21 Pro Ways: How To Store Sweet Potatoes For Keeping Them Fresh

Sweet potatoes are common because of their higher nutritional value than white potatoes, as well as their sweet flavor. Sweet potatoes are also useful in a number of recipes. As a result, many people search for ways to maximize the shelf life of their potatoes by storing them.

How To Store Sweet Potatoes
How To Store Sweet Potatoes

To prevent wastage of your sweet potatoes due to spoilage, I have put together a piece of handy information on How To Store Sweet Potatoes for long-term storage and how long they last in storage. We will cover the below points.

  • How long can you keep sweet potatoes?
  • Best preserving tips for sweet potatoes.
  • How do you store uncooked cut sweet potatoes?
  • What are the types of sweet potatoes?
  • How long can you store sweet potatoes in the fridge?
  • Pro ways to store sweet potatoes once cut.
  • How to store sweet potatoes in the freezer.
  • Storing sweet potatoes for winter.
  • how to store cooked sweet potatoes.
  • Top ways to store sweet potatoes in the sand.

How Long Can You Keep Sweet Potatoes? 

To have the best results, your raw sweet potatoes should be kept in a cool and dry location like a shed, basement, or cellar. Your sweet potatoes will start to sprout or begin to rot if your sweet potato storage location does not meet these requirements.

Follow below steps in order to keep Sweet Potatoes fresh longer.

  • It’s advisable not to wash sweet potatoes before storing them to make them last longer.
  • When placed in a dark place for about 6 months, sweet potatoes do last very long.
  • Sweet potatoes should not be placed near other vegetables because they produce ethylene which accelerates the ripening of other crops.
  • Many variables affect how long sweet potatoes will last when stored at room temperature, but it’s best to store them in the pantry for 3–5 weeks.
  • You can also preserve potatoes in the fridge for up to 2–3 months, or even freeze them for a longer period.

Should you wash sweet potatoes before storing?

Before you are planning to store Sweet Potatoes, you need to cleanse them in order to preserve them well. Otherwise, they can lead to rot and starts to have a fundal disease. But I won’t recommend you to wash them, as if they are not dried properly, for sure you cant keep them fresh for longer.

But then what else you can do for cleansing sweet potatoes, well you can remove excess dirt or sand attached to them. And you can use a dry cloth to remove dirt once it is harvested.

Uncooked cut sweet potatoes storage Method?

Some People do not seem to understand how to store cut potatoes. Raw cut sweet potatoes should be preserved in a dry, warm dark spot.

Refrigerating the potatoes at too low a temperature, or even too high a temperature will cause them to spoil. Raw cut sweet potatoes can be stored for about two months under this condition.

To efficiently preserve sweet potatoes, keep them at a temperature between room temperature and cold, this will also preserve their flavor and appearance during the process.

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Fresh sweet potatoes could become tough on the inside and lose their flavor if they are held at too low a temperature. They will become pithy or sprout if the temperature is too high.

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For How Long Should Your Sweet Potatoes Be Stored In A Fridge?

Storing sweet potatoes in the fridge will allow them to last for a couple of months and reach a maximum of about three months. If you intend to keep them fresh and healthy for longer than that, then freezing them seems to be the best option.

After they’ve been cooked, place them in the fridge using a shallow airtight container or zip-top jar, bags. They’ll hold for almost five days in the refrigerator.

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How To Store Sweet Potatoes Once Cut

It is possible that you need to cut up your sweet potatoes before cooking them, or that you will want to freeze any sweet potatoes that are about to go bad. 

How to cut store cut potatoes is to keep the potato bowl in the fridge for about 24 hours.

  • If you’re cooking a large meal, dice your sweet potatoes up to a day ahead of time and keep them in the fridge until ready for usage.
  • After you drain the potatoes and you find out that they are discolored, soft, or even slimy, you should throw them out because they might have gone bad.

Ways Of Storing Sweet Potatoes In The Freezer

How To Store Sweet Potatoes In Fridge
How To Store Sweet Potatoes In Fridge

Can raw sweet potatoes be frozen? Yes, you can and you should freeze your sweet potatoes to make them fresh and have a long shelf life.

Sweet potatoes stored in the freezer work well in soups, stews, and casseroles. Follow these steps when you want to freeze your potatoes. 

  • Scrubbing the sweet potatoes before boiling them for about 10 minutes will make them tender.
  • Drain the potatoes in a sieve and set them aside to cool completely before you start to peel and slice them.
  • Place the slices in even layers on a parchment baking tray then cover it, and freeze overnight.
  • Place the slices in a freezer bag with the date written on it and freeze.

How To Store Sweet Potatoes For Winter

Curing is essential for successfully storing sweet potatoes over winter. If at all possible, collect the potatoes during a dry period.

  • Damage to the tuber should be avoided at all costs, as being damaged will cause mold growth, insects, and disease.
  • Lay the tubers out cautiously and let them dry for 1 to 2 weeks in a warm, humid environment.
  • Appropriate temperatures range between 26 to 29 C with an 80 percent humidity level. To preserve the potatoes indoors, place them near the furnace in containers covered with a cloth to improve humidity. 
  • A longer period of 2 weeks curing is recommended for indoor storage with the temperature generally ranging between 65 to 75 Fahrenheit.
  • Inspect the sweet potatoes regularly to check for any form of mildew or mold that may arise and so as not to ruin your harvest.

How To Store Cooked Sweet Potatoes

 Learn how to store cooked sweet potatoes by keeping them in the fridge or freezer so as to extend their shelf life. The following is a step-by-step guide to properly freezing and storing cooked sweet potatoes:

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Step 1: Cleanse:

Using water and a vegetable brush, clean and peel fresh sweet potatoes.

Step 2: Bring to a boil: 

 Pour water into the pot halfway and bring to a boil on great heat. Cook the sweet potatoes until they become tender.

Step 3: Get prepared:

Sweet potatoes can be mashed or thinly sliced. Don’t leave the potatoes whole in the refrigerator. all To prevent discoloration, sprinkle 1 tablespoon of lemon juice all over the sweet potatoes.

Step 4. Transfer:

Let the cooked potatoes cool before transferring them to an airtight container to keep the freshness at optimum level.

And to prevent unwanted moisture and bacteria from getting inside.Thereby extending the potatoes’ shelf life.

Keeping your sweet potatoes inside the freezer will help them last for about 10 to 12 months on average.

How To Store Sweet Potatoes In Sand

Storing the tubers in the sand is not advised because it does not provide sufficient ventilation for the potatoes.

  • You can, however, store them in bins or crates with layers of sand inside the container.
  • The sand protects them from damage and at the same time keeps the sweet potatoes moist enough to prevent freezing.
  • If the barrel is placed in a warm cellar or a moderately warm garage, this approach works best.
  • If you don’t live in an area where deep freezes are popular, root cellars may be a good choice.
  • You should pack sand in layers inside a bin or crate, and place the potatoes in layers over each.
  • Store them in a cellar that is not too cold as the sand will help them keep cool, if done properly this method can be really adequate for storing potatoes.

Best preserving tips for sweet potatoes

There exist different methods of storing potatoes, below I am going to highlight the tip for the two best modes of preserving and storing your potatoes.

A- Storing Sweet potatoes at Cool Room Temperature Tips

  • Use only fresh and plump or chubby sweet potatoes
  • Cure the sweet potatoes for about a week to up to 2 weeks.
  • Throw away any bruised or damaged sweet potatoes.
  • Place each one in a newspaper to wrap it completely.
  • Collect the sweet potatoes in a box or container.
  • Place them for storage in a cool and darkroom.

B- Preserving Sweet potatoes in the Freezer tips

  • Wash the sweet potatoes then follow by peeling.
  • Boil the sweet potatoes for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Slice or mash the sweet potatoes.
  • Sprinkle lemon juice on them.
  • Allow them to cool.
  • Transfer the sweet potatoes to airtight bags.
  • Allow Freeze for 10 to 12 months.

What Are The Species of sweet potatoes Existing?

Sweet potatoes are a significant source of antioxidant compounds, vitamins including vitamin A, C, E, and K and they are also a good source of flavonoids which research has shown to have beneficial effects on the liver.

Are you confused about the type of sweet potato to eat or choose? Below are listed some varieties of sweet potato recommended by nutritionists all around the world.

  1. Hannah Sweet Potatoes.
  2. Garnet sweet potatoes.
  3. Jewel Sweet Potatoes.
  4. Japanese Sweet Potatoes.
  5. Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes.

Can I Store Potatoes And Sweet Potatoes Together?

Storage condition for sweet potatoes and other potatoes like the white potatoes is virtually the same, the storage condition for one will work for the other if stored under the same conditions.

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Here are some steps for storing potatoes that are similar to the two types of potatoes that you should follow when planning to store more than one type of potato together:

  • Wrap each sweet potato in a newspaper.
  • Do not select or use bruised sweet potatoes.
  • Select and use the right storage location to extend your potatoes’ shelf life. 
  • Don’t put them in the fridge directly without taking them through adequate curing processes.

Best Ways To Preserve Potatoes From Sprouting Are? 

Onions, apples, bananas, pears, and other fruits should not be kept near potatoes. Recent research has discovered that as apples ripen, they release ethylene gas, which aids in the sprouting of potatoes.

The same goes with Potatoes, it has also been shown in studies to cause apples to become brittle and tender.

  • Keeping some herbs with the potatoes is a smart idea. Herbs like lavender, rosemary, and sage contain oils that help prevent rotting and decaying in potatoes, according to studies. These oils can also prevent the sprouting of potatoes.
  • Utilizing essential oils of spearmint or peppermint is a good idea. Place the potatoes in a jar then cover or tuck it with a piece of paper already soaked in essential oil. These oils have been shown in research to prevent potatoes from sprouting.
  • Reuse the essential oil every two to three weeks or whenever appropriate. If your storage container is made of metal or plastic, don’t use this technique. Essential oils have the ability to degrade these materials.

Find below Related Frequent asked questions on How To Store Sweet Potatoes.

Q1: How Do You Store Sweet Potato Fries?.

Sweet potato fries are a very healthy and nutritious food option for you and your family. If your kids love eating fries and they find it delicious, going for the best potato type which is the sweet potato is really a great idea.
In case you prepare more than what you and your family can finish at once then you should find a way of storing them to maintain their freshness.
And deliciousness One sure way of storing your sweet potato fries is by freezing them, follow the right freezing procedure to have crisp and delicious fries anytime you want. 

Q2: How To Prevent Sweet Potatoes From Getting Oxidized

One sure way of storing potatoes and preventing them from getting oxidized is by placing them in water mixed with lemon water for 3-4 minutes.
Use a quart of water and 3 tsp of lemon. You can also prevent your cut raw potatoes from getting oxidized by placing them in ice water, then later freezing them to help keep them healthy.

Q3: How Do You Keep Sweet Potatoes From Getting Soggy?  

The secret to having a crispy potato instead of a soggy one is by spreading them evenly on the layer instead of piling them up on top of each other.
Instead of baking your sweet potatoes at once, you can divide them into batches so they can be evenly baked without them touching each other and also allow proper and adequate ventilation.

Q4: How To Prepare Sweet Potatoes For Freezing

The following are the process to follow when you want to freeze your potatoes.
1 Set up your water for boiling.
2 Wash, peel, and slice your potatoes.
3 Boil your cured potatoes for about 15 minutes.
4 After boiling allow them to cool.
5 After cooling, Place them in a freezer bag and freeze. 


Sweet potato preservation can be done using various techniques and some of them have been shown above in this article.

Follow each procedure on How To Store Sweet Potatoes, well to enjoy your potatoes’ sweet taste and deliciousness throughout the year or all year round.

Even at seasons when you won’t be able to buy the fresh from farm ones from the store.

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