Why Meyer Lemon Tree Leaves Turning Yellow [15 Fixes]

Is your Meyer Lemon Tree leaves turning yellow and starting to lose their color? You should be concerned. A growing Meyer lemon tree must have bright green leaves.

It’s no surprise that most farmers love cultivating Meyer lemon plants. You don’t have to be worried about your soil not being suitable for cultivating Meyer lemon. They are well capable of thriving in any variety of soil available to you.

This makes them easier and more suitable as a houseplant and also appropriate for your garden. Even if your hardiness zone falls in 9 and above, Meyer Lemon will flourish in such zone.

The right care and exposure to sunlight will assist Meyer Lemon Tree in developing green thick leaves and also yielding pulpy, tasty fruits which are pleasant and give a soothing sensation.

So, if the leaves on your tree have turned yellow, what should you do next? Your Meyer lemon tree leaves turning yellow might suggest a variety of issues that can be fixed.

Continue reading to understand how to handle the most possible complications of your Meyer lemon becoming yellow and other related difficulties.

  • Why Meyer Lemon Tree Turns Yellow
  • Meyer Lemon Tree Dull Leaves
  •  Meyer Lemon Tree Branches Dying
  • Why Is My Meyer Lemon Tree Losing Leaves In Winter?
  •  Meyer Lemon Plants Inside Pots With Yellow Leaves  
  • How Frequently Must Meyer Lemon Tree Be Watered?  
  • Why Meyer Lemon Plants Are Dropping
  • Meyer Lemon Tree Dropping Indoors
  • Meyer Lemon Tree Leaves Diseases.
  • What Makes Meyer Lemon Tree Die?
  •   Meyer Lemon Tree Curling Up

Why Meyer Lemon Trees Turns Yellow

Do you know that there are a lot of factors that could make yellow spots on Meyer lemon leaves? Nutritional intake and the way you feed them could very well trigger this condition and it’s one of the major causes of your Meyer lemon leave turning yellow.

Common reasons that can lead to the yellow discoloration of your Meyer lemon leaves include.

1. Overwatering

One of the most common errors gardeners do to their plants is giving them too much water. For trees such as Meyer Lemon trees that are not native to swamps or wetlands, frequently drenching them in water is more harmful than beneficial to them.

Just like how most plants generally detest excess watering, your Meyer lemon tree root gets affected when you water them excessively.

When they are drenched in abundant water, the water will not allow their roots to draw enough nourishment from the soil. When they are unable to receive the draw or absorb the right or required amount of nutrients, it induces Meyer lemon tree yellow leaves.

You may constantly examine or check your plant’s roots to see how they’re doing by digging beneath the roots. White and sturdy roots indicate that the roots are healthy.

However, once you notice your plant’s roots to be muddy or brown, that is a major indication of root rot which will eventually lead to the yellowing of your Meyer lemon tree.

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2. Deficiency Of Necessary Minerals

Just like any other citrus plant, the sensitivity of the Meyer Lemon Tree to essential mineral shortages is enough to make Meyer lemon yellow leaves.

 To figure out exactly which mineral is short or deficient in your Meyer lemon, carrying out a soil analysis is advisable. The yellowing of your Meyer lemon leaves from their tip to the root is frequently due to a shortage of nitrogen.

Overwatering is one major way nutrients are lost from the soil. Abundant water drains out the essential minerals needed by the soil.

3. Deficiency Overcompensation

Overcompensation of deficient nutrients by gardeners towards their plants is another factor. Feeding your Meyer lemon tree each time you feel it needs nutrients without actual confirmation will harm your tree.

Not only will this affect the taste of the fruit, but your tree will also end up yielding malformed fruits.

Why Meyer Lemon Plants Are Dropping

 Below are various reasons why your Meyer Lemon tree leaves are dropping.

Meyer Lemon Tree Leaves Turning Yellow
Meyer Lemon Tree Leaves Turning Yellow and dropping

1. Fertilization At An Extremely High Rate

The number of nutrients or fertilizer you feed to your Meyer lemon tree will determine just how healthy your plant will be. Avoid feeding your Meyer lemon too many nutrients when it’s still in the early years (first year).

Just about a single spoonful of fertilizer is enough for your Meyer lemon tree when it’s summer or spring of its first season. Apply a balanced citrus fertilizer each month or two months as your Meyer lemon matures. When you feed your Meyer lemon at an extremely high rate, its leaves are bound to drop. 

Moreso, when giving the appropriate nutrients to your Meyer lemon tree, do not let the nutrients be stacked up at the root of your Meyer lemon tree. This can trigger Meyer lemon tree yellow leaves to fall off. Feed your plant properly by uniformly dispersing the nutrients.

2. Nutrient Shortage: See Whether You Have A Nutrient Shortage

Do you notice your Meyer lemon tree dropping? It’s high time you conduct a soil test and discover which of the key elements is missing in your tree’s diet.

If your tree suffers from chlorosis and tends to drop its leaves frequently, it needs more iron. Both yellowing as well as dropping of Meyer lemon tree leaves can be induced via a shortage of magnesium. 

Fungal infections like root rots or Pest infestations are also something you should look out for if you find your Meyer lemon trees swiftly shedding leaves.

Why Is My Meyer Lemon Tree Losing Leaves In Winter?

Winter (cold months) is the most challenging month for Meyer lemon trees, especially a young Meyer lemon plants.

The native environment suitable for Meyer lemon is a warm tropical surrounding as they might die prematurely if exposed to the winter.

  • Exposure to insufficient sunlight and low intensity of sunshine which is common during the winter period is the key reason for Meyer lemon trees losing leaves in winter.
  • Although a more developed Meyer lemon is strongly capable of surviving the winter months, an immature Meyer lemon is subjective to the harms of the cold season.
  • However, this harm can be prevented and you can also preserve the tree’s health. Once it’s winter, position the Meyer lemon tree in a bright window that will allow enough sunlight to reach the plant.
  • On a constant schedule, spritz your tree’s leaves, and also never let your tree be dehydrated. Come the Spring season, your tree will rebound with fresh shoots as a result of increased sunshine.

Meyer Lemon Plants Inside Pots With Yellow Leaves 

If your pots or planters do not have discharge openings, don’t be surprised when you see your Meyer lemon trees in pots of yellowing leaves.

  • There are numerous desirable planters or pots that do not have any discharge openings which ends up causing a waterlogged situation for the soil.
  • Once your Meyer Lemon plant’s soil gets waterlogged, indoor lemon tree leaves turning yellow is unavoidable.
  • It is best to grow Meyer Lemon Tree inside a pot having enough drainage openings at the base.
  • This will give the soil a chance to air out and also allow the draining out of excess water after you are done watering the plant
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How Frequently Must Meyer Lemon Trees Be Watered? 

Prior to watering your potted Meyer Lemon Trees, you have to be certain that they actually do need the water. You can find out by inserting a finger, 2 inches inside the soil in order to feel it.

When you feel that the soil is parched, water the plant thoroughly to a point at which the water runs out the base of your pot.

It’s important to retain the moisture level of the Meyer lemon tree when in’s winter months. Keep your plant hydrated by using a spray bottle for misting.

As much as it’s important to maintain your soil moisture level, be careful not to get your soil waterlogged.

For Meyer Lemon Tree planted in your garden, water the more mature ones once every 14 days. The water should be at most 3 to 6 inches down inside the soil. The younger trees only need thorough watering once each 7days.

What Makes Meyer Lemon Trees Die?

A variety of factors could trigger your Meyer lemon tree branches to die. When you see the sight of your tree branches dying, it can be attributed to stress.

  • When your tree is being stressed about a particular factor, its innate defensive system acts out to help it in coping with the harm.
  • Drastic changes in the environment including major storm damage, floods, and drought could trigger Meyer lemon trees to dying branches.
  • Other possible factors like diseases or infections, pest attacks, or even old age could make your Meyer lemon tree branches die back.
  • You can improve your tree’s liveliness and health by clipping out any branches that have been overlapping, cluttered, damaged, infected, or deceased.

Meyer Lemon Trees Dull Leaves

Pale or dull leaves on Meyer lemon trees highly suggest a problem with the nutrients uptake by the tree. All lemons are really enthusiastic about their feeding, sometimes, it seems the nutrients are not sufficient for them.

The same applies to Meyer Lemon, not getting accurate Zinc, Magnesium, Iron or even Nitrogen will result in dull leaves along with your Meyer lemon tree dropping.

However, there are cases in which all of these key nutrients are actually available but pH issues restrict the tree from accessing these nutrients.

Conducting analysis for your soil will provide the answers where necessary repairs are needed. If it turns out to be pH issues, that generally necessitates a more powerful, problem-specific solution.

Meyer Lemon Tree Leaves Dropping Indoors

Meyer Lemon Tree is a sensitive plant that is susceptible to unexpected changes in its surroundings. Commonly, Meyer Lemon Tree is groomed inside greenhouses or gardens.

The precise conditions inside the greenhouses or within the gardens are already suitable for them, however, the tree will drop most if not all of its leaves when translocated indoors due to winter.

Your yellow leaves Meyer lemon dropping is due to the stress of the change in surroundings coupled with the indoor air that is considerably dryer compared to the air they are used to outdoors.

Moreso, the tree leaves lose their moisture to the heater and the air conditioning inside your house and this causes Meyer lemon tree leaves to turn yellow and drop.

Meyer Lemon Tree Leaves Diseases and Problems

Among the causes of diseases on Meyer Lemon leaves is Sooty mold. The appearance of black leaves on your tree is caused by none other than this fungal infection.

Honeydew secreted by bugs like Mealybugs, Aphids, and even whiteflies is responsible for causing this disease outbreak on your tree’s leaves.

To efficiently get rid of this fungal infection, your first priority should be focused on eliminating the bugs. Applying insecticide to your tree’s leaves twice in 14 days will help in getting rid of the bugs.

When you successfully get the bugs off your tree, you can subdue the mold development through the application of wet copper fungicide.

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Greasy spot fungus and citrus canker are also part of the infectious conditions that can occur on the Meyer lemon trees.

Meyer Lemon Trees Dying

When you cultivate your Meyer Lemon trees so near together, you are risking their health. It is quite uncomfortable for these trees to be planted close to each other because you are trying to optimize your planting area.

What happens when they are cultivated next to each other? They battle for every single thing. The trees will battle for the nutrients like calcium and nitrogen you give them, they will compete against each other for water.

This will result in one of them or all of them not getting the appropriate nutrient needed to grow, this then leads to Meyer lemon trees dying.

If your trees are in such a scenario, do not worry too much, a simple fix is to give them additional water on a constant schedule. That will help them to maintain their health and allow them to thrive.

However, if you are a new grower enthusiastic about cultivating Meyer Lemon Trees, cultivate them based on the Meyer lemon tree’s typical peak growth.

Meyer Lemon Trees Curling Up

Being a caring farmer is good, but when you are over-caring, you might harm your plant.

Constant moisture of Meyer lemon trees is important but over-watering them because you show them overly affection and you don’t want them to lack anything will trigger indoor lemon tree leaves curling inwardly. 

Put a pause to the watering immediately you get a whiff of your Meyer Lemon leaves curling inwardly.

Pests in some cases are actually the culprits for making your Meyer lemon tree leaves curling up. You can put a stop to the infestations of the pests by using the appropriate insecticide.

FAQs on Why Meyer Lemon Tree Leaves Turning Yellow

Q: How Does A Meyer Lemon Plant Look When It Is Overwatered?

When your Meyer lemon plant exhibits yellow foliage or drops foliage, this is among the most common indicators of overwatering.

Q: What Are The Indications That Your Meyer Lemon Tree Is Dying?

Your lemon tree might very well be diseased or dying should it cease yielding blossoms or fruit, or Meyer lemon tree leaves turn yellow and falling off.

Q: Can Leaves That Have Turned Yellow Turn Green Again?

Yellowing Meyer lemon leaves are quite an indication of distress, and they won’t return green again in most cases.

The yellow leaves often fall off, although, with proper attention and applying water, the natural leaves should develop again.

Q: Can The Leaves On My Lemon Plant Inside A Pot Regrow?

If you follow the required measures when your Citrus tree loses its leaves, it will proceed to sprout fresh leaves during the first 4-6 weeks.

Q: Can we control lemon tree yellow leaves with Epsom salt?

Epsom Salt is a great source of magnesium in the soil. Adding this can prevent the yellowing of lemon trees by mixing 30g of Epsom Salts per liter of water.

Q: Meyer tree leaves turning white?

White leaves on the Meyer lemon tree are a sure indication of nutrition deficiency of nitrogen, poor soil, or root rot. Watch out for the symptoms and provide these nutrients.


At all times, your Meyer Lemon Tree must enjoy direct sunshine and when it’s off-season, whatever filtration, including a doorway screen, might weaken the act.

Also, avoid making major alterations to your plant’s environment. Your Meyer lemon tree has yellow leaves if the lighting, moisture, or water alters.

Do we hope after reading this article you must know Why Meyer Lemon Tree Leaves Turning Yellow? along with its fixes.