how to germinate seeds for hydroponics [With Rockwool]

No doubt you can easily get seedlings from the market, but do you want to know how to germinate seeds for Hydroponics with Rockwool Bubbleponics? Read all about it here.

Bubbleponics is one of the most excellent modern farming methods for growing seedlings since it combines two Hydroponic systems, deep water culture and drip irrigation.

Bubbleponics accelerates the growth of seedlings into healthy and nourishing crops.

We can get Seedlings Growing in Bubbleponics either by purchasing fresh seedlings or even with the help of Bubbleponics kits and an instruction manual, and we can grow them from seeds in a much healthier way.

Many customized versions of Bubbleponics are available on the market, which contains everything we need to produce our veggies, herbs, fruits, and flowers, from seeds to mature plants that we can harvest and use as needed.

how to germinate seeds for hydroponics With Rockwool

how to germinate seeds for hydroponics

Because Bubbleponics is a more sophisticated version of Hydroponics, the germination procedures are relatively similar in that seedlings may be grown in a controlled environment before being transported into Bubbleponics.

The second way is to customize our system after setting it so we can grow seedlings straight from the seeds in them.

Indirect germination then adding to Bubbleponics

This method is equivalent to preparing seedlings for you Bubbleponics, where the seed is already propagated into the seedling-controlled environment as per plant requirements, and then we are adding it to the Bubbleponics system.

This method guarantees good growth in your Bubbleponics as seedlings are mature to transport. It requires these simple steps:

  1. Choose a growing medium like sponges or blocks of rockwool cubes, as they are light and full of fibers seed developed very well in them.
  2. Take a rectangular reservoir and fill it in half with lukewarm water and add the nutrient water mixture required by your plant to that water.
  3. Soaked your Rockwell sponges or blocks in this water
  4. Drain all the excess water once sponges stop soaking them.
  5. Place your seed in the hole of rockwool cubes
  6. Cover your reservoir with a cloth or plastic tray
  7. Please keep it in a moderate, bright, or no sunlight area per the seedling requirement.
  8. Monitor them daily and mist them with the same diluted nutrient water when required.
  9. Once your seedlings show 3-4 true leaves, they are ready to plant in the Bubbleponics system.
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Direct germination in Bubbleponics system using its kit:

This method is a cleaner version to grow plants directly in your Bubbleponics system, with lesser chances of root damage during transportation, but sometimes all seeds are developed at the same rate. It requires these basic steps:

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  1. Set your Bubbleponics system by starting soaking air stones in water. Keep air stones in the empty Bubbleponics reservoir then.
  2. Cleanse your hydroton rocks well before utilizing them. Use them when they are needed.
  3. Attach tubing between the air stone and the air pump, then place the water pump in your reservoir as well
  4. Attach your drip to the water pump, and then add nutrient-rich water to your reservoir
  5. Put net pots inside the lid and close the reservoir. Then later, we can transfer your nutrient-rich water into the container through the empty opening.
  6. Now add tunings from drips to the bottom of our reservoir and fill three fourth of the net pot with hydroton rocks
  7. Cover them with rockwool cubes where we will add one seed per Rockwell cube.
  8. Please turn on the lights that come with it as per your manual instruction
  9. Add nutrient-rich water and keep your seeds covered unless they develop into seedlings.
  10. Ensure air, water, and light are supplied 24 hours to them unless it will affect their growth.
  11. It is also essential to monitor the p.H of your water as per seedling requirements.
  12. Your seeds will start to sprout within three to five days for further growth.

6 Steps of Growing Seedlings in hydroponics

As we already have discussed direct and indirect germination, let’s discuss the further steps required after transporting seedlings or growing seedlings from seed in our Bubbleponics system.

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    1. Immersing plant roots in the reservoir

    This method also believes in soilless gardening, where plant roots are immersed in oxygenated nutrient-rich solutions to absorb maximum nutrients for quick growth.

    Roots of plants in Bubbleponics remain suspended in nutrient-rich water.

    The only difference is that roots here will be drenched with nutrient-rich water and dissolved oxygen from feeding tubes connected with the drip irrigation system in our Bubbleponics.

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    2. Oxygen is supplied using air stones:

    There is a constant supply of oxygen to nutrient water using air stones connected with air pumps. This oxygen in dissolved form reaches seedling roots through feeding tubes.

    3. Growing media is used to anchor seedlings in the Bubbleponics system:

    As seedlings are placed in net pots with openings from which roots can spread out for their development and growth, grow medium in these pots and keep our seedlings anchored in them so they can grow into healthy plants.

    4. Providing sunlight/light for growth:

    As Bubbleponics is portable hydroponics farming, many customized Bubbleponics systems come with different color growth lights, which you can switch as per your seedling growth level.

    In addition, we can also use sunlight by keeping them directly or partially in sunlight if it’s required by the plant.

    Generally, flowering plants need more sunlight so that you can keep this portable system in sunlight.

    5. Provision of nutrients:

    As this is soil-less farming where no artificial or natural fertilizers are added for growth, this nutrient mix plays a crucial role in Bubbleponics.

    The nutrient solution is made by mixing normal water and the number of nutrients suggested by sachets or liquid bottles for which type of plant and for what quantity of plants you use.

    Each nutrient sachet comes with various percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and comes with various conductivity. The most suitable conductivity is between 1.2 till 2 for our system.

    We need to continuously supply nutrient solution with maintained p.H between 5 and 7 for our system using feeding tubes connected with a drip irrigation system.

    6. Harvesting

    Once your seedlings are fully grown into plants or starting to produce fruits, flowers, and vegetables, you can quickly harvest them for consumption or to regrow.

    Important factors you need to focus on for seedling growth:

    1. Media for Bubbleponics

    As we have discussed, media is used in Bubbleponics to anchor our seedling. The three best media for Bubbleponics are:

    Clay Pebbles (Hydroton rocks)
    Grow stones

    2. p.H Checking

    Each plant possesses a unique pH; however, herbs, vegetables, and succulents should have a pH between 5.0 and 6.8 if you want to develop them in a Bubbleponics system.

    It is critical to manage it by utilizing a calibrated pH meter; if your nutrition solution’s pH is on the higher or significantly lower side, you need to use the calibration solution to maintain it; otherwise, your plant development will suffer.

    3. Using EC Meters to Maintain Electrical Conductivity

    Like pH meters, similar EC meters are also very important for plant growth in Bubbleponics as it shows the fertilizer or salt concentration level in our solution.

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    For best plant growth, nutrient solution conductivity needs to be maintained between 1.2 till 2.

    4. Continuous supply of external air

    Ensure blowers are circulating air in your growing space.

    Adequate circulation will assist the plants in various ways, including preventing mold from forming on plant leaves and letting the plant catch the CO2 it needs to perform photosynthesis.

    Requirements to Grow Seedlings in Customized hydroponics for Seedling Growth:

    An Ideal Bubbleponics system must have the following essential equipment

    Heavy Duty Plastic Container/ Reservoir
    Less voltage Electric Air Pump
    Less voltage Electric Water Pump
    Lids with Net pots/growing sites
    Rockwool cubes or slabs
    Air stones
    Drip with feeding tubes
    Nutrient solution mix
    p.H meter
    EC meter
    Light panel
    Plugs to connect
    Operating manual


    Benefits of Growing Seedlings in hydroponics

    1. Fast growth:

    When we use Bubbleponics to grow seedlings, they rapidly grow into mature plants as their roots have a better oxygen supply.

    Nutrients are directly sprayed on their roots in continuous cycles, increasing their root uptake and within days compared to many months your plants are growing quickly in them.

    2. Portable farming:

    As Bubbleponics is very compact, you use a bucket or tank as your reservoir. Due to its portable size, we cannot choose a specific place. It can be your garden or kitchen or any place you like.

    This factor saves our space and provides us with a bounty of plants, fruits, flowers, and vegetables from our baby seedlings.

    3. Nutrient-rich crops:

    It has been observed compared to traditional farming, and modern farming produces more notorious crops in less time. Bubbleponics, the fancier form of modern Hydroponics, also produces nutritious crops like Hydroponics.

    Limitation of hydroponics

    Dependency on electricity

    It depends on electricity, so when we face a power shortage, we have to pay extra for backup electricity as this process can’t be stopped until our plants reach the harvest action stage.

    germinate seeds for hydroponics FAQS

    Q: How Do You Start Seedling From Seeds In hydroponics?

    We can directly germinate our seeds under controlled conditions in the Bubbleponics system.

    Q: How To Maintain PH In hydroponics?

    It would help if you used the calibration solution and pH meter to maintain it.

    Q: Why Does A Plant Face Root Rot Or Mold Growth In hydroponics?

    Due to the continued water supply, they have chances of root rot and mold growth on their leaves. So it is very important to supply oxygen and air to control them.

    Final Thoughts:

    Seedlings Growing in hydroponics is a fun way to grow plants by directly spraying water bubbles of nutrient-rich solution on our seedling roots.

    Because of this, direct nutrition and oxygen to plant roots provide higher plant yields than in other hydroponic systems.