Lisianthus Flowers: How To Grow And Care Tips

Lisianthus has gained popularity recently and became one of the most planted flowers. The flower has been widely available in the last five years.

Properly grown Lisianthus flower blooms in an incredibly beautiful color and shape. This flower symbolizes love and compassion. Therefore, people often gift it to their loved ones.

Lisianthus Care

The Lisianthus flower has a certain blooming season and you must take good care of them during this season. Just give them enough light and keep the soil moist for their growth if you want them to bloom perfectly.

If you are planning to grow the Lisianthus plant, it is better for learning all the knows-how before getting started. Here are some of the growing and caring tips you can explore.

What Is a Lisianthus Flower

Lisianthus (commonly known as a glabrous herb) has pale purple flaring petal-like lobes and large gentian that is bell-shaped.

The blossoming season of lisianthus is generally summer season. The flower comes in various colors like shades of lavender, deep purple, blue-violet, and pink.

Lisianthus comes in single and double both shades. This flower is also famous by other names such as Bluebell, Texas bluebell, Prairie Gentian, Tulip Gentian and Lira de San Pedro.

Lisianthus plants have long-stemmed flowers of the cymes. Sepals of these flowers are focused close to the base of the plant and are much smaller than its petals.

The stems of the flowers are inverted close to the base of the plant and they are slightly twisted towards the inside. It can grow up to a height of 20-30 inches and a small variety of them can grow up to 7-9 inches tall.

What Does Lisianthus Flower Symbolize

Some people believe that there is nothing more beautiful than eustoma or popularly known as Lisianthus. It is believed to be descended from North America and it is native to Mexico and Texas.

The scientists even found out that the genes of these flowers are from the Victorian era. In those times, the person who is showy and flashy in nature used to carry this flower.

Eustoma lisianthus is also associated with the people who are born with the zodiac sign Sagittarius. These flowers are also considered to be a symbol of love and passion.

They can be also used as a romantic gesture and can be gifted to someone with whom you feel deeply attached. Lisianthus also symbolizes charisma and gratefulness. They also make a beautiful and charming bouquet.

How To Care Lisianthus

Lisianthus plants can be grown using various methods. One of them is using its seeds that just need the right environment and proper care for them to grow.

  • Since half-grown plants are easier to grow than growing them while they are little seed. Therefore, you can also buy them as bedding plants.
  • The plant that is developed from seeds requires almost 20 to 24 weeks to develop completely. But buying them half grown can save your efforts and you can grow them at your home with ease.
  • The plating time of these flowers depends upon your living conditions. But they are grown in the summer season majorly in March or April.
  • Lisianthus care includes taking care of the plant right from when it is a little seed. Place the seed in a sunny location with well-drained soil.
  • The plants need to be planted at 6 to 8 inches if you’re planting them in large quantities. This ensures that they can support each other.

How Grow Lisianthus In Containers

The shorter lisianthus plants can be perfectly grown in containers. These varieties of the lisianthus can be easily combined with other flowers too.

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You must pick a container that has sufficient space for the smaller plants to grow. Some of the good neighbors of lisianthus are- Tickseed and Dianthus.

The Lisianthus Eustoma can be grown in a container by using the following steps:-

  1. Select a well-drained container and fill it with soil.
  2. Place the lisianthus seed or half-grown flower as per the availability.
  3. The flower will be grown best under full sun and in moist soil.
  4. Also, allow the soil to be dry between consecutive watering.
  5. Add some fertilizer to make it bloom more beautifully.

How To Start Lisianthus From Seeds

If you have this question in your mind how to grow lisianthus from seeds. We have given step by step instructions for this question:-

  1. Fill the number of lisianthus plugs that you need.
  2. Put around half-inch of water in the tray and mix the soil with water.
  3. Remove the container from the water after the soil has been sit and drain it well.
  4. Sow the seed carefully on the top layer of the soil and remember to not cover the seed.
  5. When you finished sowing the seed, spray pellets on the soil surface with water.
  6. Place the seed under direct light.
  7. Keep the soil moist by spraying water regularly on it.

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Lisianthus Flowers Care Step By Step Guide

Lisianthus care is an important part that will contribute to the growth of the plant more beautifully and perfectly. The following are some steps that will help you to take good care of them:-

  • Light: The plants starve for light. But the light should be bright and indirect because the high intensity of heat causes harm to them. They shouldn’t be exposed to harsh summer also. August and September season suits them perfectly.
  • Water: These plants should be watered frequently. The soil should be let dry in between also. But you should not let it dry for too long as it may cause drought-like conditions.
  • Soil: The soil that is provided to the plant must be excellent in drainage. Poor drainage soil will rot the roots of lisianthus. Also, acidic soil is not suitable for this plant. The pH of the soil should be maintained between 6.5 and 7.0 to prevent the yellowing of leaves.
  • Fertilizer: The fertilizer that needs to be feed is a liquid fertilizer that suits them. Also, it should be added to the growing season.
  • Pruning: Lisianthus produces flowers from July to frost if they are kept deadheaded. In case your flowers are turning brown, remove its stem from a point where it emerges from two leaves. This will ensure that the new buds can open, and the plant can continue to grow the flower stalks upwards for most of the summer.

Why Should You Grow Lisianthus?

Lisianthus are grown at home which symbolizes love and compassion. These flowers bloom in the summer season and they grow in moist soil in bright light.

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The flowers also make a perfect gift for your loved ones and make a beautiful bouquet. Lisianthus plants for sale are easily available in the market. You just need to take them home and increase the natural beauty of your home.

Best Ways to Use Lisianthus in Garden Borders

Short lisianthus plants with purple strides are best grown in the border. Eustoma flower-like lisianthus blooms contrastingly nicely.

They look as beautiful as daisy-like zinnias and cockscomb, which are coral in shape. For growing lisianthus in garden borders, they should be grouped with five or more plants together.

It makes a nice splash of color. The soil that is presented to them must be moist and light available to them must be inadequate amount.

What Are The Different Varieties of Lisianthus Flower Colors

Lisianthus are available in various different varieties. The flower is available in almost more than 20 varieties. Some of the famous ones are listed below:-

  • Purple
  • Cherry Sorbet
  • Arena Red
  • Black Pearl
  • Charisma Blue
  • Charisma White
  • Flare White
  • Lisa Blue
  • Mariachi Blue
  • White Rose

Apart from these, there are also different types of varieties of lisianthus-flowers available in the market. Let us learn about some flower varieties in detail:

#1- White Lisianthus

Lisianthus white is the most popular type of lisianthus flowers that are widely available in the markets. White is the natural color of the lisianthus. Though, they are also available in hybrid varieties.

White lisianthus is naturally present with a shade of purple on the inner side of their leaf. White lisianthus is also available in many shades such as:-

  • Balboa White
  • Charisma White
  • Flare White
  • Forever White
  • White Rose

 #2- Purple Lisianthus

After white lisianthus, purple lisianthus is most widely grown. Purple lisianthus is a comparatively small variety of the flower. They are typically found and grown in grassland areas.

They grow tall up to a height of 10-60 cm tall and the flower on it is large funnel-shaped. They are single-flowered as well as double-flowered sometimes. Some of the popular varieties of purple are:-

  • ABC 2 purple
  • Purple
  • Charisma Purple

#3- Pink Lisianthus

Pink lisianthus is a hybrid varietyof lisianthus eustoma. They are also immensely popular because of their natural beauty. They have long typed flowers. Their flowers grow in round-shaped with a big petal growing in a curved shape in the outward direction. They can be easily grown and taken care of at home as well. Famous varieties of pink lisianthus are:-

  • Lisa Pink
  • Cherry Sorbet
  • ABC 2 Rose

#4- Lavender Lisianthus

Lavender lisianthus flowers are grown mainly for decoration of areas. These flowers are grown in humid areas. The flowers are a perfect for gift if you want to showcase your love and compassion to others.

They are grown by attaching 3 stems that bloom closely and gave a bunch of lavender lisianthus flowers. The stem of these flowers is of rich green color and they make a very beautiful centerpiece for decoration.

Some of the famous varieties are:-

  • Charisma Lavender
  • Corelli 3 Blue
  • Super Magic Champagne lisianthus

#5- Green Lisianthus    

These lisianthus flowers are rare to find and grow as compared tothe others. They are formed by crossbreeding with other flowers. Also, they are short in size as compared to others.

They grow up to a height of 2-3 inches Their flowers are generally ruffled in shape. Spring season is suited best for their growth. They are available in the light as well as dark shades of green color. Popular varieties of green lisianthus are:-

  • Mariachi Lime Green
  • Forever Green
  • Mint Cocoa
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#6- Red Lisianthus

Eustoma flower of red color is the rarest to obtain. Because they are hard to grow as compared to the other varieties. They grow in a special environment and surroundings and need much care of them while they are growing.

When the flower blooms, they yield beautiful flowers of red color which has vibrant leaves. They grow up to a height of 18-24 inches and their stem is of light green color.

They symbolize greatness and charisma. Popular varieties of red lisianthus flowers are:-

  • ABC 2 Rose
  • Arena Red
  • Charisma Red
  • Roseanna Black Pearl

#7- Lisianthus Blue

Blue lisianthus flowers are a common variety of lisianthus flowers. They grow in the form of dark blue colored flowers with a size of almost 3 inches. The petals of these flowers are ruffled and are rose like.

Its flowers bloom almost the whole year. The flowers are present in the dark shade as well as the mixture of light shade. They are ideal to grow at home.

Since they just require proper light and moist soil only with little fertilizer. Otherwise, they grow by themselves. Some of the popular varieties of blue lisianthus flowers are:-

  • Charisma Blue
  • Corelli 3 Blue
  • Forever Blue
  • Mariachi Blue

#8- The Deep Purples Lisianthus

The deep purple color of the lisianthus flower gives a royalty feeling, success, ceremony, and pride to crown it all. If you mixed the deep purple color to other bold coloration of flowering plants in an array of the eyes.

What they mostly represent is admiration and better accomplishments. They are a perfect gift you can present someone for a perfect accomplishment and house warming generally worth to be celebrated.

#9- The Yellow Lisianthus

The lisianthus yellow color is a beautiful plant that holds a special place in anyone’s heart. This color often envokes the feeling of happiness, as when proposing someone for friendship.

And as the beauty of the flower catches up with the person you are presenting this to.

The Common Pest Related To Lisianthus Plants

Lisianthus is plants that are prone to pests like fungus gnats, this pest is the common destructive enemy for the lisianthus plant and can in case move around with the lisianthus plant to anywhere you might think of.

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Lisianthus is the flower that will add beauty to any place wherever you add them. Whether it is grown at home for the purpose of gardening or they are grown for decoration at a party or any functions.

The natural beauty of these flowers will help the environment to look pleasant and soothing.

With just a delicate amount of care, they can easily become the center of attraction at the place wherever you are going to keep them. Sprinkling a few drops of water on them from time to time they will remain fresh for a long time.

Try growing and taking care of lisianthus and share your experience with us.