Are Peonies Deer Resistant: (Why Do Deer Eat Peonies)

Do you wish to grow peonies in your garden but wondering, ‘Are peonies deer resistant‘? Read here to learn if peonies are safe from hungry deer or not.

The rich fragrance, beautiful body, and unique texture of peonies make them popular among homeowners looking to add flare to their gardens.

However, one common question that may bother most homeowners may have is, ‘Do Deer Eat Peonies.’

Although deer sightings enhance the picturesque splendor of a backyard, they can cause alarm for homeowners growing colorful flora.

Deer are known to feed on flowers, which might lead some people to assume that deer will eat their peonies. Do you have similar concerns? Keep reading to get answers.

Are Peonies Deer Resistant?

Do Deer Eat Peonies?

Peonies are known for their strong aroma and intense flavor profile. These features can keep these colorful flowers from getting devoured by animals like deer.

However, one thing to remember is that, like every other animal, deer will eat anything that comes into sight when hungry.

Therefore, although deer may not prefer to eat peonies, it doesn’t mean your peonies are completely safe from deer.

If a deer is hungry enough, it may eat the peonies in your garden.

This is why it is important to have preventive measures to ensure you don’t wake up to your beautiful peonies being eaten by deer.

There are several methods of protecting peonies from deer.

Using deer repellent, planting in specific spots, or putting up fences can help protect your peonies from deer attacks. Keep reading to learn how to safeguard your peonies from deer.

How to Protect Peonies from Deer?

Follow the measures below to protect your peonies from deer:

1. Incorporate Deer-Repellent Vegetation

Although the strong aroma of peonies may keep deer from devouring them, you can plant several deer-resistant plants in your garden to ensure deer stay away from your precious peonies.

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As discussed above, deer dislike plants with rich aromas. So why not use that to keep them away from your garden?

Apart from peonies, consider planting other flowers with rich scents, some of which include:

These flowers will add to the overall appeal of your garden and help keep your mind at ease and ensure your flowers are safe from deer attacks. 

2. Choose The Right Location

Deer are cautious animals and do their best to stay away from dangerous situations.

These animals can easily get spooked by humans, which can be great news for homeowners looking to keep them away from their gardens.

Planting your peonies near your driveway or the entrance of your residence is an excellent way of keeping deer away from them.

When deers know you are close to the peonies, they are less likely to attack the flowers.

Peonies are sensitive and can deteriorate in conditions if not planted correctly or in the right spot.

Hence, when planting or relocating your peonies to a safer spot, ensure the area has the soil and lighting necessary for your peonies to thrive.

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3. Install A Fence

Installing a fence in your garden is a great way to keep unwelcome visitors from entering the area.

However, remember that choosing the right fence is critical if you install it intending to keep deer away.

FXW Decorative Garden Metal Fence Temporary Animal Barrier for Yard, 7 Panels+1 Gate, 16.5'(L)×24"(H), Black

Deers are known to be great jumpers, which means that they can easily jump a small fence.

Hence, choosing a fence tall enough to keep deer from entering is critical to ensure it serves its purpose well.

If you are unsure which fence to install, you can ask your neighbors what fences they have installed to keep deer away or consult a professional for more advice.

In some scenarios, adding the right border to your garden can also do the trick of keeping deer away. Incorporating large rocks like boulders or similar bordering can help do the trick.

  • Lining your garden with plant varieties like boxwoods or thick hedges can also be a great way to keep your peonies hidden from deer.
  • These plants add to your home’s curb appeal and keep unfavorable visitors out of your garden.
  • If you want to be even more sure that no animals like deer will enter your garden, you can install solutions like electric fencing.
  • Although this can be a pricey solution, it will offer you the peace of mind that your garden is protected from unwanted intruders. 
  • Double fencing will surely do the job if you are against electric fending, and no other solutions seem to keep deer away from your pennies.
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4. Purchase Deer Repellents

Many homeowners might not know this, but you can find specific products that work as deer repellents in your local stores or online.

  • Conduct intensive research on the best deer repellents before ordering them online.
  • Moreover, ensure that the deer repellents are not intended to harm the animals but keep them away from your garden.
  • Read online reviews and ask around your circle for advice on the best deer repellents in the market.
  • You will find deer repellents in different shapes and forms, from sprays to electronic repellents.
  • Most homeowners opt for electronic repellents since these seem to do the job well. However, spray replants can also do the job when looking for a quick fix.

Remember that although these solutions may help reduce the chances of your peonies getting eaten by deer, they may not be entirely effective.

Fortunately, if this occurs, there are alternative options available.

5. Turn to Physical Deterrents

Although solutions like electric fencing are popular among homeowners looking to add physical deterrents to keep deer away, you can choose other uncommon options.

In some circumstances, reflective surfaces like pie pans or streamers may assist in preventing deer from eating your peonies. Moreover, adding branches around the peonies can also help.

Some people also keep fishing lines and floodlights in hidden areas in their gardens to keep deer away. Floodlights emit a bright light that might scare deer.

Since these animals are easily frightened, the flood of light will deter them from returning to your garden. Furthermore, fishing lines can catch deer off guard and cause them to trip, leading them to flee.

6. Opt for Odor Deterrents

Odor deterrents are a less common option for keeping deers away since these can also bother you can visitors.

However, they may do a great job in keeping these animals always when all other tricks have failed. Some common odor deterrents include:

  • Rotten eggs
  • Coffee grounds
  • Natural oils
  • Used clothes
  • Chili peppers
  • Aromatic soaps
  • Citrus

When using these odor deterrents, remember that these odors may quickly wear off, necessitating you reapply them occasionally. 

7. Let The Dogs Out

Your dog’s scent can be incredibly effective in keeping deer away from your peonies.

If deers pick up on the scent of a dog in your garden, it will likely convince them to never return to the area.

So occasionally, let your furry friends out to play. However, do install fencing to keep your pets from fleeing the garden.

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8. Invest in Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Motion-activated sprinklers will help keep your vegetation well-hydrated and unwanted visitors away from your peonies.

When a deer enters a garden with motion-activated sprinklers, the water from the sprinkler will likely startle it and be enough to keep it from returning.

Do Deer Eat Peonies FAQ

Q1. What Plants Are Best At Keeping Deer Away?

Deers strongly dislike vegetation with strong aromas. These animals avoid coming near any plant with aromatic flowers.

Some plants that fit these characteristics include sage and rosemary.

Q2. What Types Of Smells Are Best At Repelling Deer?

Strong smells can be an effective deer repellent since these animals are sensitive to strong aromas.

Deers hate natural smells of mind, cloves, and garlic.

Predator-related scents, like the scent of wolves’ urine, can also be highly effective in repelling deer.

Q3. What Animals Scare Deer?

Deers are scared of animals that fit the profile of a predator.

Dogs are a common household animal that fits this profile well. Even a fake decoy of dogs can be highly efficient in keeping deer away.

Q4. What Scents Attract Deer To Gardens?

The scent of Trophy Rock minerals and Cherry Bombs is known to attract deer. You will likely have deer sightings if you have these components in your garden deer.

Q5. Are Deer Attracted To The Scent Of Perfume?

Deer do not like strong scents and stay away from areas with the scent of perfumes.

Homeowners can spray the perfume they don’t like to keep deer away from their gardens. 

Q6. Are Deer Attracted To The Smell Of Cinnamon?

The smell of cinnamon can be a great way to deter deer from a location.

The best part is that most humans are not bothered by the scent of cinnamon.

So cinnamon is the ideal not-so-awful smell in your garden to keep deer away.


Although peonies are not the go-to snack for deer, they are still at risk of deer attacks when the deer is hungry. By incorporating the methods of protecting peonies from deer discussed above, you can rest assured that your peonies are safe from becoming a snack for the deer nearby.

Remember that what may scare some deer away may not work to scare others, so try to double or triple these strategies to get the best results.