How To Get Rid Of Ground Beetles: 11 Ground Beetle Fixes

It may be quite a frustrating experience, but here are some tips on How To Get Rid Of Ground Beetles. Are you observing an infestation of ground beetles at your house?

Although ground beetles are not harmful to humans, they may pinch, bite or produce a toxic gas when they feel defensive. 

These beetles cannot climb; hence, when they are in your garden, they may prey on other insects without harming the plants.

They usually prey on more minor pests like worms, smaller beetles, and slugs.

Things can become more challenging when ground beetles invade your place and start to produce a foul odor or acid.

What Exactly Are Ground Beetles?

 The name “ground beetles” refers to one of the most significant insect families with over 40,000 species worldwide. The scientific family name of ground beetles is Carabidae.

These beetles have rounded bodies and are often mistaken for carpet beetles, cockroaches, and other pests.

How To Get Rid Of Ground Beetles

Ground beetles have six legs, antennas, and a small head, along with some wings. However, they cannot fly. The size of these beetles is 2mm to over 35 mm in length.

They commonly have dark brown and black bodies. Some even possess beautiful shades of metallic green, blue, and bronze on the shells.

Are Ground Beetles Dangerous?

If you are wondering: if are ground beetles dangerous, the answer is no, just like ground bees and ground hornets.

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These beetles may be an unpleasant sight at your home, but they are beneficial in the yard because they eat the seeds of unwanted plants, preventing weeds from forming all over the garden and flowerbeds.

As mentioned above, they also prey on smaller creatures like slugs, smaller beetles, etc. But, they usually do not bite people or spread any disease.

However, if there are any ground beetles present at a business or store, it can lead to a bad review. Also, a beetle infestation can violate health and safety codes at warehouses, grocery stores, etc.

What Attracts Ground Beetles To Houses And Yards?

If you are seeing an infestation of ground beetles in your house, it may be due to some common reasons that have been mentioned below. 

1. Location

When the temperature gets lower, your house may act as a warm refuge for these beetles. If your house is at a safe location for them to travel, they may come up in swarms. 

2. Accessibility

Ground beetles are opportunists. They will quickly make their way into a house if they see any available options like open vents, the gap around windows, or torn screens. 

3. Food and Water

Like all living beings, beetles also require water and food to stay alive. They live on a diet of small insects, plants, and fibers from textiles and wood for their food.

Ground beetles do not require much water. They usually consume water from the drains, seep from a leaking pipe, or pet bowls.

4. Shelter

If your house shelters them, they will march right in. These beetles love hidden, dark, and quiet places.

They are commonly located in overlooked areas like the attic, the vents of your house, or the spaces behind appliances.

How To Get Rid Of Ground Beetles: 6 Natural Remedies

Ground Beetles Organic Control

With a swarm of beetles infesting your house, you are probably seeking ways to get rid of them. Learn how to get rid of beetles naturally.

1. Insect Traps

Sticky traps are quite an effective strategy for crawling insects.

Katchy Indoor Insect Trap - Catcher & Killer for Mosquitos, Gnats, Moths, Fruit Flies - Non-Zapper Traps for Inside Your Home - Catch Insects Indoors with Suction, Bug Light & Sticky Glue (White)


  • Purchase a few insect traps from the local hardware store
  • Place these insect traps in places that have beetle activity
  • The traps emit a scent that helps attract ground beetles
  • The beetles get attracted to these traps due to the scent.
  • The glue on the trap holds the insects securely and prevents them from moving away

Advantages of Insect Traps

  • They are effective
  • They are affordable
  • They are easy to place

Disadvantages of Insect Traps

  • If you have kids or pets, they may be intrigued by insect traps and try to touch them
  • They are unpleasant to look at 
  • You will need to replace the trap regularly
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2. Peppermint Oil

If you are wondering how to get rid of beetles naturally, peppermint oil should be your first defense strategy. It is one of the best pest repellants out there. 

Lab Bulks Peppermint Essential Oil - 16 Ounce Bottle - 2 Pack


  • Add ten to fifteen drops of pure peppermint oil to eight ounces of water
  • Give a little shake to this mixture
  • Add this concoction to a spray bottle. Shake it properly to mix it and spritz it on the doorways, windows, and vents.

Advantages of the Peppermint Oil Method

  • It is affordable
  • It works well
  • It is safe for pets and kids
  • It is hassle-free

Disadvantages of the Peppermint Oil Method

  • You need to do this regularly as it is not a one-time thing
  • It may be bothersome for people who do not like the peppermint scent

3. Lavender

The lavender plant is toxic for many pets, as people find the scent of lavender oil appealing. Lavender oil repels beetles; hence, you can use it to get rid of them.

EVOKE OCCU Lavender Essential Oil 4 Oz, Pure Lavender Oil for Diffuser Skin Massage Candle Soap Making- 4 FL Oz


  • Put some dried lavender in all the closets and drawers to battle your beetle problems.


  • Add ten drops of lavender oil to eight ounces of water. Shake the mixture well and add it to a spray bottle. Spritz the spray on different corners of your house.

Advantages of the Lavender Oil Method

  • It is effective
  • It is safe
  • It is non-toxic, which means it can be used around pets and kids
  • It has a pleasant smell

Disadvantages of the Lavender Oil Method

  • It requires regular application

4. Neem Oil

Neem oil is used as a pest repellent across the globe because of its ability to kill more than 200 different insect species.

Harris Neem Oil, 100% Cold Pressed and Unrefined Concentrate for Plant Spray, High Azadirachtin Content - OMRI Listed for Organic Use, 12oz

However, this oil is not harmful to pets or wildlife.


  • Spritz some neem oil directly on the window seams, doorways, and indoor plants to battle your beetle problems

Advantages of the Neem Oil Method

  • It acts fast
  • It is effective
  • It is not toxic
  • Simple and hassle-free application

Disadvantages of the Neem Oil Method

  • You might find it challenging to find neem oil
  • It requires regular applications to make it work

5. Pyrethrin

Pyrethrin is a natural compound that is extracted from the chrysanthemum flower. Pyrethrin kills insects by attacking their nervous systems.


  • Spritz some Pyrethrin on the beetles directly when you spot them. This will rapidly kill them, solving your beetle problems.

Advantages of the Pyrethrin Method

  • It works fast
  • It is an effective method

Disadvantages of the Pyrethrin Method

  • It requires a highly manual
  • You need to act fast and spray whenever you spot a beetle
  • You need to pick up the dead insects and dispose of them
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6. DE or Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is made from crushed and fossilized algae found in water. DE is deadly for beetles and other insects.

However, it does not cause any harm to pets, kids, and wildlife (you need to ensure that you purchase DE of food grade).

DiatomaceousEarth 10 LBS Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth - 100% Organic All Natural Diamateous Powder - Diametaceous for humans is Safe Around Children


  • You can sprinkle some DE on the access points and the seam of the house
  • After some hours, the insects encountering Diatomaceous Earth will die due to dehydration

Advantages of DE

  • It is non-toxic
  • It is safe
  • It is affordable

Disadvantages of DE

  • It can make a mess
  • It needs regular application

Do you have a ground beetle problem at home?

You can know that you have a ground beetle problem by:

Spotting Beetles:

You may see multiple beetles moving here and there in your house, especially at night. That is the first sign that there is a beetle problem at your home.

Smelling a Foul Odor

When these beetles are in defensive mode, they emit a foul odor. If you have a swarm of beetles at your home and they feel threatened, you may experience a foul odor in your house.


Having a swarm of beetles can be an unpleasant experience. However, you can use the ways mentioned above to get rid of the beetles naturally.

If the problem does not cease, you can opt for fumigation. The fumigants can kill the ground beetles and ease your troubles.

How To Get Rid Of Ground Beetles FAQs

Q: Do Ground Beetles Fly?

Ground beetles have wings, but they do not fly. However, they are active animals that crawl fast due to their long legs.

Q: How Did I Get Ground Beetles In My House?

These beetles are attracted to light and can often get into a house through gaps and cracks in the foundation.

They can even come through the open windows and gates. 

You can find ground beetles in different hiding places like gardens, leaves in the yard, accumulated debris, rocks, and logs.

However, ground beetles prefer to live outside rather than inside. 

Q: How Dangerous Are Ground Beetles?

Ground beetles are not dangerous to humans.

They do not cause any structural damage to houses or sting or bite a person unless they are in defensive mode.