humans.

However, it cannot happen most of the time. Cat fleas can live on a human diet only if they are blood-fed for fifteen minutes every day. It will make them line around 140 to 185 days.

They leave after taking a blood meal from humans. They are adapted to live on furry pets rather than humans. It is difficult for them to remain undetected to get attached to humans. They are often detected and killed before having a blood meal.  

Can fleas live in clothes?

Fleas cannot live in clothes as they will not have any blood source to stay in clothes for a longer time. It is possible that you can get fleas in your clothes at times, but you will not find flea nests as they need to feed quite often.

If fleas get access to the stored clothes anyhow, you will find flea eggs in them. It takes about days or weeks to get the eggs hatched. Hence, it would help if you washed clothes before storing them.

Where do fleas live in the house?

First, you need to check the places where fleas hide and make flea nest in the house. These external parasites like to live mostly on carpets, corners of house, beddings, couches, crevices, etc. Before hatching, fleas can survive for around ten days. Fleas can’t stay in extreme heat.

Hence, it would help if you clean your pets’ bedding regularly. Scrub and vacuum your floors, carpets, furniture frequently to remove them and get rid of flea eggs. The vacuum will help remove up to 30% of flea larvae and 60% of eggs.

Can fleas live in books?

Fleas jump to books through your pets. The survival of fleas in the book is challenging as they will not find feed or host for their meal.

Can fleas live in blankets?

Blankets are the most preferred place for fleas to hide and lay eggs. You can apply quick lime and fleas treatment to sweep your coverings thoroughly by squeezing a lemon water mixture to get rid of fleas.

How long can fleas live in a car?

As long as they have a source of blood or host, fleas cannot survive more than a week.  These tiny parasites can infest a car and make your ride irritating. Fleas will infest your vehicle if you take your flea-infested pets in the car or through your clothing.

Fleas can withstand up to 95°; so, if you drive the car on a hot day, the temperature will kill them. You can use steam clean or vacuum inside your car to get rid of fleas.

What can kill fleas instantly?

how to get rid of fleas inside the home? If your home is flea-infested, you need to kill fleas indoors. If you want to kill fleas instantly, it is done if your home is regularly treated. It can be killed promptly after hatching.

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Tips to kill fleas instantly

  • Diluted bleach spray can disrupt the life cycle of the flea and will kill them.
  • Scientists determined that vacuuming can kill around 96% of adult fleas and help kill them in all stages.

Can fleas live in human hair?

Out of more than 2,000 species of fleas, only Pulex Irritants are the single fleas that can live in human hair. Other species of fleas will take a blood or bite and will get caught or jump away. It prefers to live on different hosts like cats and dogs.

Besides, they cannot lay eggs on humans because human blood is not as nutritious for them to support fertility or reproduction. Hence, it is unlikely that you will get fleas on your hair. 

Do fleas jump off after a treatment?

If you have treated your home, yard, or pets, fleas will jump off or die within a day. Egg-laying of fleas usually starts after 24 hours of feeding. So in a treated area, fleas will have fewer chances to lay eggs which will undoubtedly control their infestation in your pets, home, or yard.

After hatching, they will be killed instantly in a treaded home and pets. However, it can take time to get rid of the existing fleas in your surroundings.

How long can fleas live on clothes?

Fleas can live on clothes only for 24 hours. You can find them in messy areas of your clothing, or if your clothes are left on the floor. They will seek refuge in seams of clothing, or the dark folds. However, they can’t live long on your clothes in the absence of the host.

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How to tell if you have fleas in your house?

To check fleas, you should first check your pets. You can check their head, fur, hindquarters, or neck where fleas hide the most.

Moreover, the reddened skin of your pets is an obvious indication that you have flea infestations. You should know where do fleas hide. It can be hardwood floors, carpets, beddings of your pets, etc.

You may also enjoy below gardening tips.

common questions on How to control fleas that lives in dirt

Can Fleas Live In garden Soil?

yes, fleas like to be in the soil as they prefer moist, cool places to live for a long time.

What Do Fleas Eat?

Fleas need a blood meal to survive and to lay eggs.  These external parasites usually feed when pets are sleeping. It lays eggs after 36-48 hours of consuming blood.

What do fleas hate?

Fleas do not like strong smells like eucalyptus, lavender, clove, minty and cinnamon.

Can fleas hide in beds?

No, Fleas can’t live on a clean and dry surface. But if you are on your cleaning routine then chances are high, beds odour and moist environment can attract them.

does saltwater kill fleas and ticks?

Many people have asked me does salt kill fleas? Yes, Salt can be used to kill fleas, as they dehydrate them, which leads to suffocating them.

what has the pest control flea treatment cost?

Professional Flea Exterminator Costs depends upon the location and country. In the UK, USA it ranges between $200-$350. The minimum cost can start at $135, and a maximum of $430.
For getting the help you can search online flea exterminator near me to get the inquires.

can you see fleas By eyes?

Of course, fleas can be seen by eyes. They are in brown and black color with no wings with flat bodies.


Fleas live safely on pets’ fur and reproduce their population. To get rid of flea, take care of your pet, and use the above-mentioned treatment.

If you indulge and don’t care, fleas may collapse your pet and make it weaker day by day. This article would surely help you to know ins and outs of fleas.