How To Propagate Hoya Carnosa: 4 Easy + Quick Methods

Read here for how to propagate hoya carnosa. One can propagate hoya plants in many ways, from leaf cuttings and stems cuttings to planting seeds or the layering method.

Hoya Carnosa, also known as wax plants, are popular houseplants featuring beautiful waxy leaves and colorful flowers.

The low-maintenance requirements of this plant, along with its ability to thrive indoors, make hoyas a favorite for many.

The plant also grows star-shaped flowers that are an absolute treat to smell.

All these amazing properties encourage plant owners to propagate hoyas and add more of these beauties to their plant collections.

So if you are wondering how to propagate hoya plants, here is a breakdown of hoya propagation techniques and some bonus aftercare tips.

Read on!

How To Propagate Hoya Carnosa: 4 Different Methods

Hoya Carnosa Propagation In 4 Methods

According to experts, the best methods of propagating hoya plants are through leaf or stem cuttings.

However, you can propagate hoyas through air layering or seedlings if you don’t mind taking up a challenge.

The best time to propagate hoya plants is during spring and summer (active growing seasons). Here’s a rundown of four techniques for propagating hoya plants:

Method 1- Propagating Hoya Through Stem Cuttings

Follow the steps below to propagate hoya plants through stem cuttings:

1. Pick A Healthy Stem

The first step to propagating a hoya plant is to pick a healthy stem on a parent plant. You want to choose the healthiest and fullest parent plant you have for this job.

The stem you select should be at least 4 to 6 inches long and have around 3 to 4 leaves. You also want to ensure the stem is new growth from the most recent active growing season.

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2. Secure The Cutting

Once you know which cutting you want, the next step is to utilize pruning shears or a clean knife to secure it. Make sure to cut a 45-degree angle right under the leaf node.

Nodes can be described as tiny bumps located on the stems that produce leaves or flower buds. You want to include a minimum of one node on your cutting. 

3. Use Rooting Hormone

Once you have secured the stem cuttings, you want to dip the ends in the rooting hormone. Doing so will allow you to encourage rooting. 

4. Plant The Cutting

Next, you want to add a well-draining potting mix to a pot with drainage holes and make a hole in the center of the pot. Place your cuttings in the center before covering them with soil. 

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5. Water The Pot

Offering an adequate amount of water is critical for the propagation process but watch out (Overwatering vs Underwatering). Provide the plant with ample water while ensuring the extra water drains out of the drainage holes.

Next, place the pot in a bright spot with ample sunlight. However, make sure to guard it against exposure to direct sunlight. 

6. Wait for The New Roots to Emerge

Now it’s a waiting game. It can take around a few weeks for roots to develop. You can also gently pull the plant to determine if there is root growth.

If you feel resistance, that is a sign of root growth. Once proper root growth has occurred and new growth is emerging, transplant the plant into a larger pot. 

Method 2- Propagating Hoya Through Leaf Cuttings

Follow the steps below to propagate hoya plants through leaf cuttings:

1. Pick A Healthy Leaf

Firstly, pick a healthy leaf from your parent plant. Ensure the leaf is firm and plump and does not have signs of damage like yellowing or brown tips.

Also, inspect the leaf for other signs of disease or pest infestations like mealybugs are aphids are common bugs that are found on hoya.

2. Secure The Leaf Cutting

Now with sterilized pruning shears or a knife, make a clean cut while including a tiny portion of the stem in the cutting.

Next, cut the leaf into a few pieces while ensuring each piece has at least one vein. 

3. Use Rooting Hormone

Once you’ve split the leaf-cutting into pieces, dip the ends in rooting hormone powder. Doing so can significantly boost the likelihood of your leaf-cutting establishing roots. 

4. Plant The Leaf

Lastly, add a well-draining potting mix to a small pot with adequate drainage holes. Now plant the cut edges of the leaf pieces into the soil while leaving the upper portion out in the open air.

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Water the soil well while removing excess water from the drainage holes. Although water is critical for the rooting system to develop, excess water can cause significant damage to the leaf cuttings. 

5. Cover The Pot With A Plastic Bag

Providing adequate humidity is critical for successful prorogation when growing a plant through leaf cuttings.

Cover the pot with a plastic bag to ensure your leaf-cutting get enough humidity. Now place the pot in a warm area with ample indirect light. Monitor the plant closely to ensure its soil remains moist.

Method 3- Propagating Hoya Through Seeds

How To Propagate Hoya Carnosa In 4 Methods

Follow the steps below to propagate hoya plants through seeds:

1. Prepare The Seeds and Pot

Many people propagating hoyas for the first time may not be aware that they may have to wait months for the seed pods to ripen.

Once the pods open and discharge the seedlings, offer hydration by soaking the seedlings for approximately 12 hours.

You can always purchase newly hydrated seeds if you don’t want to go through this hassle.

After preparing the seeds, you want to clean the pot of germs or pesticides. Wash the germination tray and the pot with mild soap and warm water.

2. Plant The Seeds

Pick a well-draining and light soil to plant your hoya seeds in. The soil you purchase must contain 30% of perlite or coarse sand.

Fill your pot with the soil and create an inch-deep hole in the middle. Add a few hoya seeds to the pot and cover it with a thin coating of potting soil (dry).

3. Growing The Hoya Seeds

It can take anywhere between a week to 10 days for the seeds to germinate. Once your hoya seeds grow at least 3 to 4 leaves, acclimatize the seeds by removing the lid of the pot.

You can also supplement the soil with a phosphorus-based fertilizer to boost growth. Make sure to coat the germination tray with plastic to offer appropriate humidity.

You must wait at least a few months for the hoya plant to mature. Once you feel the plant has grown enough, re-pot them into a new container. 

Method 4- Propagating Hoya Plants Through Layering

Follow the steps below to propagate hoya plants through layering:

1. Prepare The Pot

Prepare the pot as discussed above to begin propagating your plant through the layering method. Make sure you add light, airy, nutrient-rich soil and offer plenty of water.

2. Collect The Tools Required for The Propagation

For this propagation method, you will require one important tool: floral pins.

This tool will allow you to secure the stem on the mother plant with the potting mix in the pot you prepared. You can easily find floral pills online or in your local garden center.

3. Prepare The Stem

Now you want to gently move one healthy stem from the mother plants toward the pot you wish to grow the new hoya in. 

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4. Wait for The Roots to Emerge

It will take a few for the roots to emerge on the stems. Once you notice roots on the hoya, it’s time to secure the cutting.

5. Secure The Cutting

You want to use a clean and sharp knife to secure the cutting. Safely remove the plant by cutting it beneath the roots.

Now all you have to do is care for the plant like you would for a mature hoya plant.

Aftercare Tips For Hoya Plant

Hoya plants originate from subtropical or tropical regions. Therefore, these plants require similar environments to thrive.

Here are a few aftercare tips that you can use to ensure your plant thrives after propagation:

  • Place your hoya plants in a bright spot without indirect sunlight. Bright light will encourage the plant to blossom.
  • Keep the plant away from air conditioning units or heaters.
  • Protect the plant from drafty windows during the winter season.
  • Maintain a humid environment or use a humidifier to offer appropriate humidity levels for your hoya to thrive. You can also place a water pot under your plant pot to provide adequate moisture.
  • Maintain a healthy watering schedule. Water your hoya plant only when the top two inches of the soil are dry.
  • Fertilize your hoya plants with a balanced fertilizer during the spring and summer months.

Hoya Carnosa Propagation FAQ

Q: What Is The Best Way To Propagate Hoya Plants?

The best way to propagate hoyas is to utilize stem or leaf cuttings.

Q: Is It Easy To Propagate Hoya Plants?

Propagating hoya plants is easy if you use stem cuttings.

Other propagation methods may be challenging for plant owners propagating hoyas for the first time.

Q: Do Hoyas Prefer Sunlight?

Hoya plants prefer bright indirect sunlight. The plant can handle a small amount of direct light.

However, it is not advisable to keep hoyas in direct sunlight.

Bottom Line

Propagating hoya plants is effortless if you know the right methods. Stem cuttings are the easiest way to propagate hoya plants.

However, you can also propagate hoyas following the other three methods discussed above.

We hope the information above will help you grow your hoya plant collection and make your indoor space more aesthetically pleasing.

Remember to follow the aftercare tips discussed above to maintain the plant’s health after propagation.