Tree Branches On Power Line To House [Exposed Powerline Fixes]

Trees in your neighborhood sometimes grow over electrical power lines.

This is a dangerous situation as in a storm these branches can fall over the power lines which could cause a short circuit and so excessive power can be supplied in houses, resulting in the burning down of the same.

In this situation, all the electronic devices in the house could be damaged and even a person touching them can be in mortal danger.

It thus becomes essential for any trees and other vegetative flora to be removed to avoid contact with power supply lines.

Note– Dealing with tree branches is a time-consuming task, but it’s one that needs to be done but it doesn’t mean you will do it yourself.

If you want to keep the power lines on your property safe, then you should take care of any potential hazards before they have the chance to cause damage.

One way to dealing a Tree Branches On Power Line To House is to contact a Utility Company for trimming the branches off of trees near the power lines. However, some people may not know how or where to start.

The following steps will help guide you through this process so that your trees are safe and can continue providing shade for years to come!

Are Trees Near Power Lines To House Dangerous?

How To Remove Tree Branches On Power Line To House
Removing Tree Branches On the Power Line To the House

Yes, Tree Branches On the Power Line To the House are extremely dangerous, in circumstances of storms, heavy rainfall, or human mistakes. Find out the below dangers.

  • They can fall over the power line and cause a lot of damage to property, human life, and the immediate environment.
  • These trees can also provide the electricity flowing power lines an alternate path, following this path the electricity would get transferred to the ground. In this way, the people who come in contact with the tree are at risk of being electrocuted or they can receive electrical burns.
  • These trees are also a fire hazard during the dry season. The leaves of these trees could get dry and catch fire, which could lead to a major fire-related accident. It is thus pretty evident that trees that grow near power lines pose significant precarious threats.

How can we avoid such situations?

The tree branches that grow over the power lines must be removed regularly. If a neighbor’s tree is touching my power line, then it is my responsibility too, to remove the tree or its branches that are touching the power line.

Now another question comes to mind. What if you touch a power line?

  • Our body is a good conductor of electricity, especially when you’re drenched in water.
  • If you touch a power line, then you could provide the electricity on an alternate path.
  • If this happens then the electricity will flow through your body and this could hurt or even kill you.
  • It is always suggested that you wear rubber gloves and slippers or come in contact with a wooden surface while dealing with any electrical material.

Can Electricity Really Travel Through Trees And Destroy Them

Yes, electricity can flow through trees near power lines and destroy them and also the person in contact with the tree.

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This is because wood is a good conductor of electricity. If high voltage is passed through the branches of trees near power lines, then it would have no problem passing through them and ultimately hurt or kill people.

This is why trimming branches near power lines is necessary. If we take responsibility for our trees that are near or touching the power lines, then we can save financial as well as life loss.

So, if you see trees near power lines near your house you should take responsibility for trimming branches near the power line. If everyone realizes their responsibility collectively, then a lot of lives and money can be saved.

Steps To Take For Removing Tree Branches On Power Lines to Houses?

Trees are an important part of life. Every aspect of our lives – economic, sociocultural, environmental, biological – is influenced by the presence of trees and vegetative cover.

Even though they provide protection and beauty to our house and neighborhood, these trees can be dangerous too, as we’ve already discussed. So, the option available is cutting trees near power lines, and to do so certain steps need to be followed:

  1. Safety first, so before starting to cut the tree branches over the power line insulation is a must. For insulation, rubber gloves are very useful as rubber is an insulator it does not provide a free path for electricity so you don’t get electrocuted.
  2. If the branch that you need to cut is big and can fall over the power line resulting in damage. So first secure the power line then cut the branch.

You must follow these steps before cutting trees near power lines.

When To Call The Utility Company About Trees Near Power Lines?

tree branch fell on power line to house

Usually, when people see tree branches over the primary power lines in their neighborhood, they do not know when to call the utility company. This is a big problem as this lack of knowledge can result in a huge loss.

So, knowledge about these things is also important. The conditions under which you should call the utility company for trimming trees around power lines are:

  1. You should call the utility company if you see a fast-growing tree near the primary power line, this fast-growing tree could soon be over or touching the power lines and this would be a troubling situation for everyone.
  2. If a tree branch or any other part of the tree is touching the primary power lines, it could provide an alternate path for electricity to flow, in this case, call the utility company immediately.
  3. If a broken tree branch falls on the power lines, then immediately call the utility company as due to the weight of the broken branch the wire could touch another wire, and this would not turn out to be good.
  4. If vines have climbed from the tree to the power, then calling the utility company is a must as in this case too an alternate path is provided for electricity.

Keep these points in mind before calling the utility company and make sure trimming of trees around power lines is done regularly.

Who is responsible for the power line from pole to house, find here a few Utility Company references for the USA, UK, Canada, India, and the Philippines

Who Is Responsible For Tree Branches On Power Lines?

When a tree branch falls on power lines the first thing that comes to mind is, “Who was responsible for trimming trees near the power line?”

This is the utility company’s responsibility. When a tree branch falls on power lines it could be dangerous as the wires could bend and touch the other wire or the wire could break.

  • In this case, a live wire is left in the open and anything and anybody could be electrocuted. The utility company maintains the power lines from pole to pole and the power line connecting the pole to your house.
  • While the utility company sets up the entire apparatus and is primarily responsible for ensuring public safety, as the residents of a locality and for your security, it is also your responsibility.
  • So you must keep an eye out, and regularly trim the tree branches hanging over the power lines to your home. The responsibility of the utility company is only for the pole-to-pole power lines.
  • If a tree branch is hanging over the power line connecting the pole to the house, then it is the house owner’s responsibility to trim the tree branches.
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What To Do If A Tree Branch Falls On Power Lines?

tree branch touching power line to house

The utility company is responsible for trimming the tree branches touching the power lines. If a tree branch falls on the power lines the first thing to do is call the utility company as it is their job to deal with these things.

Before climbing on the tree yourself to trim the tree, which you should generally avoid, the first thing you should know is how much weight can a tree branch hold.

The weight a tree branch can hold varies according to its thickness and the kind of tree that is in question. If a branch is dry, then do not step on it as it will snap very quickly.

Always wait for the skilled, professional workers to arrive before taking any drastic steps. In case of a fire, ensure that you are at a safe distance from it and don’t have water / other wires surrounding you.

Can Pruning Trees Near Electric Utility Lines Help?

Yes, pruning trees near electricity utility lines helps. Many responsible electricity utility companies prune trees away from power lines.

Tree branches touching the power lines could be very dangerous as they provide an alternate path for electricity to follow and anyone who touches or climbs the trees can get electrocuted.

These tree branches can also catch fire during the dry season and ultimately melt the power lines, this would cause the power lines to break, so broken wires are left in the open and anybody who goes near it can get electrocuted.

What To Do If A Branch Is Stuck On A Power Line?

If a tree branch is stuck on a power line, then the first thing you must do is call the utility company. If a branch is stuck on power lines.

You must inform all the neighbors about the tree on the power line and explain to them that going near or touching it can be dangerous.

Next, you must put stones around the tree or put up a signboard about the tree branches touching the power lines so that passersby can be more careful and avoid space.

Can I Trim Trees Myself Near Primary Utility Power Lines?

If you need to cut a tree branch that is hanging over the power lines near your home, then you must try to avoid doing it yourself as much as possible since it could be dangerous.

These tree branches could be carrying electrical current, or a branch might fall. So, you must contact Dominion Power Tree Trimming Services as they are skilled professionals with the appropriate gear and training to deal with situations like these.

But if the absolute need and urgency arise that you are compelled to do it yourself, be careful near the power lines make sure that you have assistance, and use protection like rubber gloves so that the electricity does not get a path through you.

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How To Avoid Tree Branches On Power Line To Houses?

If you want to avoid tree branches hanging over electricity power lines, follow the given steps:

  1. You must look out for power lines near the place you want to plant the tree. Make sure that you do not plant trees close to the power lines if the tree can grow very tall.
  2. Consider the maximum height that the tree can reach and then plant the tree anywhere near the power line. According to guidelines, if a tree’s maximum height is 20-45 feet, then the tree must be planted at least 15-35 feet away from the power lines. If a tree can reach a height of 45 feet, then plant the tree at least 50 feet away from the power lines.
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Refer to other guidelines online to get a more comprehensive idea regarding this and ask the local authorities for safety precautions and drills.

List Of Plants That Can Be Grown Under Power Lines

Everyone wants to make their neighborhood beautiful and to do so sometimes planting trees seems like a good idea. If you want to plant trees near power lines, then there are some specific plants that you must plant for safety reasons:

  1. Sargent crabapple tree: this tree does not get tall but instead it gets wider, so it does not pose a risk to power lines
  2. Amur maple: this tree does not grow tall, so it is just the plant you need
  3. Alpine currant tree
  4. Spindle tree

I hope that now you have understood the importance of trimming the tree branches hanging over electrical power lines and all the necessary steps you must take.

Accidents occur simply because proper operating procedures and precautions aren’t taken. Educating people about this is important because if the trees are not trimmed from time to time, the loss could be devastating.

FAQs on How To Remove Tree Branches On Power Line To House

Q1: How Far Should Tree Branches Be From The House?

According to guidelines by authorities, a tree must be planted at a safe distance of 15 feet or more from the house.

Q2: Who Is Responsible For Low Hanging Power Lines?

It is the utility company’s responsibility to make sure that the power lines are not hanging low.

The residents of the locality, by virtue of their own security, should also take the initiative to ensure that the trees and power lines are at a safe distance from each other.

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The bottom line

With all of the recent storms that have been coming across North America, many people are having to deal with power outages.

While this can be a real inconvenience, it is one that you can do something about.

If there are tree branches on your power line they need to be removed for safety reasons. Now you know all the fixes and cures to remove Tree Branches On Power lines to the House, you can follow all the above easy steps.