How To Care For Mini Roses: 17 Miniature Roses Grow Tips

Miniature roses possess all the beauty of full-sized roses in a small box. Most people fall in love with miniature rose hybrids after receiving one as a potted plant gift or miniature roses bouquet from a flower shop.

There are many colors to choose from and many ways to propagate them, find out the tips about how to plant and how to care for mini roses plants as you read this article.

Are Miniature Roses Easy To Grow?

Miniature roses also called mini roses are the simplest and perhaps most versatile roses to propagate.

They thrive in pots and also in the garden, they are infection and insect-resistant shrubs with long-lasting blooms and they can be eaten so you can garnish a plate or dessert with some of the petite roses.

What Are The Type Of Miniature Roses 

How To Care For Mini Roses
How To Care For Mini Roses

If you like roses but don’t have much room in your yard, or if you live in a house and want a rose bush on your porch, try growing mini roses.

Because of their small size, they are suitable for growing in pots and containers on a sunny balcony. Here are a few best miniature rose varieties good for growing.

Sun Sprinkles Miniature Rose

Sun Sprinkles is a mini rose with absolutely double flowers that are the purest form of sunshine-yellow hue.

The flowers reach a width of two and a half inches they bloom continually from spring to fall. Each flower has a soft, spicy aroma. 

Cupid’s Kisses Miniature Rose

It is a petite rose with delicate flowers that bears small bunches of flowers in full. The semi-double flowers have a white eye and they have lipstick pink color.

The blossoms are enhanced by a mass of yellow stamens in the middle. The scent is light, but the plant flowers are frequent during the season.

Liberty Bell Miniature Rose

This mini rose is characterized by vibrant red flower petals and a silvery-white back.

The slightly scented flowers have elevated centers and resemble tiny hybrid tea rose blossoms that gradually unfold to expose their full beauty. 

Jilly Jewel Miniature Roses

These mini pink roses are two inches wide and grow in the most beautiful shade of cool pink. More flowers substitute for each scented blossom, teacups.

The plant is tinier than any of the miniature teacup roses we’ve talked about so far; the plants only grow to be 18 to 24 inches tall and 12 to 18 inches wide.

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Empty Pockets Miniature Rose

This rose has moderate pink disordered flowers and a soft scent. 

Popcorn Miniature Rose

The Popcorn roses are small yellow roses that have white semi-double flowers with yellow centers that look like freshly popped popcorn. The plants are only about twelve and eighteen inches tall and large. 

Coffee Bean Miniature Rose

This adorable plant has smoky orange petals that are about two to three inches wide and have a light tea rose scent.

If you are the type that likes Hot Cocoa floribunda roses, you’ll like this pint-sized rose. They grow up to about twelve to eighteen inches tall and wide, making them perfect for small indoor rose plants.

How To Care for Mini Roses Plant Indoors / Outdoors

How To Care For Mini Roses Plant Indoors / Outdoors
How To Care For Mini Roses Plant Indoors / Outdoors

Miniature roses can thrive both outdoors and Indoors. If you’re growing miniature roses either indoors or outdoors, you’ll have success with these tips on how to care for mini roses.

1. Sunshine 

These mini and micro rose hybrids will not bloom if they do not receive enough sunlight. If you don’t have enough room in a sunny window, you can take your rose outside if there is no danger of cold.

A minimum of six to eight hours of sunlight per day will give the roses the best disease resistance capacity and the fullest, bloom-packed bush that can be achieved.

2. Water regularly

When caring for miniature roses the amount of water your outdoor or indoor rose bush needs depend on your soil type and weather condition. Flowering roses require a lot of water, and they quickly dry off in pots. Insert your finger into the soil to check for dryness every one to two days.

3. Remove Deadheads

One of the ways of caring for miniature roses is by removing the flowers as soon as they start to fade so as to able to keep plants their best look and also to ensure a long flowering season.

Using your hands to pluck them off will cause tearing, which will damage the stem.

Sharp pruners should be used to prevent tearing the roots, which may attract disease. Remember to cut at an angle of 45°.

4. Prune the miniature roses

Yearly pruning will encourage rapid new growth and improve your rose’s general health. It also gives your mini rose a nice shape. Cut the stem at an angle of 45°, a quarter-inch above a leaf axil, with clean pruning shears to give you rosier roses

5. Temperature and Humidity

Mini roses can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, although they thrive in temperatures about 70 They cannot tolerate temperatures below 32 F, so if you’re expecting a frost, bring any roses planted in containers indoors. 

6. Fertilizing

Since miniature roses flower all season, fertilizing regularly is important. Make use of any commercial rose fertilizer or general all-purpose fertilizer as directed by the producer.

Apply fertilizers to your plant when the bush’s first leaves come out and after each strong flush of bloom to keep it safe and healthy.

To prevent new growth that can be killed during the winter season, stop fertilizing your roses at about 6 to 8 weeks before the first predicted frost.

7. Pest and Diseases

Since mini roses can grow indoors and outdoors, they can get common diseases as well. Pests must be controlled, and diseases must be avoided. Mini roses curls and yellow rot are indeed disastrous to crop outputs, however, both can be controlled with the right fungicides. 

There are a few common issues like Black Spots, Rust, Powdery Mildew, Botrytis Blight, Cankers, Crown Gall, etc.

How To Take Care Of The Mini Rose Plant In Winters

If you are planting miniature roses and you want your potted rose to flower all through the winter and in the spring, you’ll need to fertilize it frequently. This compensates for the lack of nutrient storage that occurs during dormancy.

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Since potting soil is generally very porous and fast-draining, roses in pots need more water. Some pot materials, such as clay, may also be drying. A potted rose should be watered every day or every other day.

Potted roses thrive in soil that is rich, moderately draining, and aerated. Re-potting roses on a regular basis help to keep the soil from being compacted and ensure that plenty of organic nutrients are available.

Until transplanting, perform a soil test to ensure that the fresh soil has a slightly acidic pH. (between 5.5 and 7).

How To Take Care Of The Mini Rose Plant In Pots

How To Care For Mini Roses Plant In Pots
How To Care For Mini Roses Plant In Pots

Choose a Sunny Spot

Mini roses thrive in direct sunshine, so if you plant them in the garden or a pot, ensure to place them in a bright spot.

Though mini roses are best grown outdoors, they can also be grown in a pot as small indoor rose plants. When growing the plant indoors, a window facing either the south or west direction is typically best.

Use the Right Soil

Use adequately-draining potting soil if you want to grow mini roses in containers for efficient growth.

Mini roses prefer mildly acidic soil with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5. For outdoor growing, the soil is recommended to be loose and well-draining. 

Water Mini Rose Plants Deeply

Sufficient watering keeps your mini rose plant growing well. As a general rule, your mini roses should receive at least an inch of water per week from rain and supplementary irrigation.

In hot, dry weather, the plants can need more water, therefore, ensure that water is readily available. 

Prune Mini Roses Occasionally

Mini roses are naturally small, so you do not need to prune them for size. However, a form of pruning known as dead-heading will help assist your mini rose to grow more flowers.

Deadheading is the process of removing dead flowers from a bush so that it can grow more flowers in the future. Cut the dying blooms above the highest leaf with pruning shears.

How To Take Care Of Mini Roses From Grocery Store

If you are concerned about how to get a mini rose, don’t stress too much there are plenty of miniature roses for sale in the flower shop which you can buy and take care of.

Planting mini roses from the grocery store trips

  • Keep fresh flowers away from winds and adverse temperatures, which can easily dry the flowers out and induce wilting
  • If your roses came in a plastic container, take them out as soon as possible.
  • Avoid placing your roses near fruit because the ethylene gas produced by the fruits is harmful to the rose’s flower. 
  • Ensure to put your rose in a location where they can receive adequate sunlight 
  • Keep your vase full of water! Submerge both flower and foliage stems. Flowers remain fresher for longer when they get enough water!

How To Deadhead Miniature Roses

When deadhead mini roses, use sharp pruners to cut the faded flowers off down to the first five-leaf junction with the cane at a low angle of 45, leaving about a quarter-inch above that junction.

The cane’s cut edges are then coated with white Elmer’s glue.

The glue will provide a nice shield over the cut end to prevent cane-boring insects from destroying the center pitch of the cane, If not prevented it can cause harm to the cane and destroy the plant as a whole, as well as the rose bush.

The first 5-leaf junction on the indoor rose bush might be pointing in the wrong direction. In such situations, pruning down to the next leaf-to-cane junction is appropriate.

How To Prune Miniature Roses

Remove the dead flowers during the summer or flowering season when caring for miniature roses. Go down one or two nodes and cut at an angle so that the bud faces out rather than the inside of the plant with sharp and clean pruners.

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Prune them once a year, after the risk of freezing has passed, during the dormant period, Only light pruning is needed if they are growing and flowering properly.

Cut away any dead branches or those that cross over one another. For a more appealing shape, let the sides be lower than the middle.

If your rose isn’t doing well, prune it more aggressively. Leave the best stems and cut the rest down by at least half.

The bottom line

The mini roses are very pretty when in full bloom. The ways to care for them both indoors and outdoors have been highlighted above in the article, ensure to follow the tips accordingly so you can be able to produce the best and most beautiful roses ever.

Common questions on How To Care For Mini Roses?

Q1: Why Are My Mini Roses Dying?

The Mini roses have shallow root systems, which necessitates frequent watering, particularly when potted indoors. Without enough water, the leaves will turn yellow and begin to wilt.

Remove dead stems and blooms to allow the plant to concentrate its resources on keeping healthy leaves and stems alive.

Q2: How To Bring A Mini Rose Plant Back To Life

The lifespan of a rose bush is short ranging between 5 to 7 days, to bring them back to life, remove the roses from their vase.

Recut the stems and immerse the whole rose stem, leaves, and bulbs in a sink or tub of warm water.

Allow the roses to soak for 30 minutes. Use the time to wash and fill the vase with fresh water and floral preservative.

Q3: Do Mini Roses Come Back Every Year?

Mini roses grow well in full sun, moist soil, and cool temperatures. They are hardy perennials that come back year after year with vivid, beautiful blooms. 

Q4: Are Coffee Grounds Good For Roses?   

Coffee grounds are good for the roses, but too much of the coffee grounds will cause an unpleasant nitrogen burn that will destroy the roses.

Q5: How Do You Keep Roses Blooming?

“Make use of Banana Peels”. Since bananas contain phosphorus, adding banana peels to your rose garden will aid in blooming. 

Q6: How Do You Propagate Miniature Roses?

Plant the cutting in a pot that has already been prepared with a free-draining blend. Gently pat it into place and keep it well-watered. However, make certain that the compost is not waterlogged.

Q7: How Long Will It Take A Rose Cutting To Root Fully?

The majority of mini rose cuttings will root in about 10 to 14 days. To see how far they’ve come, gently pull on the cuttings.

Q: how long do mini roses live?

Usually, once mini roses bloom they will be alive for 5 to 7 days, after that they will start to shrink.

Q: How big do miniature roses get?

If mini roses get fair conditions to grow, they can get up to 6 to 36 inches high.