What Attracts Possums In Garden: 15 Natural Ways To Get Rid

What Attracts Possums, How To Get Rid Of Possums Naturally From The Yard? Don’t be alarmed when you’ve observed possum action around your neighborhood. Possums are lone animals who prefer to be left undisturbed just like ground squirrels.

They are hardly ever infection carriers, also, Possums are only hostile when directly attacked. Possums, on the other hand, generally prefer to flee as soon as they’re noticed.

A possum may notwithstanding, decide to start moving into your residence or towards your house, which could be a bother. If they’re within your garden property, there are a few options for getting rid of possums and What Attracts Possums? The majority of methods entail just making your surroundings less attractive. When other easy remedies fail, you could set up snares to catch possums as well as directly expel them.

Throughout this post, we will gain knowledge concerning possums and indeed the issues they create, as well as methods to properly and successfully clear out possums. Let’s get started.

  • What Are Possums?
  • Possums As Invasive Pests
  • What Is The Reason For Possum Outbreak?
  • Is It Hard To Clear Out Possums?
  • Fast Method of Chasing Possums away
  • Natural Ways for Driving away Possums
  • Ways To Get Rid Of Possums Using Home Techniques
  • Preventing Possum Invasion
  • Tips To Clear Out Possums Permanently With Helps Of Professionals

What Are Possums?

Possums might appear to be a hybrid between raccoons as well as a rat, however, they are really kin to kangaroos as well as koalas.

What Attracts Possums In Garden
What Attracts Possums In Garden

Possums have been the sole marsupial species within North America, so while numerous individuals regard them as a nuisance, these creatures are necessary to our environments like Ground Bees, Ants, Worms, Gnats, and Slugs.

Do you want to know methods to clear out possums? It’s hardly surprising. Possums are typically charged for rummaging garbage containers and living underneath patios, basements, attic areas, even hollowed-out trees.

Possum animals, as fascinating as they might be, would not be so appealing when you are struggling with environmental problems related to Possums.

Possums As Invasive Pests

Possums are masters at seizing opportunities. Although their original habitat forests, they can quickly adapt to urban environments, where waste, animal feeds, even human meals supply them with nourishment.

As a consequence, there has been a spike in the number of opossums enjoying leisure or residing in neighborhoods.

Despite the fact of Possums represent no harm, below are a couple of considerations why they ought to be left alone in the wild. Possums have frequently been regarded as pests in the surroundings since they could:

Create A Ruckus

Possums often rummage through trash in search of meals. Possums are much less inclined than raccoons to enter, as well as topple garbage containers.

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Nevertheless, Possums will cheerfully discover and devour any debris or waste that is available.

Attack Dogs And Cats Or Kids

Typically, possums will pretend dead in response to whatever danger.

Furthermore, Possums, just like every regular creature, may protect themselves by hissing but also, in rare circumstances, biting, thus confronting them may lead to harm.

To avoid confrontations involving a Possum, kids must be educated not to approach or feed creatures, while cats, as well as dogs, must be supervised when outside.

Consume Plants From Your Yard

Although ring-tailed possums can help your yard by eating bugs, they may also devour your veggies as well as fruits, even stomp across your shrubs.


When opossums, like many other animals, spend too much time in a place, they might die. Deceased creatures may bring pest problems, sickness, even bad odors, among other things.

Kill Your Chickens

Angry possums are known for sneaking inside chicken coops then eating the hens as well as eggs. Alternative food options are generally more accessible, therefore this is not typical conduct of Possums.

What Attracts Possums In Your garden?

A quick appropriate response is food, however, because possums do seem to be omnivores, they encompass a wide range. House Possums are attracted to a variety of foods, including:

  • Pet foods, never feed your dogs and cats outside.
  • Fruits as well as berries which have already dropped off your trees.
  • Waste, Birdseed which has landed on the ground after falling off the dispenser.

Is It Hard To Clear Out Possums?

Keeping Possums away from your premises will benefit not just you but also the creatures mostly in the long term.

Extensive ingestion of human meal products, such as ones encountered in the garbage, has a detrimental influence on the wellbeing of Possums as a wildlife animals.

A minimal danger of sickness or assault is another incentive to reduce the likelihood of these creatures (Possums) entering your property.

The excellent thing is that removing this creature from your property and keeping it away is not complicated.

The best way to cope with a white opossum inside your property is to leave it alone. It will most likely relocate around 2 or 3 days.

Fast Method Of Chasing Possums Away

The various ways for removing and preventing Possums, that can be employed alone or in conjunction with additional clearance strategies, involve:

How To get rid of Possums  from the yard
How To get rid of Possums from the yard

1. Maintenance Of Habitat

For sustenance, a rabid possum looks for fruits, veggies, domestic pets, as well as human leftovers. Possums also require a secluded area in which to construct a makeshift home.

Possums may be enticed to remain in your backyard if you have the mentioned items. Discovering and eradicating these locations reduces the likelihood of Possums.

2. Restriction

It’ll become practically difficult for Possums to access your residence as well as the garden with virtually blocking openings which Possums could slip past.

This is specifically vital for safeguarding interior areas.


Caging a possum is achievable using either industrial or do-it-yourself techniques, and it entails catching it using an opossum trap and lure.

Following that, the Possum is freed in a secure area. Entrapment could take many days as you wait for the possum to engage your traps.

3. Repelling

With odors and flavors which opossums loathe, organic as well as chemical-based sprays can enhance existing opossum management strategies.

These aren’t poisonous, but they do act to keep possums away. Repellents are usually effective right away, but they must be repeated on a frequent basis to maintain their effectiveness.

4. Specialist Wildlife Removal

Capturing, removal, restriction, as well as other procedures, will be used by a specialist to guarantee that Possums are no longer a problem.

This is frequently the quickest option since it eliminates the guessing that Homeowners may have as they try to figure out what attracts Possums towards their property.

4. Natural Ways For Driving Away Possums

Physical alterations to your environment and barricades, instead of poisons, are the best efficient techniques for opossum removal.

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However, when you wish to forgo pesticides and use repellents like an extra step or in replacement of restriction (exclusion), there are various natural components that are said to prevent opossums. These are some examples:

5. Ammonia

Make an opening on the cover of a container then load it using a little amount of ammonia.

Slip a cloth into the opening so that its bottom is submerged into ammonia. The ammonia would then be absorbed by the cloth and released onto the vicinity atmosphere.

Ammonia may be hazardous to dogs as well as cats, so exercise precaution while handling it. You must also avoid prolonged exposure to ammonia since it might irritate your skin.

6. Spicy Peppers

Strong peppers, including garlic, have a flavor and odor that opossums detest.

Combine 1 glass water, 1/2 cup dishwashing liquid, and 1/2 cup spicy sauce and otherwise powdered hot peppers in a mixing bowl. This combination should be sprayed all over your back garden.

7. Furry Animals

Possums typically avoid potential predators such as a dog or cat. The fragrance of abandoned pet fur would dissuade opossums if you scatter it throughout your back garden.

When you allow your pet outdoors at night time to drive opossums off, you jeopardize both your cat or dog as well as the opossum when one assaults another.

8. Garlic

Garlic’s odor and flavor can occasionally be effective in possum removal. Cracked garlic pieces may be scattered throughout your backyard.

Or even chopped garlic plus water could be mixed together inside a plastic container and sprayed on areas in which opossums are usually engaged.

Ways To Get Rid Of Possums Using Home Techniques

Cleansing your Environment

  • The clearance of unneeded waste and debris is part of cleansing your environment.
  • All unneeded waste, such as withered leaves, fallen trees, as well as plants, must be disposed of in trash cans and kept distant from your home.
  • If you have a BBQ grill, cleanse it and wrap all of your dog or cat meals. Clear up all of the fruit off your floor and even in your trees, as well as gather waste and deposit them in your garbage disposal.

Seal Your Openings

  • Possums may get into your home using holes, open vents, extra areas, including chimneys. Large possums could even use their climbing skills to go to your roof.
  • As a result, you must seal all of the key openings leading to your home.
  • Bricks should be used to fill in all of the unneeded entry openings. Any open spots should be covered, and if required, a 4-inch high fence should be used. You may also take advantage of an electrified fence.

Make Use Of Mothballs

Possums can’t stand mothballs because the scent bothers them. Because mothballs are the least expensive approach to get rid of possums, you could perhaps use them.

Its purpose is to prevent possums from nibbling any type of cloth. Possums will be more likely to vacate confined locations like below your sofa as well as on your porch if you use this method.

Tree Limbs That Are Too Long Should Be Clipped Off

  • Clip every one of your tree limbs and reduce all your shrubs to make your environment unsuitable for possums in the roof.
  • Trim any overgrown landscaped garden as well as any trees which provide access to your rooftop.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of your freshwater plus dropped fruits. Inspect your rooftop including the entryway thoroughly, and make any necessary repairs to damaged tubes as well as drains.

Put Up A Sprinkler System In Your Garden

  • Because Possums tend to travel during nightfall, many people haven’t been able to detect them.
  • Sprinkler systems ought to be installed in areas in which bugs and possums are likely to congregate.
  • However, in the long run, when your sprinkler is most effective, possums in the yard are likely to be nearby.
  • Such items are a simple and effective approach to keeping pests out of your home.

Install Barriers Around Your Residence

  • It’s a smart option to use an electrified and interwoven wire fence to keep these possums at bay.
  • To discourage them from devouring garden veggies, erect 4-foot-high fencing that faces the street and also is located at least a few feet away from your yard.
  • To restrict possum infiltration, the overall length of any electrified fence should reach 3-4 inches below the top.
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Preventing Possum Invasion

It is simpler to avoid a possum invasion than it is to remove an adult opossum. Remove not just possible food items, but even spots where a possum may find safe haven. Below are some excellent first actions to take:

  • Give food to your animals, especially birds only when necessary.
  • Tree limbs which have already developed beyond 10 feet over your rooftop should be pruned down, since they offer possums with access to your house.
  • Maintain your garden area clean of berries as well as fruits that have dropped from their trees.
  • Tumbler-style garbage containers should be used.
  • Seal any unwanted entrance routes to your house, such as damaged vents, gaps between screens, and so forth.
  • Possums could utilize these locations to gain access to your house and also adopt them as a source of hideout.
  • Use animal-resistant waste containers.

Tips To Clear Out Possums Permanently With Helps Of Professionals

Hire a wildlife management specialist if you’re still dealing with possums in the backyard despite trying homemade remedies, or even if you want particularly urgent wildlife management.

As long as you hire the appropriate professional, they can frequently offer a sure strategy to clear out opossums permanently, thanks to their experience and skill.

Animal removal solutions are provided by a variety of wildlife control agencies and related organizations. It is essential that the specialist you end up choosing is registered and insured.

When you have a wild creature invading your house, you don’t always look for the best solutions.

Spending a few seconds to analyze your opossum removal issues and inquiring concerning the agency’s wildlife operations will assist you in easily selecting the proper specialist.

Once it relates to possum control, the professionals should certainly adopt humane wildlife management rather than killing.


Q: Would Bleach Prevent Possums?

An Opossum can indeed be discouraged from gathering with a simple combination of one part bleach to ten parts of water.

Q: Do Mothballs Work To Clear Out Possums?

Mothballs, which are used to prevent moths from nibbling on stored-away cloth, is equally undesirable to possums.

Q: Can Garlic Powder Prevent Possums?

Possums are scared off by the pungent odor of garlic.

Q: Throughout The Day, Where Do Possums Go?

Possums are mostly secretive, spending their days in empty tree stumps, rock cracks, beneath brush stacks, or holes.

Q: Which Essential Oils Are Effective In Keeping Possums At Bay?

Possum repellent vital oils include the following: Oil of peppermint,  Spearmint oil, Lavender essential oil.

Q: When Do Possums Resurface At Night?

Between 6:00 PM and 8:00 AM, Possums become fully active and grooming.

Q: What Is The Highest Number Of Possums That Can Coexist?

Possums like to be on their own most of the time. It is quite possible that two possums observed next to each other are mother and infant.

Q: Possums, Do They Keep Rats At Bay?

Through battling for fruits and vegetables, Possums keep rats at a distance.

Q: Possums Survive For How Long?

Possums often survive just two years within the environment due to predators and a tendency to become road dead.


Remain reasonable and determined, and apply these do-it-yourself strategies on what attracts Possums and How To clear out possums once and for all.

Certainly, this article has provided you with little more than a glimmer of understanding so that you may embark on your possum expedition well-prepared.