Bubbleponics vs DWC: Which One Is Better [Pros + Cons]

If you are searching for how Bubbleponics is different from the Deep Water Culture method, then click here to know more about Bubbleponics vs DWC.

Since the invention of Hydroponics, it has eliminated soil and soil-borne problems from the farming industry, and it has made farming economical and enjoyable for everyone.

Bubbleponics and DWC are subcategories that also remove soil and soil-borne problems from plants. They also prevent soil erosion, air, and water pollution, harming living things.

Hence in this article, Bubbleponics vs DWC, we are discussing facts and details that contrast and compare them.

What is DWC?

DWC stands For Deep Water Culture, one of the most popular Hydroponics to grow plants directly in nutrient-rich, oxygenated water culture instead of soil.

Roots of plants are immersed in nutrient-rich oxygenated water for 24 hours daily unless they grow to harvest.

The term “Deep” means roots must be immersed deeply in growing reservoirs to absorb maximum nutrients from nutrient-rich oxygenated water.

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Throughout the growth period of plant seedlings into complete flesh plants with leaves, flowers, fruits, and roots, they are continuously monitored to check whether they are absorbing nutrients not or adequately for their growth.

The tank that houses the seedlings must be large enough to hold a large amount of water.

The more water there seems to be, the more stable the nutrient solution is for better plant growth, and less servicing and checking are required.

Why should we use DWC?

Deep Water Culture is a method of Hydroponics in which seedlings are immersed in a well-oxygenated plant, and using a nutrient-rich solution is critical to the success of your plant growth.

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Roots are typically housed in net pots with an airline connected to the pump and placed in reservoirs to supply oxygen essential for plant growth.

In other techniques, the roots of seedlings are hung in the air and sprayed with nutrient-rich water, whereas in DWC, seedlings are immersed in nutrient-rich water for twenty-four hours daily, enhancing their growth and increasing their size and nutrition.

Initially, you will think that plants will suffer root rot due to continuous exposure to the water, but due to the presence of oxygen, plants are unlikely to suffer from root rot. You must maintain your air pump and air stone to supply continuous oxygen.

What is Bubbleponics?

Bubbleponics is very similar to DWC with the same setup and equipment; the only difference is in the delivery of nutrient-rich water.

Bubbleponics transport nutrients to plant roots directly through feeding tubes and air pumps to the top of net cups that hold plants and then fall back to the reservoir inside seedling pots.

We can have many buckets or containers with growing sites in Bubbleponics. They must connect to the central delivery system for the continuous supply of nutrient-rich water and oxygen for faster plant growth.

The plants grow faster in Bubbleponics as we can grow 1-3 different types of plants in the same Bubbleponics bucket or containers.

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Why Should We Use Bubbleponics?

Bubbleponics directly supplies oxygen and nutrient-rich water to roots, improving plants’ absorption of oxygen and nutrients for their growth and resulting in increased cell production.

As nutrient absorption and oxygen uptake skyrockets in Bubbleponics, it generally results in massive roots, higher yields, and healthier plants on our farming lots.

It is very compact, making it a moveable farming field; you can keep it inside and outside as per your needs.

It doesn’t need much sunlight, and you can grow plants in dark or artificial lighting, which is not so common in other farming techniques.

It is ideal for growing smaller herbs and more extensive vines of vegetables and fruits as Bubbleponics systems are portable and reliable.

Their most significant advantage over DWC is that it already has all the benefits of DWC in combination with water-saving drip irrigation, making it more water-efficient than DWC.

Equipment Required for Constructing Bubbleponics and DWC Systems 

As they are very similar in construction, we can build both using the following equipment and tools:

Reservoir or buckets containers with lids
Water pump
Air compressor
Net pots
Tubing for the water and air pumps
feeding tubes
Water level indicator
Massive air stones
Starter cubes/ Rockwell cubes for Plants
Ph. testing equipment

The Difference in the Working Principle of Bubbleponics and DWC Systems 

Deep water culture and Bubbleponics are soil-less and water-efficient farming techniques where plants grow faster than traditional farming; the only difference they have is in their supply of nutrient-rich water to the roots of the seedlings.

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In DWC, plant roots are continuously exposed to nutrient-rich oxygenated water while resting in net pots or floating trays over a reservoir containing nutrient-rich water. However, in Bubbleponics, nutrient-rich oxygenated water is supplies directly to the roots using feeding tubes.

DWC can be larger or smaller as it is a commercially famous technique for getting higher yields in contrast to compact Bubbleponics, which is famous for small-budget farming.

The Primary Benefits of Bubbleponics above the Deep Water Culture Method

1. Faster Yield:

Profitable plants will grow faster in Bubbleponics in response to the amount of time paid to nutrient and light availability.

2. Less Space Required:

It is more compact; in similar spaces in similar buckets or reservoirs, you can grow different plants effectively.

3. Better Nutrient Absorption:

It takes some time for roots in a DWC system to reach the reservoir containing the nutrient solution, but in Bubbleponics, the roots have immediate access to the nutrient solution, which promotes faster growth.

4. Sunlight Requirement:

In Bubbleponics plants, sunlight requirement is less as compared to commercial DWC. We can use different color  LED light panels to grow plants in Bubbleponics. Due to extra oxygen, many plants grow without much sunlight in Bubbleponics.

5. Easy to Maintain:

When a Bubbleponics system is installed correctly, it is not difficult to maintain as they work automatically or are compact. Due to this, troubleshooting is easy.

The Primary Benefits of Deep Water Culture above the Bubbleponics

6. Commercial Farming:

Due to its compatibility with many plants for their faster yield, Deep water culture is selected more for commercial farming than other hydroelectric methods.

7. Sunlight Requirement:

The deep water Culture method is mostly practiced commercially because it can work well with sunlight in full to partial plant exposure and doesn’t necessarily require expensive maintenance of LED lights for plant growth.

8. Less Expensive:

Clay stones are the most popular growth medium used in Deep Water Culture as they are reasonable, porous, eco-friendly, and pH balanced compared to air stones used in Bubbleponics, which are a little more tricky.

9. p.H sensitive:

In most DWC methods for growing different plants, the p.H is fixed at 5.5 to 6.0, which is generally required for optimum plant growth.

Limitations of Bubbleponics and DWC

As Bubbleponics is the updated form of DWC with natural nutrients, water, and oxygen to plant roots, they share some similar limitations, which are:

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1. Germination of Seeds to Seedlings:

In both Bubbleponics and DWC, we need to germinate seeds before their settlement in Bubbleponics or DWC systems. We need seeds to fully develop into seedlings under the controlled environment of temperature, sunlight, and p.H, so plants can quickly thrive in them.

2. Chances of Root Rot

In both Bubbleponics and DWC, as plants are continuously in contact with nutrient-rich water, there are many chances in case of less oxygen supply to plant roots to get root rot which is among incurable diseases of plants and destroy them.

However, the Bubbleponics system plant faces this less as water is timely supplied in them, but still, precautions are very much needed there as well.

3. Electricity use

In both Bubbleponics and DWC, electricity is needed to supply Nutrient-rich water and oxygen. Pumps need electricity to work and supply Nutrient-rich water and oxygen.

We need to create backups for the electricity supply; otherwise, it may affect our yield in case of power failure.

4. Initial costly investment

Bubbleponics and DWC setups are costly compared to traditional farming, where you need fertile soil, water, sunlight, and seeds for growth. Initially, we have to invest more in these systems, but their turnover is higher than traditional farming methods.

5. Chances of Accident:

In both Bubbleponics and DWC, we deal with electricity and water; in chances of water leakage or fault in electric wires, there are chances of electric fire and electric shocks to farmers.

FAQS Related Bubbleponics vs DWC

Q: What Is The Difference Between Bubbleponics And DWC?

Bubbleponics is very similar to DWC with the same setup and equipment; the only difference is in the delivery of nutrient-rich water.

Q: Which Is More Cost-Effective, Bubbleponics Or DWC?

For small portable farms, Bubbleponics is budget-friendly, and for commercial farming, DWC is better.

Q: Bubbleponics Vs DWC, Which One Is More Subjected To Root Rot?

Bubbleponics system plants face Root rot less as water is timely supplied to them than DWC where they are continuously immersed in water.

Q: How Often Must We Change The Water In A DWC Or Bubbleponics System?

For best practice daily but in commercial farming after each week or two weeks.

Final Words:

In this battle of Bubbleponics vs DWC, we can not simply choose a single winner, but with some good margin and benefits, Bubbleponics is suitable for beginner farmers to understand Hydroponics, and for commercial yield, DWC is a better option due to its variable size.