How to kill ants with borax (7 Benefits + Precautions)

When ants invade, they can convert otherwise peaceful areas, like a kitchen or backyard, into a veritable highway system.

In this blog we are going to focus on How to kill ants with borax, benefits, applications and safety measures.

Stopping this invasion entirely may seem impossible, but it’s possible to take strategic action by learning as much as possible about the species responsible and their habits.

Knowing what they eat, what attracts them to your house, and how they behave as a group will help you zero in on a specific remedy.

The use of borax, which, when used properly, may completely eradicate ant infestations, is a tremendous help in this war. However, it is crucial to recognize the dangers of mishandling borax before using it.

Understanding its characteristics, careful handling, and safe storage can be life-changing. Knowing how to correctly produce, administer, and monitor this powerful solution is essential to success when using a borax-based ant bait.

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Identifying Ant Attractants

How to kill ants with borax (7 Benefits + Precautions)

Understanding Ants and Their Behavior

Ants in the garden are very social insects that congregate in large colonies that can number in the millions.

Their colonies are organized with a queen ant that is in charge of reproduction and worker ants that are in charge of maintaining the colony and providing food for the queen and the young.

Pheromones are chemical odors that are produced by ants; these pheromones allow them to communicate with other ants in their colony.

They use these pheromone trails to navigate their way to food sources, and then they carry the food back to the colony.

When trying to kill ants with borax, it is essential for them to exhibit this behavior since it enables them to transport the poison back to the colony.

Ants will be drawn to your house for a number of reasons, the key ones being the presence of food and water.

They consume a wide variety of meals but have a preference for those that are very sweet or greasy.

Because of this, you could find that there are much more ants in the kitchen or any other area where food is put out.

Ants are drawn to water and will congregate in places that have a high percentage of moisture in the air.

Top 7 benefits of using borax powder on ants

Borax is a mineral that occurs naturally and has been used for many years as an effective solution for a variety of chores around the house, including cleaning and laundry.

When it comes to ant management, a mixture of borax and sugar may be dangerous for ants, which is why it is a typical element in homemade ant baits.

Ants are attracted to the sweet taste of the mixture. The following is a list of the seven advantages of using borax to battle ants:

1. An efficient insecticide for ants

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Borax kills the insects once it is consumed by the pests because it disrupts their digestive processes and causes death. The reason for this is that borax causes disruption to their exoskeleton and interferes with their metabolism.

2. Affordability

When compared to other commercial ant repellents and insecticides, borax is a comparatively affordable alternative. You only need a tiny amount of this ingredient combined with some sugar and water to make an excellent ant bait.

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3. Long-lasting

As long as the borax bait station is kept dry, it can maintain its effectiveness for an extended period of time, minimizing the frequency with which additional applications are required.

4. Targets Entire Colonies

Worker ants bring the borax bait back to their colony, where they share it with other ants, including the queen.

This method of attack is effective against entire colonies. This indicates that you are not just eliminating the ants that you can see, but maybe the entire colony as well.

5. Low Toxicity to Humans and Pets

Although it is important to keep borax away from dogs and children because it can be hazardous if swallowed in large amounts, borax is typically less toxic than many commercial pesticides.

This is the case even though it is vital to keep borax away from pets and children.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Because it is a naturally occurring mineral, borax does not contribute any potentially dangerous substances to the surrounding ecosystem.

Because of this, using it as an alternative to synthetic pesticides is better for the environment.

7. Ranges of applications

Borax has a wide range of applications, and in addition to being good against ants, it may also be used to eliminate other pests, such as cockroaches.

This indicates that a single remedy may be used to treat several instances of the same pest issue.

Using Borax to Remove Ant Infestation

Borax is a common household cleaner and laundry booster that doubles as an effective ant killer.

However, before you start scattering borax all over your home, it’s important to know how to use it properly. Here are the steps:

  1. Mix Borax And Sugar: Because ants are attracted to sweet things, mix equal parts of borax and sugar together. The sugar helps to draw the ants to the borax.
  2. Adding Water: Once you have your borax and sugar, add enough water to make a paste. This will make it easy for the ants to carry the borax, and the sugar will attract the ants to the paste.
  3. Apply The Borax Paste: Leave the paste in an area where you’ve noticed ants. It’s best to put this paste on a piece of cardboard or in a shallow dish so that it’s easy for the ants to access.
  4. Patience Is Key: It might take a few days, but eventually, the worker ants will take the borax paste back to their colony. The borax is a slow-acting poison, and it will take time to kill off the colony.

Using Borax in a Variety of Ways to Eliminate Ants and Their Nests

1. Sugar with Boric Acid:

These are the ingredients:

  • 3 parts powdered sugar are equal to 1 part borax.
  • Water (not necessary)


  • In a bowl, combine the borax and powdered sugar until smooth.
  • combine the substance till it reaches the appropriate consistency, and if you want it to have the consistency of paste, add a little water to it and combine it.
  • Put the mixture in areas where you have seen ants or where ant trails have been found. When placing items, it may be helpful to utilize small flat surfaces such as pieces of cardboard.
  • Ants will be drawn to the sugar, consume the bait, and then take part of it back to their colony, where it will be consumed by other ants, causing them to become unwell and eventually die.

2. Honey with Boric Acid:

These are the ingredients:

  • 1 component borax, 3 components honey


  • In a dish, thoroughly combine the honey and borax and mix the two together.
  • Put the mixture in places where you’ve observed ants at work, such the kitchen or the garage.
  • Ants are drawn to honey because of its sugary and sticky properties. They will eat the bait and then bring it back to their colony, which will result in a greater proportion of the total ant population being affected.

3. Borax and Cotton Balls:

These are the ingredients:

  • The steps are as follows: 1 part borax 3 parts sugar Water Cotton balls
  • In a dish, combine the borax and the sugar.
  • Simply add water to achieve a consistency similar to that of syrup.
  • Soak cotton balls in the solution until the cotton is completely absorbed.
  • Position the cotton balls that have been moistened next to ant trails or other locations where ants are active. Ants will be drawn to the sweet concoction, consume part of it, and then take some of it back to their colony to share with their fellow workers.

How long does it take for borax to kill ants?

Keep in mind that borax is poisonous and should never be consumed by people or animals. Make sure that both youngsters and animals can’t get their hands on it.

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Additionally, you shouldn’t anticipate seeing benefits immediately. It might take many days or even a few weeks before you witness a decline in the ant population when you employ this strategy since it takes advantage of the ants’ eating behavior against them.

It is absolutely necessary to exercise patience and to reapply the borax mixture at appropriate intervals.

Understanding Borax A Powerful Ant Killer nhR min

Properties and Safety Measures of Borax

Borax is a substance that, despite its usefulness, must be handled with extreme caution. Keep it out of the reach of children and animals, and don’t put it anywhere that it might potentially contaminate food supplies.

After handling borax, you should always wash your hands. If you are dealing with a severe ant infestation, it is highly recommended that you seek the advice of a specialist in the field of pest management.

1. Understanding Borax: A Powerful Ant Killer

Borax is a mineral compound that has the potential to be very effective as an insecticide. It is also known as sodium borate.

When you want to kill ants, you need to combine the borax with a food source that the ants will take back to their colony with them.

This will ensure that the entire ant colony is eradicated rather than just the individual ants.

2. Safety Measures with Borax

However, it is important to bear in mind that incorrect usage of borax might result in health risks.

It is essential to know how to correctly apply it, store it in a secure location, and be aware of what to do in the event that accidental ingestion or skin contact occurs.

For reasons of safety, Borax should always be kept out of the reach of both children and animals.

It is imperative that you never use borax in locations that are easily accessible to animals or that house food sources.

3. Mixing Borax and Sugar for Ants

In order to eradicate ants using borax in an effective manner, you will first need to prepare a borax bait combination.

In most cases, this is accomplished by combining one part borax with three parts powdered sugar.

Ants are drawn to the sugar, and after they have consumed it, they will transport the poisonous mixture of borax and sugar back to their colony.

4. Application of Borax

Apply the borax solution in the form of tiny heaps close to the locations within your home where you’ve observed ants, such as in the vicinity of windows, doors, and areas where food is stored.

You also have the option of placing the mixture in strategically placed tiny containers, such as bottle caps, which you have already filled with the mixture.

5. Handling Accidental Borax Ingestion

In the event that borax is accidentally consumed, call your local poison control center right away.

Ingestion of borax, particularly by children and animals, can result in serious health problems and even death.

Toxic exposure to borax can cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, tiredness, and loss of appetite.

6. Borax Skin Contact Prevention and First Aid

Because borax can irritate the skin, you should always use protective gloves and avoid coming into close contact with it.

In the event that the substance comes into touch with the skin, the affected area should be thoroughly washed with soap and warm water. If the discomfort does not subside, you should seek medical treatment.

In summary, while Borax is a powerful tool for combating ant infestations, it must be used with care and safety.

Ways to use borax on ants to get rid of them

Preparing and Implementing Borax-based Ant Baits

Creating Borax Ant Bait

The first thing you need to do in order to use borax to kill ants properly is to create a combination that they find appealing.

You will also need sugar and warm water in addition to the borax. Bring together one and a half cups of hot water, one and a half cups of sugar, and one and a half teaspoons of borax.

Combine all of these ingredients in one bowl and stir until they are totally dissolved. The borax will act as the lethal component, while the sugar will entice the ants to enter the trap.

Identifying the Best Bait Spots

Keeping an eye out for ant trails around your home can help you choose the ideal places to place the ant bait. Ants often travel in straight lines and stick to the same trails.

Keep an eye out for places where you may observe ants marching in a queue, as this is frequently a direct route that leads from their nest to a source of food.

The best places to place bait are near these pathways but set back far enough to avoid being in the way of foot and animal activity.

Ants are particularly drawn to the kitchen and the bathroom because of the abundance of food and water that can be found in these rooms.

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Consideration For Bait Placement

When positioning the bait, care must be taken not to attract the attention of youngsters or animals.

If one of these animals lives in your home, it is in your best interest to place baits in areas that they are unable to access or at bait stations that are designed to admit smaller animals but keep out bigger ones.

This may include storing them on worktops, behind appliances, or even within cabinets.

Making and Placing the Ant Baits

When you have finished preparing the mixture and determining the best places to place it, you will need to soak cotton balls or pieces of sponge in the borax solution.

Next, lay the bait that has been soaked in water in shallow dishes, such as bottle caps, or in a container that has holes that are just big enough for the ants to fit through.

Find them in close proximity to the ant routes that you have observed or to the places where you have frequently seen ants.

Monitoring the Effects Over Time

When you have completed the placement of the ant baits, you should leave them alone and avoid disturbing the ants who come to examine them.

They will return to their colony carrying the borax bait, which will cause the other ants there to get poisoned.

Keep an eye on the ant population at each of the bait sites. If the number falls over the course of time, this indicates that the bait is successful.

Remember, it takes time for the borax to go through the ant colony and kill the ants. Be patient and remember to replace the bait regularly. In time, you will notice a reduction in the ant population in your home, indicating the success of your DIY borax ant baits.

Killing ants with borax powder

How to kill ants with borax FAQS

Q: How does borax kill ants?

Borax kills ants by disrupting their digestive systems and exoskeletons. Workers bring borax bait back to their colony, where it’s shared with other ants, including the queen, targeting the entire population.

Q: Which borax bait recipe for ants is recommended?

A popular recipe is 1 borax/3 powdered sugar. This baits ants with sugar and poisons them with borax. You may then add water to make a paste or syrup that ants can easily ingest.

Q: How should I place borax bait for greatest efficacy?

Place borax bait near ant paths or activity. Small cardboard pieces can assist. Keep bait away from kids and pets.

Q: Borax kills ants in how long?

Ants normally die 24–48 hours after eating borax bait. Depending on colony size and bait consumption, it might take several days to two weeks to impact the entire colony.

Q: Is borax safe for kids and pets?

Borax is less toxic than many commercial pesticides, but excessive consumption might be dangerous.

Borax and borax baits should be kept away from kids and pets. Immediately seek medical or veterinary help if eaten.

Q: Can borax keep ants out of my home?

Ant bait, not repellant, is borax’s main application. However, eradicating a neighbouring colony with borax can minimise ant entry into your home.

Q: Q9: What if borax doesn’t remove my local ants?

Certain ant species may be less vulnerable to borax or have different diets that make bait less enticing. For other treatments, call a pest control specialist.

Q: The ants don’t like my borax bait. How should I proceed?

Colony requirements affect ants’ choices. If they don’t like the bait, modify the sugar-to-borax ratio or combine it with honey or peanut butter.

Q: Can Borax Kill Other Pests?

Borax Kills Cockroaches Too. Similar To The Bait, Bugs Eat It And The Borax Is Harmful.


An ant invasion may be fought off successfully with the right application of knowledge, care for personal safety, and tactical planning.

Because we have such a deep familiarity with ants and their routines, we can bait them with borax-laced attractants they will really find appealing.

Since borax can be harmful if not used properly, knowing how to store it safely and react in the event of an accident is crucial. Last but not least, you must have an action plan.

Carefully creating borax-based ant baits and strategically putting them throughout your house is required. The only way to know for sure if your efforts to rid your house of these hardy insects have been successful is to track their progress over time.