How To Keep The Balcony Garden Clean (18 Exclusive Tips)

Compared to other parts of the apartment, balconies are more exposed to the elements, accelerating the accumulation of dust and grime. Let’s explore all the hacks on How to keep the balcony garden clean.

The situation is worse in metropolitans as compared to smaller cities and towns. When a balcony garden is added to these dynamics it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain and any attempt to clean seems completely futile. 

Setting up a balcony, Planning and executing seems interesting and fairly simple. But the real challenge is keeping the garden healthy, presentable and clean. This takes a lot of effort if not done right.

How To Keep The Balcony Garden Clean [15 Quick Ways]

Keeping in mind the difficulties that creep up in the balcony cleaning process. We have put together a few tricks to ensure that your balcony looks its absolute best most of the time. Let’s find out step by step how do you maintain a balcony garden? and how to clean the balcony.

How To Keep The Balcony Garden Clean
How To Keep The Balcony Garden Clean

#1 Higher the better

When pots and planters are placed directly on the floor, it not only adds to the clutter but also makes cleaning increasingly difficult. A way around this is by using shelves or other wall units to stack them. This makes the place easier to maintain.

There are a lot of options available in the market including railing planters.

  • That can be hooked onto the balcony railing, hanging planters
  • That can be hung from either the ceiling or brackets on walls, 2 / 4 / 6 or more tier Shelf planter racks
  • That accommodates planters in a way that they do not occupy a lot of space and make it convenient to water and care for the plants and much more alike.

How to keep the balcony floor clean? Planter options are limitless, you can either buy or tap your creative side and use existing racks and other materials available in the house. The idea is to keep the plants away from the floor to reduce untidiness and keep the place clean.  

#2 Pay heed to your flooring

How to clean the balcony floor? Piggybacking on the previous point, much attention needs to be given to the balcony flooring. The dirt, dust, soil, and water can cause discolouration of tiles.

At the same time, they could also corrode flooring over a period of time. With wooden flooring, it could rot, and cause long term damage.

It is therefore advisable to leave the floor clear of anything – including pots, planters, even watering cans and watering equipment. Along with this, it is important to use collection trays under pots, this minimizes stains and discolouration. It also keeps runoffs in check. 

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While watering the plants one could consider the slow watering technique where you take time to water the plants waiting for the water to seep in.

As compared to the fast watering one where water is dunked into the pot at one go. This not only ensures that the plants receive the essential nutrients from the soils but also reduces pot leakage and runoffs.

Apart from keeping the floor clear, it is important to wash the balcony regularly. Scrubbing the floor with detergent will help keep stains at bay.

#3 The walls are important too

Along with caring for the flooring, it is important to keep the walls of your balcony garden clean. You could start by getting rid of the dust and cobwebs every week and proceed to wash them with soap and water either every month or more frequently depending on where your apartment is located. 

The weather conditions in your area also need to be taken into consideration while formulating a wash plan. You could also sweep the walls regularly to avoid build-up.

You could also consider fitting a wooden or acrylic board. A smoother surface is always easier to clean as compared to a rough one. So plan accordingly.  

#4 Setting a routine is key

Gardening is relaxing, gratifying and in a way helps you reconnect with yourself. How To Keep Balcony Clean is the most challenging sometimes.

At the same time, it can also be time-consuming and a little annoying if you have a busy schedule. Procrastination might be something you are used to daily, but it could be detrimental to your greens. To reduce anxiety about maintaining the garden set a cleaning schedule. 

It takes time and energy to schedule a specific time of the day. Set aside 20 – 30 minutes a day preferably in the morning right after you wake up.

Weaving this you’re your routine will not only make it easier but will also ensure that your plants are properly cared for. It will also give you time for yourself. 

How to maintain a balcony garden
Balcony Garden Cleaning Tips

#5 Show a little love to the furniture

Like the greens in your garden, the furniture also requires a little TLC. Wipe down the cabinets and planter hangings, wash the furniture upholstery regularly. Pay attention to the chairs and tables as well. This reduces the accumulation of dust, leaving your garden clean and fresh. 

#6 Colour scheme 

The colour scheme of your balcony garden plays an important role in the overall look and feel of the place. This being said, it also plays a role in the cleanliness level or the effort you need to put in while cleaning.

Experts suggest opting for darker colours as compared to lighter ones. White and beige upholstery looks adorable in the beginning but for the long run, a dark brown or black will look and remain cleaner. 

#7 Mindful selection of material

Accompanied by the colour scheme we see that the materials used for cabinets as well as the upholstery are extremely important for the overall cleanliness of the balcony garden. 

Upholstery made of synthetic fibers, such as acrylic, polyester, nylon or olefin, are easier to clean as compared to their non-synthetic counterparts. They stand water well and can be effortlessly cleaned using any type of water-based cleaning product. This not only makes it easier to clean but also reduces the chances of them getting stained.  

#8 The glass needs attention too

No matter the size of the glass that divides your balcony garden and your room, it needs to be kept clean. There are a variety of glass cleaning products available in the market, you could buy these or go in for the good old soapy water and newspaper technique. 

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In which all you need is regular washing soap, dish wash liquid or detergent, mix this in a bowl of water and spray it over the glass. Once the glass is moist use a sponge or a microfibre towel to clean the surface. Finally, use old newspapers for a squeaky-clean glass.

#9 Looking after doors and windows

In most cases especially older apartment buildings, you will have a traditional wooden or acrylic door leading into the balcony.

This can be done by dusting them and wiping them down regularly with soapy water. For cleaning the apartment balcony a regular polishing and scrubbing routine can be implemented to ensure your balcony looks inviting and is stunningly clean inside out. 

#10 Clip away

Trimming climbers regularly prevents them from latching onto the walls and railings, this ensures that paint is not messed up. It is wise to have designated rods for climbers so that they are tamed and not all over the place.

It is also important to trim other plants and shrubs in the balcony garden to remove crossed, damaged or diseased branches that affect the overall health of the plant. Pruning also improves the flow of air and minerals through the plant.

Trimming does wonders for the overall health of your garden and also keeps away dead leaves and twigs.  

#11 Keep The Balcony Garden Clean By Boxing things up

Have cabinets and built-in storage to keep your tools and other things dust free. These storage cabinets can be useful to store stools and chairs along with other items that are not used regularly. This ensures that things are dust-free when you need them.  

#12 Keeping the drains clean

Every garden needs to have a functional drainage system. To keep this clean, it is important to pay attention to the existing condition of the drain and the frequency at which it is cleaned. Secondly, to prevent dry leaves and other things from entering the drain, it needs to be coved using a mess cover or a drain cap.

Care must be taken to clean the drain periodically to maintain smooth functioning.  

#13 Gardening with pets

Marinating a balcony garden with pets around can be a little tricky. They are ever curious about what planted and want to help by digging the pots whenever possible. They could also be tempted to nibble on the fragrant flowers or the delicious fruits and vegetables growing. 

To keep the garden in good shape, despite your furry friends, use planters that are away from their reach. This might not be possible at all times. For such situations plant saplings that they are not attracted to. You could also restrict their entry into the garden altogether. 

#14 Keeping the lights fans and other fixtures clean

Like other things in the garden, it is important to keep the lights and other fixtures clean. This can be done by dusting them often. You can also schedule a deep cleaning day for the garden where all the fixtures are cleaned thoroughly. 

If you have a fan on the balcony be sure of it is full of dust in just a few days. It is, therefore, necessary to clean it regularly. 

#15 Dust proofing

How to keep balcony dust free? When exposed to elements, it is natural that dust will accumulate on your chairs tables and any other surface available.

Another option is to use covers for your furniture. You can simply cover them when not in use, leaving them fresh act as a balcony dust protection.

Blinds are another option to keep dust away. But along with dust, they will also keep sunlight away. See what suits your plants best.  

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#16 Cleaning plants as well 

Clean not only the garden but also the plants. It is necessary to get the dust off the leaves to let the plants breathe and remain healthy. To do this, there are spray attachments available in the market that can be used instead of a hose pipe that would utilize a lot of water and also mess up the entire balcony. 

Water pumps that can be attached to bottles are available at almost every store and are very economical. These exert enough water pressure to clean the plants and at the same time are easier to use as compared to bulky watering cans. 

How to keep balcony garden clean
how to keep the garden clean

Cleaning plants can be done about once a week or even once a fortnight depending on the amount of dust accumulated on them.

#17 One step at a time

Instead of waiting to clean the entire balcony once a week or fortnight. It’s easier to include the balcony while mopping the rest of the house. This way you clean the flooring regularly avoiding piles up.  

You can also dust down and wipe the furniture regularly, this will reduce the hassle of doing it especially for the garden. 

#18 Make cleaning fun

Cleaning the garden doesn’t need to be one person’s job. Nor does it need to be done at one time. Remember tiny drops make an ocean-like discussed in the previous point small deeds done regularly can make a huge difference.

With all these tips you might get an idea of how to prevent dust from the balcony?

Here are some common Frequent asked questions on how to keep the balcony clean.

How to cover balcony from dust

To make the walls less prone to dust build-up consider making them as smooth as possible. 
The outer walls of buildings are generally rough, this can cause a lot of dust accumulation in crevices.
To avoid this, smoother the surface using Plaster of Paris, Cement or other smoothing agents.

How to clean artificial grass on the balcony?

You should simply hose down the balcony with loads of water. And then for washing use any cleaning agent like the foamy solution, and wash with some more water.

How do you make a small balcony look bigger?

Below are a few tips to follow.
Add a Small Table. All you require is to make the most of your morning with your favourite espresso.
Introduce Built-In Seating. Expand your area with worked in seat seating.
Use small greenery plants.
Use Floor Pillows.
Add Pattern with an Outdoor Rug.

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We have explored all the tips on How to keep the balcony garden clean. Cleaning the balcony garden might seem like a tedious, time-consuming task but it doesn’t have to be that way.

All you need to do is start small, set a routine, and stick to it. Have a cleanliness plan, and dedicate a fixed amount of time every day to your balcony garden.

In the case of pests use pest kill solutions, to keep pests at bay. Remember the purpose behind the garden is for you to reconnect with yourself and have a place to unwind.

Don’t let keeping the garden clean and other maintenance tasks come in the way of you and your happy place. There is a solution to everything, you only need to look.