11 balcony plant decoration ideas for Christmas Celebration

Are you really excited about this Christmas and looking for balcony plant decoration ideas for Christmas?

In this article, we give plants the spotlight they deserve. They bring a unique touch to your decoration and also bring nature to your Christmas party.

Christmas is an exceptional time of the year for many of us when we eat, select Christmas gifts, and spend time with our loved ones. We want everything to look good and sparkly on the inside and outside.

Hence, balcony decoration is essential for many people. They want to have Christmas vibes everywhere, and the balcony is no exception.

Embark with us on this journey!

balcony plant decoration ideas for Christmas

balcony plant decoration ideas for Christmas

If you have a small balcony, prioritize the plants and decorative ornaments you like the most.

  • Garlands should have some priority, and you can fit them somewhere easily. You want to impress your guests at your Christmas parties, but don’t forget to impress yourself first!
  • Cover your plants with lights, candles, and beautiful ornaments in all your greens. It’s essential to consider which ornaments make sense in your balcony decoration.
  • I think you should go big because this is not a minimalist season.
  • Place a Christmas tree on your balcony because it will bring magic to your holiday and you can let your guests decide which one they prefer, the indoor or the outdoor one.
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An excellent game to play at your Christmas party!

Importance of plants for Christmas Decor

It is inspiring for the owner of the house and everyone who passes by on the street and sees a beautiful, well-dressed balcony. Another important thing this time of the year is how to decorate dining tables.

Plants also play an important role but they don’t need to be alone. Add some fun to them. You can dress them with a lot of accessories.

Your guests will feel the marvelous scent and some nostalgia remembering the old days when they were kids at Christmas.

Plants will turn your balcony into the perfect festive oasis for all your Christmas parties!

Now let’s find out other quick yet trending new ways for Christmas decoration.

1. Exterior Christmas Tree

Building a Christmas Tree on the outside will give a unique touch and double the dose of your Christmas. Because why not have two trees?

For sure that your Christmas party needs a Christmas tree as there are no Christmas festivities without a Christmas tree.

It is a must-have, and it will be nice to dress up not only one but two trees this year. It’s double the fun this year!

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2. Garlands and Wreaths

Garlands and Wreaths are without a doubt Christmas essentials!

They are so pretty and super versatile. You can put a wreath on your front door because it deserves a bit of Christmas.

Add a lot of garlands around your balcony. Choose the ones that already bring some colorful ornaments, and your balcony will be ready to enter a Christmas movie!

3. Lights on the plants

Lights are an essential complement in this season, and lights are everywhere.

It’s beautiful to see your greens with lights, especially at night. It’s perfect for a dinner party, you can leave all the lights up, and it will bring a cozy mood to your party.

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Leave your guests astonished while also being comfortable. Isn’t that great?

4. Christmas Bells on your Garlands

Christmas Bells are a must-have. Hang them in your garlands to provide them with a finishing touch. Let them shine and give that bling that this season needs.

5. Candles

Adding candles to the plants can give a warm touch to your dinner party. Put the candles in the middle of your plants. You can also buy a set that already brings the candles in the plants.

It’s a lovely decorative touch for the party table. 

6. Ornaments in the plants

Ornaments can elevate your Christmas decor, don’t be afraid to overdo it. Your guests will love the mood. You can be creative with the garlands and wreaths, don’t let them be boring.

On your Christmas tree, think about the color scheme you would like and buy a lot of ornaments to dress it. At Christmas, it’s never too much.

plants and flowers for Christmas decoration

balcony flower and plant decoration ideas for Christmas

7. Poinsettia

Poinsettia is a beautiful red plant that everyone knows and is very popular at Christmas.

They are stunning and have the two most important colors of Christmas: red and green.

This plant can be a real star in your balcony decoration, don’t be afraid to use more than one. You can put them in a red vase to highlight the red even more.

This plant is an explosion of color.

8. Amaryllis

Amaryllis is also trendy in the Christmas season, with its bright red flowers perfectly aligned with the season colors.

This is a long-lasting plant so you can enjoy it for a good time. Its name means strength, confidence, success, and determination.

A pretty way to welcome your guests, don’t you think?

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9. Holly Bushes

You know you need a lot of these, and the better part is that this plant doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

They can survive in the worst of winters. During the Christmas season, they are filled with little red berries. This makes them beautiful plants to decorate your balcony.

Your guests will love it and feel nostalgic when they see it.

They are perfect to put in your wreaths!

10. Mistletoe

Although it’s a season’s classic, it should never be overlooked. You know the tradition, kissing under the mistletoe.

We associate it with love, which is beautiful with its white berries.

11. Ivy

Ivy has beautiful leaves that seem like stars in a vivid green. It symbolizes growth, good luck, and good things to wish for at this time of the year. It’s another good way to decorate your wreaths.


Christmas is an extraordinary season, and we love to share it with the most important people around us.

Christmas parties are moments of reunion, blessings, and warm moments that we will never forget. We try to have everything perfect for receiving our guests so that everyone feels good. 

Plants have a therapeutic way of making us feel better, bringing nature to our homes, and feeling the fantastic aromas we all love, particularly at this time of the year.

Beautiful plants in red and green make us feel very nostalgic, but isn’t that great as well? 

Follow our tips, blow away all your guests, and give everyone the best parties they will remember in the following years!